Posted in Flagyl on February 15, 2016

Apparently whereas you become a pharmacist, suddenly you be assured of everything about anything, medical or not. We’re the nearest best thing to Google.

Here are MORE of the manifold oddball questions I’ve received past the years:

* Will you stay explain until 11pm tonight so I be able to stop by and get my medication after my date? [We close at 9pm]

* Can’t you due look it up on the computer? [For material information only they should know]

* Hey, in which place can I go to get paintball equipment?

* How much is this medication at Wagmart?

* Can I have some birth control because it’s emancipate now?

* You guys do calculations and balderdash, right? How about you show us in what way to do this Algebra question? [His son pulls in a puzzle a textbook]

* You can fill this Percocet direction for 10 more tablets than it’s written on the side of, right?

* How much will it cost for me to mail this to Guam? [Holding a budget in arms]

* Why can’t you exactly reach into that big bottle of Zolpidem you be the subject of over there and give me a copulate?

* Why haven’t you heard back from my physician?

* Why do I have a deductible?

* Which car security against loss is the cheapest? [Maybe because I direct the eye like the Caveman from Geico]

* Will you tweet me at what time my prescription is ready?

* What’s your private address?

* [His phone rings, tries to craftsman me phone] Will you tell them I’m not useful?

* Why can’t you fill this medication by means of my wife’s name? She’s the unit with insurance.

* You’re just kidding relating to not drinking alcohol with this Flagyl, in accordance with duty?

* Why do you want me to die? [Her response when I would not give occupy completely her new Norco script ten days seasonably]

* Does anyone like you? [Her answer a day later when I would not give fill her new Norco script nine days in good time]

* Have you heard back from my adept yet? [Less than three minutes afterward I said I would fax her medical practitioner for a refill]

* Where’s your Z-assemblage sign-up sheet? [I still own no idea what that was through]

* Is now a good time to colloquy about corporate’s new policies without ceasing immunizations? [Asked by our clinical pharmacist from corporate who waited in string and saw me take three recently made known prescriptions]

* You do care about helping the community, don’t you? [Asked by the like clinical pharmacist in an effort to try to bring round me to push immunizations]

And some of my favorites of all time…

* Is things being so a good time to get a flu bullet? [Asked by a lady who waited in string 15 minutes and can clearly consider we’re in complete chaos steady a Monday morning]

Today’s soundness of doctrine is Keynesianism (after John Maynard Keynes), and governments responded to the 2007–09 pecuniary crisis with its textbook remedies.