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…Not as being the Faint of Heart.



I knew I should take posted before now!

Last week was aloud IVF class, since our first individual got cancelled due to nasty sustain, we were in a full class, a very full class.

We were the youngest one’s in the class. Also, we were the only ones who be obliged opted out of PGS (preventive testing defend.) Making the decision to skip deficient in on the testing stemmed from a small in number different thoughts.

1.) We are “young” in the IVF earth.

2.) The cost. This was a inflated one, the cost of our transaction alone (remember, drugs not included) would simply jump close to an extra $7,000.

3.) This I’d our elementary IVF, I guess down the course if we are having issues what one. the doctor thinks could be linked to genetics we would be in want of to cross that bridge.

However, inasmuch as there was such a strong presence of PGS couples, we did prattle a bit about it. Here are some funnies.

1.) A lady who was I would pronounce close to 40 raises her bunch and asks about the chances of multiples with IVF and PGS…the embryologist states that the chances would exist similar to natural conception of twins due to the fact that they force of ~ only place 1 healthy tested ~n in a woman due to the act that since they have been tested it has a 70% of sticking and meander into a healthy baby. This woman of distinction became rather upset. In a foregoing marriage she got pregnant natutally and had twins. Her new husband really wants his confess set of twins. The embryologist had to put in mind her that she was a human and not a discourage. They are big on one in a sound condition baby at a time.

2.) The nearest lady, who I will call Kim raises her hands and asks “in the same manner since we are doing genetic testing you testament know the sex of the embryos, right?” — The embryologist stated they cook find out the sex however, uncorrupt because an embryo is a male does not make it a malady and morally they cannot destroy those. — Kim Kardashian anyone?!?

Other than that our rank was a lot of stuff we even now know. But a good refresher.

My foster made a comment

“IVF is not ~ the sake of the faint of heart….it’s going to be rough, and that’s an understatement.”

We are preparing as antidote to one of the longest/hardest/greatest in quantity important months of our lives. & that scares the shit extinguished of me….literally.

So a chance of people have asked…so what’s nearest?!?

Right now, I have been steady my birth control for two weeks. I determination be on it for anot her 2 weeks. Since our retrieval savage on a date when my learned man will be gone we were placed attached BC for one week more than “normal” in spite of our office.

S started Augmentin and I started Doxycycline yesterday. These antibiotics are to ameliorate keep us healthy. We want our bodies to exist prime time ready to go. Being languishing is not an option.

I am in addition taking Flagyl, this med is to hinder any infections vaginally, with all the ultrasounds, retrieval, and transfer there are alot of opportunities as far as concerns infections this cuts back the chances.

However, I put faith in this medicine is making me longing. I haven’t ate (much of anything) before this yesterday morning in which I had a fritter. My stomach has been so upset. I handle horrible. So I am hoping this goes absent quickly and it all passes. However, I be able to just imagine if this med is this unpolished on me what the other meds choose do to.

Right now, I experience, as what I can imagine a 6 week great with child woman going through morning sickness x10 would have ~ing like.

I can do it. I am influential. It will all be worth it.

I am on these meds for another 5 days. Then we command go back to just birth sway. My first ultrasound and bloodwork that will show the baseline is scheduled ~ the sake of March 10th if all looks well at that time we be disposed start stimming (shots) 3 days later. The retrieval and abalienation will tentatively be the end of March.

I can’t doings through this alone, please keep us (especially S…poor dowdy has to deal with my crazy manipulated hormones) agree to your prayers.



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February 22, 2016


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