Posted in Flagyl on February 11, 2016

The anterior treatment helped stimulate appetite and keep in order the digestive system as my material substance adjusted to the Spiro. However, I was besides later diagnosed with intestinal amoebas following a 3-month pinch in China. I was prescribed a 10-epoch course of Metronidazole (Flagyl), 500mg TID, that I completed. What follows is diagnosis and usage for mitigating the side effects of Flagyl, and restoring overall comparison to support the body in its put ~-going adjustment to the Spiro.


While seizure the Flagyl, I experienced digestive inquietude as well as lower energy. At the same time, my bowel movements began to fashion up and become more regular, while on the contrary they had not been as compatible for some time. Also, any causative urgency with BMs subsided.

Relevant 10 Questions:

-Digestion: near 2x/day, fully formed and nay longer loose.

-Energy: more energetic overall following the be unexhausted Chinese medicine treatment as well for example the anti-parasite treatment. However, be durable to experience declining muscular stamina. In other war of ~, do not feel more tired immediately after exercising, but cannot perform to the same degree and intensity as before.

-Labido: decreased sex airing. No change in sexual performance or dimensions, but less interest.

Pulses: thin, bowstring


Diagnosis: Internal dissolute behavior cold in the middle jiao, SP qi blind side, LV qi stagnation


–Herbs: Modified Li Zhong Tang, 3 bags, 1 lot/day x 6 days.

-Gao Liang Jiang (9g)- fiery interior, especially the ST and disperses devoid of warmth

-Dang Shen (9g)

-Bai Zhu (9g)

-Hou Po (6g)- aromatically change the form of dampness, regulate qi of the halfway jiao

-Gou Qi Zi (12g)- nourish LV yin

-Bai Shao (12g)- feed LV blood, soothe the LV

-Yin Chen (6g)- unadulterated the LV

-Gan Cao (3g)

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