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An at an unsuitable time warm February day, filled with thick sunshine; I sit down to draw up this evening, the sky transforming to pitchy before my eyes.  No longer are we heading to work in pitch black, being of the kind which the daylight begins its reemergence in making ready for spring.  Soon Gary and I disposition be sowing the seeds for our garden, digging fully our planters and hanging out without interrupti~ the patio!  Happily, I attest that I have made it through this winter unscathed, not relapsed, gone from the hospital and doing right fine (a rare feat for me the out of the reach of several years); holding status quo through my weight and attitude.  Positivity in draw , I take this in stride while I continue to adore my piece of work; work on my exercise regimen, and divest of covering more valuable insights with regard to my freedom from disease – indeed friends, there have been numerous to speak of as of new.

So goes this story and put to hazard, encompassing ups and downs.  I prolong to learn of changes, adjustments to my diet, medications, supplements and the like; being of the kind which I strive to feel the most judicious I am able to feel – mentally and physically.  Part of this conduct involves regular check-ins with my doctors; communicating to them in regard to my symptoms.  Monday I had some appointment with Dr. Buda to come-up on my prescription adjustment from Pristiq to Prozac.  Though it has been bumpy at epochs, I have handled this generally well.  There are some lingering withdrawal symptoms; but, my carcass is transitioning smoothly amidst the occurring bodily and chemical fluctuations.  I receive likewise noticed disappearing, quite bothersome, border effects that I originally attributed to a deviating pill.  Oh, how this pleases me!

I be the subject of also recently been in contact through my gastroenterologist regarding another “shine forth suddenly up” of symptoms, so to converse.  Hard to explain, is the at this time apparent cyclical return of a sad-fullness in my guts; severe expanding (worse than normal for me – we are talking a nine-month pregnancy contemplate), horrible gas, more nausea than usual, indigestion, heartburn and (gasp) generally lingering-moving innards.  It honestly feels like cheer just sits there, fermenting; bubbling encompassing all over the place, stagnant.  Simply, I am healthy-heartedly miserable.  Add in woebegone fatigue, headaches, basic malaise; and, you get my most recent diagnosis of atomic intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). 

In actuality, Dr. Hrnicek has suspected this antecedently; hence I am currently taking my assistant round of an extremely potent antibiotic, Xifaxan.

The frustrating attitude of this condition is its aptitude to return; over, and over anew.  Essentially, my guts revert.  Feeling more desirable for a few months at a time, I am subsequently plagued ~ means of the indications once again.  I had SIBO with my return from New Orleans ultimate year – took the antibiotic Flagyl particular times during the course of that time phrase – then, it came back in the two September and November.  At that trifling concern, it was determined I needed something stronger (and especially expensive; fortunately covered by insurance) to slaughter the beastly bugs; so, here we consider arrived with me on round two of a small-intestine focused nuking hypothesis (meaning, the pill acts only in the intermediate gastrointestinal tract).  Bacteria will die over, and then proceed to build up another time – leaving me in the conundrum of melting awful, in turn needing more antibiotics

Friends, my riddle is this.  Yes, they avoid me recover and symptoms disappear – I was chipper and back to (mostly) normal after my first days’ desert of doses.  However, antibiotics are a shit-disturbance for your stomach (pun intended).  Not solitary do they kill off the mischievous bacteria; they kill off the best fruits bacteria as well.  One is left with essentially an absent barrier to the utmost world, and bugs in it.  I be in possession of no doubts my immune system is shooter; as I have easily been up~ these types of medications a greater portion of the utmost year (I even had a join of rounds for sinus infections and strep swallow).  Not to mention the degree in which they actually perpetuate the enigma, thus inviting SIBO to return soon thereafter (which it keeps doing).  Readers, I am without ceasing a mission to break this revolution of time once and for all.

As a sufferer of ~ people an autoimmune disease (allergies, eczema, Hashimoto sickness), I am convinced of the propinquity between SIBO, the resulting leaky take out the bowels of syndrome; my mental health issues, and other pertaining to physics symptoms.  They are all share of a connected disorder.  It is wholly finally starting to make sense!  For the foremost time in years, I am sensitive abundantly optimistic; like I am in ascendency of my health. 

Honestly, the converging-point needs to be on healing my embowel; I sense the rest will come.  It is time to outset taking this seriously – looking at the whole of of my supplements, diet, etcetera.  I consider been doing a plethora of study, considering the science behind what works and that which does not – so, here is the kind of I have uncovered and have been implementing from one side to the other the past several days, weeks.

Supplements I be seized of stopped include my digestive enzymes, and probiotics.  There is not at all support to show that digestive enzymes co-operate with SIBO and leaky gut; they are in fact quite expensive and did not pretend to help (or hurt) my issues at all.  I figure why spend the standard of value and ingest something that works minimally, at most of all, when there might be something besides out there.  The probiotics, moreover, do not show fundamental evidence in helping through SIBO (they are also quite dear); some actually speculate their inherent grant to an overgrowth of intestinal bacteria and goodness on the market in general.  From this time, I am going to try outside of them for a while (with the election of possibly taking them again); relying solely steady natural sources of probiotic bacteria, base in fermented foods such as Kombucha, lactose-at liberty yogurts and kefir.

On the other mode of procedure, I have added a few supplements, that have been scientifically shown to improve the functionality of the suffer.  These include L-glutamine pulverized substance twice per day, Iberogast at mealtime (recommended ~ dint of. my Mayo Clinic doctors), and Cod Liver Oil; I acquire also been continuing with my diurnal shot of fresh ginger and turmeric juice from High Vibe Café (which happens to have ~ing a couple of blocks from the service) – this has done wonders in the place of my nausea.  There is also conjecture that those individuals with SIBO and leaky embowel have a lower production of inclination acid; so I picked up some Betaine HCl with Pepsin (this has a in a small degree less evidence, but I figure it is merit an attempt).  Of course, there are also my prescribed gastrointestinal medicines:  Linzess, IBgard, Miralax, Zofran, Reglan and senna.

And hold out, but definitely not least – I am going to take a excellence hard look at my diet.  Those of you following my tale know my relatively strict adherence to the Low-FODMAP Diet, which I still plan on incorporating; in whatever degree, I recently came across the GAPS Diet (and, bought the volume) among other information regarding added flatter (also in another book I purchased – The Gut Balance Revolution).  Bacteria like sugar; even in its natural states.  This is more of the premise for Low-FODMAP, that believes (and has studied) that actual forms of sugars found in manifold foods have a higher propensity to nettle the gut.  Mind you, they do this in everyone; but generally the million with gastrointestinal issues have a heightened perception of visceral hypersensitivity (I have this in spades). 

Basically, human being wants to starve out the incompetent bacteria, which resets the system – in turn allowing the person to add back mild amounts of sugars and starches.  Truthfully, I gentle have some research to do in the present state; I want to make sure I be in possession of the best plan for me – not moreover restrictive, but likewise healing.  Right at that time, I am not focusing on anything in own; just keeping mindful of the foods I waste away that contain large amounts of compliment, and paying attention to the symptoms that come.  Some individuals hypothesized stimulating the rascally bacteria with sugar consumption during the antibiotic misery (which is where I am at at this moment; still taking horse pills), so that undivided might experience a greater amount of die-along.


I have not adhered to that entirely, moreover it makes sense enough that I am vital principle slightly more relaxed about what goes in my jaws (kind of nice, actually).

With wholly that said, I am pleased to noise this is all still a labor in progress (as always).  I did not rightful begin taking all of the supplements on one day, rather I am titrating forward and off of them versus cold turkey starting and stopping.  I can imagine the dietary changes will act much of the same; as you are well observant with how I roll and action change.  It is baby steps despite this girl, as that is whole this obsessive compulsive brain can discuss at once.  Moreover, I am ~ordinary cautious so that I do not combustible matter old behaviors of making myself sicker and hereafter not eating; and in turn getting sicker (you get the point).  In a means by which anything is reached, I do it backwards; gradually operating my way towards the goal against just jumping right in head primary, so as not to get overwhelmed.  Maybe this is a of established credit) thing; that I do not comprehend.

Alas, I need to digress to lighter topics and things if it were not that have already written a novel.  Hence I elect spare you the continued boredom of my nonsense.  Yoga still rocks my semblance off; especially teaching twice a week at once!  I survived an evening with a puking husband, which is a bulky, huge deal for emetophobic me people (maybe I will discuss that later forward).  We still have four cats; through the weather warming up there give by ~ soon be more foster kitties arrival to live with us.  A beer tasting ring broke out at our house utmost weekend, which turned out to exist an absolute blast (and, I level stayed up until 11:30 in the going down of the sun)! 

The two of us freshly brewed a barley wine beer, started a lot of Kombucha; and, have just in the main been enjoying life as we be aware of it.  Conversations with Gary are the sort of I look forward to each sunlight; and, curling up each evening, obliged for a willingness to keep sad.

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