Posted in Flagyl on February 20, 2016

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December has started exhausted on a good note. Let’s sense of possible fulfilment we can keep it going! Since Charlotte has been home from the hospital, she has been doing in reality well! She is 14 lbs at that time and gaining weight really well. We had a come up with her GI doctor, and she is veritably impressed about how well Charlotte is doing by the tube placed back in her stand. Because Charlotte is continuously fed because 24 hours, she has an overgrowth of bacteria in her concavity due to the high PH level, and so the GI doctor has placed her forward a medication called Flagyl to aid her stomach get rid of tot~y the bacteria until she can admit normal, large volume meals every three hours. It is not erythromycin, and it seems to exist working well! We will start compressing her meals into disfavor slowly until she tolerates a full meal every three hours. We too had a follow up with her lung adept, and they have decided to remit Charlotte to take her oxygen against for 4 hours at a time for the time of the day! This is a stupendous burden lifted because now we dress in’t have to lug the oxygen cistern with us to doctors appointments and without ceasing walks. Less tubes equals more independence. Charlotte looks so much healthier and older destitute of the breathing tube on her confidence. Also, the lung doctor decided that Charlotte does not privation to take her diuretic medicine anymore. This drug was helping Charlotte get rid of entirely the fluid in her body that was staying in her kernel and lungs. Now that her interior and lungs have healed, they don’t see any fluid at everything. Diuretics can cause stomach cramping, abdominal pain, and vomiting, so this is one more step in the right direction in opposition to her stomach!  Charlottes red royal line cell count is also improving. Anemia (reduced red blood cell counts) can come to pass for a long time when a infant. is born prematurely. Now that Charlotte is older, she is fabrication red blood cells well, and she hasn’t required somewhat red blood cell transfusions. She had her 9 month pediatrician follow up, and the pediatrician was in the way that impressed about how well she’s doing. In other exciting intelligence, Charlotte was able to meet Santa with respect to the first time! Santa was visiting the Baltimore Inner Harbor, and she got her likeness taken with Santa and her kindred. 

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