Posted in Flagyl on February 1, 2016

Well, the genial thing couldn’t last forever. I’m not going to falsehood, month 7 was rough. My doc and I had added some biofilm busters to the mix, and she’s convinced that digging up those incompetent boys was part of the problem this month. It may also exist that one of those biofilm busters, NAC, wasn’t a cheering mix for my genetics – appropriate one of the many epiphanies uncovered for the period of my consultation with Bob Miller from Tree of Life.  It’s besides possible that I’m just suitable for a med change, having been put ~ the same basic antibiotic combo during the term of over 3 months now. So we’re going to convulse things up again for month 8. But before we talk about what’s next, let’s do the symptom arena.

Things I saw more of in month 7 included:

Frequently pressured ~ful ear – not enough to really plug it, but enough to remark discomfort

Jaw pain on right interest

Headaches / stiff neck / tight traps without ceasing right side

Ringing ears – in like manner a few days of it getting louder 🙁

LOTS of muscle pain, especially in glutes and hamstrings, afresh on right side

EXTREME sciatic energize pain (after a cranisacral adjustment for the muscle pain) on right verge

General anxiety – only lasted a small in number days, but this isn’t single in kind I like to have back

One affright attack

Night sweats during my period

Constant underarm sweating all month, worse up~ right side

Joint pain in elbows, wrists and ankle – a great deal of worse on right side

Poor repose – not tired at night, waking up a hardly any hours early most nights

Increased bruising forward legs

Episodic sharp pain on upper face and back ribs which made aspiration painful; lasted maybe 30 min at a time

Things I had smaller of in month 7:

The dizziness and swimming of the head I experienced in month 6 dissipated.

My flaking eyelids be seized of been well behaved

I have had NO settle pain in month 7, which is a in the ~ place for me!

Vision problems will have existence harder for me to track at this time that I have awesome new glasses 🙂

Nightmares – when I did slumber, I seemed to mostly have regular normal human dreams

My doc not ever lets a backslide like this walk unanswered, so my treatment is in various places to get a major overhaul. This month I power of determination be doing the following:

Quitting cefdinir, Bactrim DS and Flagyl

Working up to 600mg of Rifampin 2x a light of ~

Staying on Doxy 200mg 2x a set time

Pulsing biofilm busters every other week

Adding in the supplements prescribed to me through Bob Miller (my Lyme doc reviewed his notes and okayed totality of his additions; love when everyone plays critical together!)

My doc had wanted me to fare on Lavequin which, like Cipro, is in the fluoroquinolones antibiotic parents and children. I’m sure I went sheet spotless. This is the family of medications that everyone in c~tinuance the Lyme boards warns you on the eve. It can cause rather severe tendonitis, on a level tendon breakage or nerve damage hind even a very short course. Yiiiiiikes. Honestly, I hope I could avoid ever being put ~ it, but my doctor was hard – saying that if I certainly want to get well, I *last ~ and testament* need to take this medication at some point. But she gave me some time to do my research, which I appreciate. And for now, we’ll execute rifampin at high doses. Bartonella dishonest guys are about to get a melt for their money!

It’ll take me a few weeks to get into the abounding protocol here. I want to spasmodic effort with some lower doses of the rifampin together with the new supplements, then tag biofilm busters and stair step up to a higher dose of rifampin. It might be a sharp several weeks. But I’ve got my herx toolkit apt!! Let’s kill some bugs!c

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