Posted in Flagyl on February 1, 2016

Wow, yesterday…

Currently I’m alluring minocycline, cefzil, and Bactrim for my management. My doctor decided we should leap the streptomycin because it sometimes causes renal failure. I suppose I’ll take Flagyl on the weekends?? My medical practitioner told me to but I don’t apprehend if I will this weekend or not. I’m alembic trying to work up to full capacity on the other antibiotics.

So yesterday, I took a Claritin, viewed like suggested by one of my doctors to remedy control an overactive immune system. Well, it definitely cleared my allergies, otherwise than that it was a mistake.

I take Neurontin at night to help with sleep, and the Claritin and Neurontin did not obtain along in my body. At leading it was great, the combination of the pair out me in a blissful grandeur and I was really happy.

Then my royal line pressure fell. And then my spirit rate went up. Then my progeny pressure shot up and my sum total body (mostly my legs) shook in the place of about an hour or so. This entirely stared somewhere around 11:30 pm endure night.

My legs shaking uncontrollably was the same of my first Lyme symptoms, on the other hand it’s one that I haven’t had in a same long time.

So I’m not permanent if I’ll try the Claritin and Neurontin simultaneously again…

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