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The management of periodontitis begins with a non-surgical appearance that includes scaling and root planing(SRP) and forward occasion the use of systemic antibiotics. The goal was to systematically evaluate in systemic salubrious adults the effect of the concomitant administration of amoxicillin (amx) and metronidazole (met) adjunctive to SRP compared to SRP alone.


The PubMed-MEDLINE, Cochrane-CENTRAL and EMBASE databases were searched up to November 2014 to make identical appropriate studies. Probing Pocket Depth (PD), Clinical Attachment Level (CAL), Bleeding on Pocket Probing(BOP) and Plaque Indices(PI) were selected while outcome variables. Based on the extracted given conditions a meta-analysis was conducted.


A mass of 526 unique articles were originate, 20 studies met the eligibility criteria. A meta-parsing showed that SRP + amx + met with the understanding significantly better effects overall and in greater numbers pronounced PD reduction in periodontal pockets initially measuring ≥6 mm (DiffM:-0.86 mm, p < 0.00001) and gain in CAL(DiffM:+0.75 mm, p = 0.0001). The meta-calculus for the secondary inflammatory parameter BOP showed that SRP + amx + met on condition full mouth significantly greater reduction in BOP than SRP alone (DiffM:-6.98 %, p = 0.0001).


Adjunctive systemic amoxicillin and metronidazole medication to SRP significantly improved the clinical outcomes by respect to mean PD, CAL and BOP compared to SRP alone. There is temper to strong evidence in support of the good opinion that adjunctive amx + met therapy to SRP significantly improves the clinical outcomes, by respect to mean PD and CAL compared to SRP alone especially in initially thorough (≥6 mm) pockets. No greater side effects associated with the intake of amx + met were reported. This treatment regimen is an efficacious, minimally invasive, practical and inexpensive approach for periodontitis therapy. The key components are automatic tooth and pocket debridement, supportive method of treating of the disease with systemic antibiotics and care to proper self-care.

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