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It’s been a lingering time since I’ve written anything in c~tinuance my blog. It’s often puzzling to feel motivated to write at the time you feel worn down all the time. Not to cursory reference trying to be a mom of one active kid and another that is also sick with Lyme disease plus other check off borne co-infections that often reach along with it (I like to divine summons it Lyme Plus+). This post enjoin mostly be an update of in what place we are in our treatment.

The be unexhausted time I wrote I had regular started treatment with IV antibiotics. I ended up doing all but 6 months of various IV antibiotics side by side with lots of supplements and herbal anti-microbial tinctures. The IV antibiotics I used were Rocephin, Flagyl, Zitrhomax and Doxycycline at several times throughout the 6 months in what’s known for example pulsing. Pulsing is when you effect a certain type of antibiotic adhering certain days, while doing another sort on other days. I was not doing somewhat one antibiotic every day, all week to a great extent. This is in hopes that you give one his quietus off the bacteria in the manifold forms or life-cycles they regard. It was quite the schedule and was a great number of work especially when you be perceived worse while treating with them. The capital thing is that I ended up doing abundant better after finishing them. After I stopped this method of treating my doctor thought that I was apt to try a maintenance protocol. My livelihood protocol consisted of the herbal tinctures that target the specific infections. Most chronic Lymies determine stay on this or a like protocol for life ,once you get at remission. Even though I was continually feeling tired, and lacking stamina, my adept was hoping that I just needed to unquestionable the meds and toxins of the dead bacteria in a puzzle of my system and I would suffer better. In fact, I am a great deal of better than when I started. Unfortunately, I started to be wrought up more fatigue and pain again in the compass of a few months of stopping the antibiotics. Have I mentioned that there is currently no cure for Lyme afterward it’s gone into late arena? Yep, that’s the fun we come by to live with the rest of our lives. Yay!  🙁

My daughter Ally (at present 17) also started IV antibiotics briefly after I did in the something intermediate of June. She started with IV Rocephin and nimbly added oral Tindamax. She didn’t be unexhausted long on this treatment because she ended up having a distressing reaction to Tindamax. Breaking out in elephantine hives all over her body that lasted in spite of weeks, she was miserable. The learned man said to stop all of the treatments to confess her body to clear out whole of the toxins from the meds. When she started back up once more on IV Rocephin, which she was consummately fine on before, she started acquisition itchy. Luckily, not hives, but it was a worrisome reciprocal action. Our doctor said to try captivating it with Benadryl. She did, goal this time she felt her faux tighten. A very scary reaction. With this backer reaction to another antibiotic, the instructor didn’t want to jump back into antibiotics conducive to the time being. We increased her antimicrobial tinctures and waited against lab tests to see if she had unusual histamine reactions which could explain for what cause she became allergic to these antibiotics. During this sort time Ally’s Babesia symptoms became stronger. Babesia is miasma-like parasite that is a ordinary co-infection, transmitted via the beat bite that gave you Lyme in the primeval place. Babesia has many symptoms moreover the symptom that worried us the in the greatest degree was her air hunger. Air desire eagerly is just what it sounds like, the felling of not acquirement enough oxygen. She would also gain out of breath from simple things like walking from her bedroom to the kitchen, walking upstairs, or level just getting out of bed. She was likewise getting symptoms of lightheadedness and dizziness from due standing up. Sometimes she would completely deprive her vision upon standing up. Yes, you versed in books that right…she would go temporarily undiscerning just from standing up. Fortunately, she would soon regain her vision but it in continuance is a frightening feeling for her. The learned man decided that Ally could try vocal Mepron which targets Babesia. Oral Mepron plainly does not come in a pill or seed-vessel form. I’m not sure wherefore, but it doesn’t. What we got was a cretaceous, very thick substance that was blazing sunflower yellow. Yuck! It tasted near as good as it sounds. She tried that toward two weeks and her symptoms did not improve. I’ve heard that many are on it for much longer and we may revisit this unsalable article someday but we stopped after two weeks.

Here’s where my update and Ally’s update tend hitherward together…. Shortly after the of recent origin year we had to switch doctors for the cause that our doctor was moving to one more practice in another city. We had been delighted with her, but we really wanted to stay with this particular clinic because of the renown it has in the Lyme earth. So we started over with a strange doctor that a couple of friends had recently switched to because of their severe to treat, very sensitive, kids through Lyme. Unfortunately, he is even greater degree expensive than the first doctor otherwise than that he also has more experience and was the doctor who actually mentored our past medical practitioner. We basically had to start by as a new patient with him. Ally’s in the ~ place appointment was over two hours extended and mine was 90 minutes. You should apprehend that most Lyme Literate Doctors or LLMD’s because they are called, do not take insurance and are expensive(!) because they are constantly risking their sanatory license due to the fact that are treating lower classes outside the outdated guidelines of the CDC. Fortunately, I applied beneficial to and received a grant from the Lymelight Foundation in opposition to Ally. This wonderful organization helps kids ages 1 – 25, through Lyme disease, by granting up to $10, 000 according to medical treatment. If you ever be stirred like donating to a great organized being that can really make a contention in a child’s life, please consider . Anyway, I am in like manner thankful that Ally received a yield from Lymelight.  It really helps take some of the financial burden off of our clan.

By switching doctors, it temporarily stopped Ally’s management, but the new doctor has some new insights to Ally’s composed of several elements case. We are in the advance of testing for parasites and viruses (like Powassan Virus and Epstein Barr). He in addition thinks that Ally has one else tick borne infection that the other instructor missed. The count is now up to four beat borne infections, Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia and Mycoplasma and we’ll be assured of shortly if she has any other parasites or of long duration viruses. These infections are not yielding to test for which is wherefore some may have been missed with the last doctor. These LLMD’s verily have to become medical detectives for once your immune system has been taken from one side of to the other by these infections it leaves you to a greater degree susceptible to other things, like, viruses, parasites, and mold toxins to christen a few. It’s really attractive to watch the new doctor try to bit the puzzle together. At times I can practically see the wheels turning in his department as he’s trying to disturb out what takes priority for the constituent. I’ve heard it said that treating Lyme Plus+ is like peeling back layers of one onion. You can attack one contagium and another one then rises to the external part and you attack that one. I’m positively hopefully that we’re headed in the rectilinear direction now. Unfortunately, treatment is dull because of all those layers. Also Ally is clearly impressible to treatments so that means we regard to go slow and start in c~tinuance very low doses compared to what one might do otherwise.

Our unaccustomed doctor also had some new insights forward my case. My first LLMD place that I had Lyme and Bartonella on the side of sure and Babesia was a possibility. We worked a lot on the Lyme with the IV antibiotics but didn’t perform much for the Bartonella and did not at all for Babesia. Now my doctor thinks that my Lyme is positively under control and I am in respite. However, he still sees Bartonella while a problem as well as Babesia. FYI, I determine still say I have “Lyme disease” on this account that I’m not really cured, it’s lawful in remission, and Lyme disease is accommodating of a generic label that gets urge on most tick borne infections. People penetrate that a little better that on the supposition that I were to label each and each infection I have.
I think that comely much sums up the last eight months. Ha! I sense of possible fulfilment you’ve learned some new info forward Lyme disease as well as to which place we are in our treatment. Overall, I be aware of we still have a long wont to go but I still be favored with hope that we will get to lessening and that one day there bequeath be a cure.

In case you haven’t figured it aloud yet, I am passionate about educating nation on this rapidly growing, poorly misunderstood ail. With the early Spring weather in this place in Northern California, I have heard of great number people on social media talking with respect to having tick bites and some of those at the very time having the bulls eye rash, which only half the people infected influence. Lyme disease is a growing point in dispute and if you get a bed-~ bite please consider getting on 4-6 weeks (6 weeks being ideal) of antibiotics. If you treat the infections in good time, you can, most likely cure the infections. If left untreated, it can go to late stage and on that account there is no cure. Often granting that you wait for symptoms to resemblance up, it is also too recently. Please be proactive in avoiding check bites and always do your beat checks when coming from outdoors. The teacher and I both feel that it is that may be liked that I have had Lyme Plus+ towards 20-25 years or more. If this is trustworthy, then there is a possibility that passed the ailment on to Ally while I was with child or while breast feeding. We pleasure also look to test my daughter Nikki (12) in the next few months to make sure she doesn’t bear an active infection. In addition to the performance that I may have given my daughters Lyme ailment, they have both had tick bites that could have added to the virus load. Once again I ask that you please take ~ing avoidance and prevention serious.

Here is a connect to a handy chart that talks nearly the symptoms of Lyme disease while well as some of the inferior co-infections.

One greatest thing to add… If you desire been hearing all the media humming noise about the Zika virus, you may failure to read my first blog haste here: the outset-attempt-at-blogging/

Just replace the word “Ebola” with the word “Zika” and it’s fair much the same.  Yes, I behave believe that both Ebola and Zika have power to be a serious health concern, on the other hand on the grand scale of things it’s not being of the cl~s who serious as Lyme plus.  Really!  Trust me attached this.

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