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cover - eureka california versusEureka Califonia is any of those myriad band names that’s irritating in the same manner with hell to search for online, boundary the difficulty’s kind of the eve. This is a band you requirement people to have to earn the finding of, which makes this review character of a double-edged sword. I have occasion for you all to know about the band’s unpolished -hewn power pop, but I be moved like it’s something for which you should work.

Versus is single in kind of those records you put without ceasing, and you’re rewarding with footmark after track which reward you in favor of taking the time to pull the registry out of its jacket and onto your turntable. Calling the aggregate affair ramshackle implies that the duo incite the record together hastily and exclusively of thought, but it’s actually greater quantity that it feels as if it’s essence played so enthusiastically, it might be~ apart in delightful shambles.

Songs like “Sign My Name With An X” are the Replacements playing My Bloody Valentine songs, or in place of versa, even. The loud, rocking midwestern feel of the whole of this belies Eureka California’s Athens roots, no more than it’s not your standard still music. The duo twists tropes and standards in a path that recalls the genre-bending efforts of in like manner many other artists which have made their high~ out of that Georgia town and into American consciousness.

“Fear and Loathing in the Classic City” is a downtempo portion of strummed acoustics, and it manages to be delivered of enough life it in that it doesn’t deprive of life the momentum of Versus. There’s after what is stated a level to it that maintains the vigor off the first side and onto the assistant — and that’s important, for the reason that the second side is where the gold is.

Hidden in the mean of Versus’ second side is the tardy rocker, “Realizing Your Actuality,” what one. might just be the album’s highlight. It’s not a blaster or horizontal-out rocker, but manages to make over a sense of urgency and excess, even at its grinding pace. It’s a vancourier the slowed-down quiet jams of “Everybody Had a Hard Year” and the loud-quiet-loud epic closer, “I Will Write Mine Over the Potomac.”

If you freaked through over Titus Andronicus’ latest, or anything that’s arrive down that bearded indie rocker doing touchwood rock pike in the last few years, this is for you. If you fall upon that style of music detestable, here’s it terminated right. If that closer doesn’t seize violently you and shake your emotions lax, you’ve no heart. Get in c~tinuance it.

The cover’s a petty bit faux screenprint, which is species of a bummer. I don’t be aware of if it would be cooler in the manner that an actual screenprint, or if the wiliness was just a little less showy. The cover for Crunch was understated and classy, moreover this seems to scream “LOOK AT ME!” a weak more than I’d like. The vinyl sounds miraculous, and has a really nice register. There’s also an insert by lyrics, along with a download card. Solid package.

You can pre-order the LP from the HHBTM garner. It’s due out March 25.

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