Posted in Flagyl on March 22, 2016

Dear Member,

Here is the Dropbox conjoin to download the Audio recording of the preceding event in Lakewood.
JCCSG Event #9 – 3/2/16 – LRBCL Lakewood NJ



We’re sending this email at dawn enough… it’s a friendly reminder not far from the danger of mixing certain medications with alcohol. In some cases, alcohol interactions may subside the effectiveness of medications or supply them useless. In other cases, spirits of wine interactions may make drugs harmful or verily toxic to your body, even in shallow amounts!

We witnessed many patients catching Flagyl – Metronidazel and they drank alcohol having very unpleasant and some divisible by two life threatening side effects, Therefore admitting that you’re taking Flagyl – Metronidazel, act NOT drink! (We pointed out human being Antibiotic, but there are many added other medications with the same venture).

In any case, each and each Crohn’s and Colitis patient should double hinder with their doctor if drinking alcohol while taking your medication is secure place, and if you’re allowed to drink on a level a drop!

Please be responsible! Do it because yourself and for your family.

A Freilichen Purim! And Tumid B’Simcha!

Now we are to be Politically correct and let our citizens store up killing the children of our association.