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Metronidazole in spite of a Strep B Infection | Health FAQ

Metronidazole despite a Strep B Infection – Health FAQ

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Group B Strep is a tendency of the streptococcus bacteria that have power to cause serious illness and is potentially life menace, especially in newborns, pregnant women, somewhat advanced in life patients, or anyone with any before that time compromised immune system. Treatments vary and exposure may be difficult since it be able to be present in the body independently of symptoms.


According to the Centers according to Disease Control, Group B Strep is the ~ numerous common cause of newborn infections, including sepsis, some infection of the blood, and meningitis. It can lead to pneumonia, rubella, syphillis, and smooth spina bifida.



Most vulgar herd carry the bacteria in their bodies naturally, and in the greatest degree often, it does not cause symptoms. It have power to live in the bowel or vagina and contumacy popular opinion, is not a sexually transmitted ail.


Treatment involves a course of alcoholic antibiotics, such as metronidazole. Metronidazole is some antibiotic prescribed for the treatment of incontrovertible bacterial infections and parasites. It’s ~ numerous commonly used to treatment vaginal infections. It is suitable in tablets, cream, lotion, gel, and injecting.

Medication Side Effects

You may actual feeling nausea, headache, appetite loss, and a metallic undergo when you take metronidazole.


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