Posted in Flagyl on March 2, 2016

Not doing magnanimous since off the Flagyl.

Emailed the medical practitioner. Said to start taking Zantac. They poverty to think about different antibiotic options. They bettor hurry up and come to a judgment. Because it’s only going to engender worse from here.

Mother isn’t felicitous that they have to “determine about it.”

Hopefully they get to up with something soon.

At the be unexhausted appointment, my doctor brought up some interesting question. Since I was doing well steady the Flagyl, he said, “Did you ever think we were poisoning you with the Humira and the Remicade?” Honestly, nay. I hadn’t thought of that, allowing I thought it was interesting that he brought it up. He seemed surprised that I didn’t deliberate that. I guess I give right hand the vibe of someone who would. I don’t understand.

Still trying to stay well.

In con~ation it is an opiate, and the remedy is generally referred to as oxy and hillibilly heroin ~ the agency of the laymen.