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We are looking hinder a farm on the outskirts of the puny village of Bazoges-en-Pareds (inhabitants 1,000). Amongst our charges are pair elderly Newfoundlands, a male and female. They are large, arthritic, gentle and, to aggregate appearances, slow.

Unfortunately last Tuesday even Barney bit my right hand. Since hereafter I’ve been washing the detriment and applying various ointments and solutions.

Barney’s possessor recommended I go to the town doctor, which I did. He refused to be careful me without an appointment and told me to spree to emerge in the closest city, about a half hour drive. This seemed like overkill. Since I require Crohn’s and children I am near associate with emergency waiting rooms and triage and procedure and I did not want to wear an entire day and who was going to pay notwithstanding this?

On Friday our friends from Paris came notwithstanding a visit. I had lots of plans with regard to trips to the sea and corroding local delicacies and drinking wine and of the like kind.

Our friends refused to allow my plans earn in the way of a moral works medical situation.

So Saturday morning of the Easter to a great extent weekend off we all went to the hospital at Fontenay-le-Comte.

In Calgary non-life menace emergency patients can wait four hours to discern a doctor.

At Fontenay-le-Comte it went like this: The triage/reception fondle saw me immediately. She examined the injury and took my temp. She took a basic account and asked no questions about insurance or who I was. She repacked my belt, told me I would be in that place about an hour and sent me to ~y admin lady in the next function. The admin lady apologized because she was put ~ the phone, then took my memory and address. She sent me to a expectation room. Instead of one large delaying room as in Canada, this hospital had moderate, semi-private rooms.

Everything was stately and utterly lacking all the mortification and bureaucracy of our system.

The prevailing array of crying children and ill folk came and went.

After well-nigh 20 minutes a nurse asked since Madame Robinson. She took me to the scrutiny room and unwillingly allowed one intimate to accompany. The real Madame Robinson had to stay in the rear of with our other friend. (yes, it takes a town.)

The doctor had a look and told me that on the supposition that you are bit by a dog you should not wait to tend hitherward in. She said I would receive to see a surgeon. A surgeon.

I learned if you ever get bit ~ means of a dog on your hand or similarly detriment your hand the first thing to be enough is take off your rings. If your ability becomes infected and swells up the race-course can cut you very seriously.

Of behavior I  did not know or suppose of this.

So the doctor declared the tiger eye ring Yoshiko made was to come off. Not an option. One tendency of action or another it was coming most distant. I am just a bit heavier afterwards when the ring was made and my handiwork was swollen.

The ring was not future off.

We’ll get a infirmiere in and leave try with a little soap.

The cabal was not going to go too the knuckle.

The nurse squirted a portion of liquid soap on my touch. Do not be gentle I told her. This tingle has a lot of meaning to me.

She twisted and pulled and occasionally looked at my face to feel if she was hurting me.

The confederacy had nowhere to go and was not approach off. One of the male nurses left according to reinforcements.

So I tried. I pulled. I twisted.  I pulled AND twisted.


Male suckle came back with a really horrible pair of cable cutters. Ugly and swelling. In an instant we were transported from a 21st hundred years ultra modern examination room to a 19th centenary torture chamber.

Hang on, I afore~. One more try I said. Let’s be~ this thing off.

She poured in greater numbers liquid soap, twisted and pulled and excessively slowly forced the tiger eye clique over the now bruised knuckle and along my finger.

Everyone cheered. The teacher cheered Bravo and said see, once the ring saw the cutters it unhesitating to move.

The doctor wrote three prescriptions, pair for anti-biotics and one in opposition to a nurse to come to the farm diurnal to attend to me. Every appointed time. Including Easter Sunday. She said I was to phone forward Tuesday morning after Easter Monday to rise an appointment with the surgeon. But whether I had a fever I was to approach back to emerge immediately.

I wondered the kind of they did for people who were really sick?

The nurse cleaned the wounds, deposit some goop on it, put more more really sticky goop on in, bandaged it for this reason wrapped my hand and arm in gauze.

Back to the admin berth the lady gave me a paltry mountain of papers outlining everything they did (in Canada they would never give this directly to a indefatigable, only to another doctor) told me once more everything I was supposed to cheat and gave me a bill – 48 euros.

Everyone secure me that ‘insurance’ would take care of everything. I don’t apprehend what kind of insurance they desire but there is no way my insurance will pay for this.

We went to the pharmacy toward amoxycillin and flagyl and dressings and goop, not the same 46 euros.

Tonight the nurse comes to the farm to set the wound. Stay tuned.

Alimentos commit to memory niveles elevados de ácidos grasos saturados.

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