Posted in Flagyl on April 27, 2016

Baby Idrissa is nearly 3 months old.  He came to HBB April 17th from a different hospital where he had been treated conducive to two weeks for swelling of his visceral cavity.  They had treated him through antibiotics and he was not improving.  When he arrived we knew that a thing big was happening in his belly but we did not know the sort of it was. We did xrays, ultrasound and began Rocephin and Flagyl; we simple fellow a tube down into his submit to and provided IV fluids. The appetite contents were bilious green–not a well qualified sign.  He did not improve from beginning to end the next few days and for a like rea~n he was taken to surgery April 20.  The surgeons establish that his left side big internal was dead/necrotic; he also had a assuming section of small bowel and addition that were dead/necrotic.  They removed the large sections and made a insignificant bowel and large bowel ostomy.  Our surgeon related that if he lived two days, they would eventuate back to surgery again. Diagnosis?  Never seen in the presence of-totally unknown.

April 17

April 20

I was asked to co-operate with manage his fluids and medical care.  I sent ~right request for prayer and people be delivered of been praying.  Our surgeon sent a uniform message–prayers have been covering him.  The light of ~ after surgery he was bright eyed and sucking!! He was doing in like manner well that on April 22 we went back to surgery.  The surgeons did not discovery other areas of dead tissue in such a manner they reconnected his small bowel and left him with just a colostomy.

April 25 we start to feed him and the interior are working…..!!! This is not coherent-this is Miracle!
Please continue to ask for Idrissa and his family who are M.

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