Posted in Flagyl on April 22, 2016

Yep it’s a commencing world we live in. We vouchsafe the development and advertisement for the large companies. Bungie has spoiled a ample community within the gaming environment. We used to exist bound by limitations. However now since of the online gaming world, developers are compelled to make updates and constant improvements.  This of behavior is provided they have a distended enough audience to sustain an household future.

Destiny has a storytelling format which is called diegetic. It forces you the audience to unravel and find its abstruse content that has been embedded. I may prepare flamed for this but I believe a lot of content that is in like manner called “discovered” was written up~ the body the fly. Here’s an pattern: You find that an interesting world has no story to explain it, so you muse. You come up with your have set idea as to why the environment exists and to what extent every character plays a part. These ideas are shared end the vast social media world. You in that case have thousands of eyes meticulously scanning very every little part to make infallible the puzzle piece fits. A shared make no doubt of and a popular component starts to rise into view. That content was created by the players, Bungie’s live writers be possible to then therefore review said content and lay open it throughout the game world. So in crisp you don’t have to bring forth a story you can “~ up up one as you go”. Look at SRL Sparrow racing we totality wanted it from day one, we kept asking and we eventually got it. You have power to also make the argument that “it’s a double-edged sword” quibble intended. When you have an congregation that is so heavily invested a chance of the content can change dramatically meta, tale (lack there of), characters, emblems, Peter Dinklage:) etc. So time you have a large community doing the act for you.  You in addition have to cater to a extensive potential new consumer base. There are ~ people logos, names, placeholders in many sources inside this game that point to this incomprehensible future.1402182337558

A majority of the measure is played by casuals, the end quarry players make up a small part compared. Therefore it makes perfect profession sense to captivate and capture because many new gamers/future long word customers. The game environment has been rewarding just discovered players and not veterans since time one it’s a “store them playing” strategy and mentality.


Many of items/leaks that we require seen early in alpha, beta, yada yada that to which place “discovered” had no place set a ~ on until we recently had a backstory that could be applied. Her it comes…….(put in flames)

I don’t believe many of these back stories were 100% originally reflection out by the creators.

Whew… Ok since that the dust has settled back to it.

It may have existence speculation on my part but I have ~ing as a community we largely defined people of the items and characters that “they” had names and placeholders on this account that. Much like the saying “Art is in the place of the people” the art in this game was defined through the people. This type of storytelling have power to be very addictive because it gives the imitator and investment a way of sympathetic as if they played a immense part/component within the development.

This is “My speculation” or my “Hope”. I presume Bungie will revamp the old Raids, rise them relevant again and possibly lead old gear/weapons to new day~ levels. I say this because the continue two calcified fragments hint to the ancient Raids. Hard mode VOG (challenge prevailing style), whatever they want to call it. It would have existence a fantastic fit to the current aridity. It would be a great marketing strategy for them. They would then be seized of a way to bridge the lingering content gap between now and fate 2.

Im asking the “people” politely in a advance. Bring us the game we aggregate dream of. Pretty please, with golden engrams on top.

Destiny with altogether of its faults will continue to produce the same thing its been doing. We since players who are hooked from sunshine one will continue to play for the cause that we are invested we are addicted and we are a community that drives each other to be better.

Softly drifting starside…. RYNO-666

I to the end of time get amazed and impressed with these clement of arts.