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In Nigeria, many of us grew up (un)-intentionally practicing common form of drug abuse or the other in such a manner here’s a quick heads up forward a few of them.

1. Paracetamol overdose: The reform way to use paracetamol is with respect to fever and pain in any business of your body. It has for the most part no use in inflammation (i.e. the redness and stilted that comes with wounds) and definitely ~t any use for infection unless fever and chafe is one of your symptoms. The greatest dose you should swallow at a time is 1000 mg (that’s pair 500 mg paracetamol tablets) and the maximum you should take in a ~light(24hours) is 4000 mg (so that’s a greatest 4 times a day (maximum of eight 500 mg tablets).

Sadly, the device some of us take paracetamol has got me worried. Taking in the same manner with many tablets as you feel have power to ‘kill’ the headache or pain and excitement it as many times as needed is a receipt for overdose. When you overdose on paracetamol, you will increase the jeopardize of damaging your liver. This determination usually not happen overnight or immediately, on the other hand over time, your ‘harmless paracetamol’ be able to become ‘harmful’. Your liver is a super precious organ, protect it.

Some other family take ‘panadol’ and ‘paracetamol’ and don’t accomplish panadol is a brand of paracetamol and should not subsist taken together. Others believe every headache they feel needs painkillers, sometimes, you stand in want of sleep, other times food, other general condition of affairs it’s to stop that stressful activity and rest.

1b. Paracetamol and cold medicine (overdose):

What most of you don’t understand is that almost all brands of devoid of warmth medicine already contain paracetamol E.g. the frequent brand pro-cold, so there’s a disposition to overdose because many people take both medicines together. Therefore, you have to repress the dosage in your cold/flu medicines near the front of adding more paracetamol to it.

2. Ampiclox as a contraceptive: I really cannot be informed the origin of this particular deaden with narcotics abuse myth but many people believe it and appliance it with that result in reason. NO!!!, Ampiclox is not a contraceptive, it cannot hinder pregnancy, it is not designed to. Ampiclox is every anti-bacterial medicine that contains sum of ~ units drugs/; Ampicillin and Cloxacillin. Both drugs act unitedly to kill bacteria and even though you really do not want to have pregnant, sperm is not bacteria. Click in this place for what you can actually answer to prevent pregnancy before or rear sex.

3. Tetracycline and flagyl in the place of diarrhea:

Raise your hands if you at no time did this or still do this. Nobody? You be possible to go to this article to comprehend the correct way to treat diarrhea and observe out why abusing antibiotics for each bout of diarrhea is a saddening idea. Abusing tetracycline can destroy regular bacteria in your gut or digestive body leading to even more frequent diarrhea. In etc. one important side effect of tetracycline is it causes immutable discoloration of teeth in children junior than 10 years old and can also affect babies of pregnant women who use it frequently during the second and third trimesters. This is why some peolple acquire permanently dirty yellow, brown or moor discoloured and deformed teeth. For physic abusers of metronidazole a.k.a. flagyl, abusing this deaden with narcotics for every episode of diarrhoea leads to capital antimicrobial resistance,. In addition, do not drink alcohol while you are taking metronidazole and as antidote to at least 3 days after you check taking it. You may have displeasing side effects such as fast heartbeats, vehemence or redness under your skin, tingly perception by touch, nausea, and vomiting so you stand in want of to stop if you are a oft-repeated user

4. Lexotan or Valium beneficial to inducing sleep whenever needed:

If not that Nigeria is a dispose where getting these medicines without a prescript is not as difficult as it should have ~ing, I wouldn’t have included it in the present life. I suspect like me, you were offered Valium ~ the agency of concerned adults for headache, neck pang, and any thing people feel should have existence cured with sleep. Valium and Lexotan (diazepam) are couple of many drugs in the category called sedative hypnotics and this luckless free-for-all use of anodyne-hypnotics has for many people led to pertaining to physics or psychological dependence on these drugs. 

Physical inter~ can affect some people by having a thorough lack of normal sleep function without the aid of these medicines. While toward some, regular use over a prolix period of time can also eventuate in tolerance, which means such race have to take larger and larger doses to prevail upon the same effects. When regular users mark of punctuation using these drugs suddenly, they may lay open physical withdrawal symptoms ranging from restlessness, indisposition to sleep, anxiety, convulsions, and even death. Likewise then users become psychologically dependent, they have the consciousness of being as if they need the remedy to function such that finding and using the unsalable article becomes their main focus in life. And more people end up both physically and psychologically pendent.

Here’s a lovely poem through Kolawole bukola a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy OAU that captures the nature of this topic

Drug abuse and fritter away.

“It’s just a few greater degree of tablets” you say

“Those two I took be possible to’t possibly be enough”

“These clan don’t know how I feel” you pronounce

Even if warned against exceeding the prescribed portion

Careful, the repercussion may be worse than you cogitate.

It doesn’t matter how sound it works

It may even cost less than the right one

If it’s not designed instead of that disease

Then it has not at all two names-Drug Abuse

No indefinite amount how high you feel

It’s exact temporary

The old feeling will advance back

And leave you feeling
More depressed than through all ages

You may be back to your feet in small in number days

And can’t find ~ one symptoms

So you take them another time with no delay

not knowing united day, that judgment will come

Drug asperse and misuse may not sound big  

But the personal estate are better imagined than experienced

Say in ~ degree to drug abuse and misuse

Follow each instruction to the letter

Your pharmacist is ever ready

And trained to offer you through

Or else, the solitary one to blame is you.

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