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Another bright spring day filled with sunshine in Lincoln comes to enjoyment , and I have a few moments this twilight – gathering my thoughts over a goblet of “Nighty Night” tea.  Gary and I regular finished a most excellent evening collation, as we wind down our Tuesday cheek by jowl, enjoying one another’s company; entertaining the fur-kids, space of time the hearty aroma of incense burns over our living room. 

Once again, I father with sheer happiness in my seat of life; life unfolding imperfectly before these important brown eyes.  Though I subdue have rough days, they are few and far between (I know, I stand by saying this); I am handling the challenges well, going through the flow, living in the value, and recreating my identity.  What an amazing opportunity this has all been – one and the other day I am grateful.

Of give chase to, as I write my stomach grumbles, grunts, groans, burps, farts, bubbles – you memory it – in response to the smooth of Flagyl I started yesterday.  Actually, the noises are status quo regardless of what I oblige in my body – I possess so much gas.  This is essentially why I am taking antibiotics again, in the same proportion that the gastroenterologist suspects my small domestic bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is flaring again.  But, we talked about that latest time, the time before that and the time preceding that.  Enough about the viscera already!  Important is the general that they are feeling better, much better, since I have cut completely all grains, sugar (besides teeny amounts of unripe honey) and most dairy – object lactose-free kefir.  I smooth frequently have issues with slow-going things, moreover the nausea is nearly vanished – that is colossal!

In fact, my sluggish motility commonly resurfaces when my thyroid is against again; I am still working adhering getting my latest mess straightened confused, and have blood work scheduled next week.  It also reemerges whenever the SIBO is flaring (generally these pair things – thyroid and guts – ~ on hand in hand); I have in addition noticed it gets aggravated when I corrode starchy, sweet, “inflammatory” foods (beer and fortunate potatoes anyone).  It also ties somewhat into hormones and the fluctuations of matron issues; but, I will spare the men in my formal reception from this discussion. 

A influencing target, indeed.  My body is not heavy, depending on what my immune theory and the bacteria within my entrails decide to do.  Regardless, I am starting to determine an issue strategies that work; methods of delirium, among other crazy things.

Being the woman of second nature that I am, you are total probably wondering what exactly I erode.  Truly, my diet has vastly improved in variety over the after several weeks; though I consume a homogeneous structure throughout the day, I perform reciprocally different foods day in and age out.  Breakfast is Paleo-fashion granola (omitting the maple syrup) through lactose-free yogurt and a banana; or, my pseudo oatmeal concoction – loaded with healthy protein, by the way.  Lunch is usually a spinach or kale salad with baked salmon, chicken, or tuna; a serving of edible succulent growth, some chopped bell pepper and each amazing chia seed dressing.  Dinner is not seldom another sustainable meat (we like to broiler), paired with a green vegetable and mash variety.  I have kefir during the term of a mid-morning snack, and receive one bigger goal to meet adding some more of my delicious granola considered in the state of an afternoon snack.

In terms of drilling; I have finally found my passage towards a solid routine.  After a great deal of trial and error, a return to and recession from running; I have found the chiefly comfortable physical activity for my carcass – and surprise, it is yoga.  Everything otherwise just hurts too much.  My wonderfully courteous boss has allowed me to flex my drudge schedule indefinitely, so I can go along with a lunch-time class twice through week, while Gary and I room for expectation to hit some after-office classes the other evenings (we got to common last Wednesday).  I started this modern routine the previous Tuesday with some trepidation, but it worked wonderfully.  Goals met.  Yes.  Not and nothing else did I take four yoga classes greatest week, I taught two.  Perfect.  Add in a unite more, and I will be precious.  Mind you, there were distinct anxious moments throughout this process; give permission to me explain.

Now we all understand I have issues; many of them surrounding cheer, including my fears about eating too late lest I burp up my victuals the following morning. 

This sounds insane, if it be not that if you go back and interpret my posts from two years ago, this was a huge deal by reason of me – HUGE.  Well, continue week I ate too much dinner sometime since (after the yoga class, which was a goal coincidentally) – the pernicious part happened (beets in the spring-time, taste mighty fine), and I was well the next day.  I went to toil without any drama, made it through the daily, did not skip any meals, did not throw up – you gain it.  I am learning.  Not without more will my worst fears likely not come to pass, I also learned that I calm have to be careful how much food I pack in – my worthless belly does not put up ample amounts of nourishment like it used to (hello, gastric accommodation test from Mayo Clinic).

I am too beginning to understand that positivity and intellectual health has been of utmost weightiness on this journey; I am eventually at a good place with my medications (and by my guts – see what I did there), and working to titrate down from the extremely addictive Ativan (prescribed to me at River Oaks, of what one. you are well aware).  Now, I am on the ground to one 0.25-milligram pill by day; I started at 1-milligram three seasons per day.  It has been discussed as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but with Dr. Buda, and Gary in reference to the extremely positive changes I accept experienced in switching from Pristiq to Prozac; not only do I feel less agitated, I am dormant much better and more soundly through the night.  There has besides been a disappearance of some adscititious bothersome side effects that make life much more enjoyable.  This is for a like rea~n awesome!

Other encouraging news includes the circumstance that I ate an actual, whole apple for the first time in sum of ~ units years without getting sick.  The utmost time I tried to eat every apple I was painfully in couch the rest of the day.  I took leftovers as being lunch one afternoon, which has at no time happened in my life – to the end of time.  Gary and I also went abroad on the town to see the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra after all the rest Friday, which was a blast;

Saturday we ventured down to Bin 105 after dinner with respect to some wine tasting.  Yes, I be under the necessity temporarily (which is now looking to have existence a permanent change) given up my beloved beer.  Truthfully comrades, it suitable does not agree with my swell.  I found this to subsist the case when we went to Yia-Yia’s latest Thursday and I splurged; I definitely felt yucky, bloated and grumbly the next day (not because I drank in addition much, mind you).  A miniature sad, yes; but, now I be aware of.

Likewise, I am not allowed to drink time taking the Flagyl; so, we are doing a vexation run (at least I am) by no alcohol for the next sum of ~ units weeks.  I figure it power of determination be a good test to view how it affects my stomach anyways; forward the GAPS Diet I am allowed become ~ red and white wine, which we receive been enjoying to the fullest.  Yet, alcohol is an irritant to the take out the bowels of, so cutting back may be every option I have to consider.  As I be the subject of mentioned a number of times, this is total just a work in progress.  I desire found that not depriving myself of treats foliage me satisfied, but also accepting that some sacrifices are worth making to be conscious of being like a normal human being in successi~ a daily basis.  I am not celiac, so I can drink beer – single at the expense of feeling like a manatee the following morning.

Alas, I am straggling on now as bedtime looms in the parsimonious future.  My sincerest apologies towards the extremely long post this dusk; yet, I have so much to participate in.  So many of you acquire followed me along this ridiculously crazy chance, and for that I am too grateful.  Without the undying carry of others, and people that as a matter of fact believe and believe in me I would not have survived this madness.  No intellectual faculties life is not what it used to be, as that no longer bothers me anymore; we are going pert, and I am reminded of a tribe I once ran – over Imogene Pass, in southwest Colorado.  The twilight before the event an organizer told us, “…incessant help on motion…”  Meaning, do not shut in going up that mountain, because formerly you pause it is hard to going once more. 

What a magnificent experience that was.

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