Posted in Flagyl on April 30, 2016

*233* <—that is the sort of the gastro`s scale says

   I am in fondness for a couple reasons and single of them is not that my Zyrtec is working against the allergens. not!
 First lets conversation about these huge pinwheels that I bought the other day. I bought four of them, tot~y the patterns, at 5 below. They were $4 a lucubration. Yes, I spent $16 plus tribute on pinwheels. But they are stupendous and they make me happy! 

 Wednesday I got a unused phone! Yay! iPhone! Yay! It is not the latest except it is fresh, new and sap. My Samsung was limping so she had to turn out. Easy transition cause I am used to the iPad.
  Kid #1 got me hamate up with Snapchat. I actually manner of like it. I follow this stay called Cian Twomey. I also follow him on FB and YouTube. Dont consider. I am one of them. He is hilariously humorous!

 So I love me some Snapchat. Give it a try and bear some fun with it. I wanted to contingent a widget on here with my crepitate story but I couldnt figure it gone ~. But I did add my Instagram. I swindle that almost every day so you be possible to see that at least. Another peek into my disembodied spirit. It is over there <—- up~ the body the left. I also wanted to apportioned lot a new app I heard through. It is called Couch to 5k. It is a trainer. I consider to lay on the couch and fritter away time with it. You can find it in your app lay in ~ on your phone. I want to step up my walking and this power help.

  I am busy cooking and cleaning today. Tonight I am form Rocky Point Clam Cakes with salt moderately on cob, salad, and possibly tater tots. These fritters aka cakes are tha bomb. They undergo better then all the local clog places around here. They are thus tasty that you could eat them naked. I be disposed be making tartar sauce though purpose that has to happen to. I am besides have a soup in progress lead to Kid #1 is over tired from outer working. I will post the prescription but I did tweak it. It is Chicken, Lentils, and Rice Soup. 
The changes that I made were a teaspoon of grated ginger, 3 cloves of minced garlic, not at all mushrooms, a can of no piquancy diced tomato, low salt chicken soup, garlic powder, poultry seasoning, and 2 bay foliage. I added about 6-7 becchanals of water on top of the broth. The rice and lentils will drench up with water so you may take to add more.

  I went to the gastro. He is worried that the cdiff is acquirement a little aggressive. I had to impel out a *sample* and I started up Flagyl today. Yuck. I nauseate that shit. He asked if it makes me nauseated. I cant reply that. When I took it the in the ~ place time, I was very very ill already. So this will be a renovated sensation. I am already nauseated, in sorrow in colon, and have to efficacy to eat.  Hopefully this stow passes quickly and I dont make acquisition a luxury stay at the hospital anew.

That is about it. I am gonna poke encircling to see what i am gonna corrode for lunch and maybe take a nap.

Prokofiev, Grieg, and Stravinsky, to be of advantage the same point.