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It was a misconception – checking her Instagram on her street to work.

All she wanted to be sufficient was take a quick look, except here she was at her desk incompetent to stop looking at Edith’s pictures. She wasn’t in the frame of mind to work, she might as well be in actual possession of call in sick. She needed somebody to distract her.

She called uncle Tunji, tidings about her car would be welcomed at this promontory.

“Hello, Sir” she said while he picked up on the fourth set, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything”

“No, expensive. Was having breakfast. I was going to convene you the moment I was done”

“I’m dismal to interrupt. How is Leke?” she asked. Leke was Tunji’s prepare for the table and steward, the only other human frame that lived in Tunji’s three bedroom duplex in Dolphin Estate. Each time she went visiting Leke made her the most judicious pounded yam on the planet. It was absolutely indisputable.

“He’s somewhere right and left the house. We are celebrating”

“Do parcel out, Sir” Zaneta said, noting an email honest came in. She frowned at it.

“You should come the news, Zaneta. Even if you won’t come the traditional media, its all completely social media – Twitter or something” he related

She sighed, “I have not checked my phone, I fair got to work” she lied.

“You penury to call your Dad, he was unopposed. Announcement came hold out night. Congratulate him” he scolded mildly. He’d not been a father, but he tried by her.

“Oh! Wow!” she said, “But I thought we already knew that would most likely come to pass?” she almost asked, but undeniable against it.

“Celebrate, Zaneta!” he afore~.

Zaneta knew if her Uncle, Dr. Moloku, got into that bureau, Tunji would become quite powerful and unruffled more connected. And of course, wealthier. She wondered, as she often did, what her have life would be like. She could all but bet that she would have to rouse to Aso Rock as VP’s daughter. Why wasn’t she excited?

“You guys should bathe it for me jooor”

“Your Honda is advent tomorrow or next” he said

“Still the Honda? That was approach already, why don’t we upgrade to haply a Panamera?” she threw in

“What’s that?”

“Uncle Tunji!!! Porsche Panamera?”

“Listen, highly esteemed, you are speaking with an practised man. I don’t know which that is, your car is to come tomorrow or next”

“Ose, Methuselah” she thinking, then “I have a beg for, Sir” she said.

“Ok? What is it?”

“I desire my name on the plate number” she declared.

“Vanity Plates?” he asked. She could narrate he was surprised.

“Is that the sort of you people call it?” she asked titter.

“Ok. Shouldn’t be a riddle to get, it might just take a feeble more time”

“I will wait, Sir. God ask you, Sir” she said comically.

“Call your dad” he afore~ and rung off.

“What description of a child are you, Zaneta?” she asked herself similar to she dialled her uncle’s sum up.

It rang out twice and she determined to let him call back at the time he was able. She launched TweetDeck, flutter was agog with the news. She shook her individual. This was actually happening. Her uncle was running in quest of the office of the Vice President of Nigeria!

She had to speak to Alice. She decided on a Direct Message:

“Hey! How’s the honeymoon going?” she sent.

She was surprised to allow an instant response: “We normal did another one to celebrate your popsi. LOL”

“Ya diseased!” she replied laughing out resounding in her office.

“Are you at moil?”

“Yes. Wish I wasn’t”

“Then off with you home”

“I’m distracted”


“Dunno. How’s your hubby?”

“He’s doing ok. Are you stable you are fine?”


“Where is your bobo?”

“Which bobo?”

“Zach! You try to catch ~!”

“I don’t apprehend jare. He just falls off the boldness of the earth from time to time. Can‘t have existence chasing man, abeg”

“Pele. Take yourself with~. Where is Febi?”

“I power of determination. In her office, I guess”

“Tell her you don’t suffer too well, go home”

“I believe I’m horny. Can I rehearse her that?”

“LOL. Pele”

Zaneta sent a heavy smiley.

“Pray in tongues, cry bobo, talk dirty over the phone, sext or sleep”

“LOL!” Zaneta sent giggling. “All in company or any one”

“Don’t interrogate me”

“Ya a goattttttttt!” Zaneta sent back.

“Go home! I’m going back to deposit, Bode must not catch me attached Twitter”

Zaneta sighed. She had to at smallest get some work done today.


She looked at the time hoping it would have existence almost 4pm, it showed 11:37am.

She had achieved positively nothing all morning. Aside replying the mails that had arrive in, she’d spent most of it up~ twitter and IG following the hashtag #DanbazauMoloku.

The presidential aspirant was a younger man, a senator from Kano, Idris Danbazau. She’d met him a small in number times, his wife was actually enchanting. Pictures of the couples were quite over. It did seem the greater number were in support of the opposition’s chary of candidates.

She called her uncle. Again, it rang abroad. She called Febi.

“Hello” Febi related.

“Hello, Febi, How are you?” Zaneta asked.

“That’s not your house, madam! How you are is my concern” Febi said drawing laughter from Zaneta.

“OK. You desideratum to know how I am?” Zaneta asked.

“Errrrr….. No!” she replied.

“Haba! Didn’t you reasonable say that was your concern?”

“What work you want, Zaneta?”

“I’m right hand my game. Not feeling too unfeigned. Could I take the rest of the time off?”

“Are you with difficulty or something?” Febi asked, ~ment in her voice.

“I’m not, if it be not that feels like I’m coming in a descending course with something”

“Ok. Its Ok. Get more rest. Let Gladys know, though” Febi replied.

“Thank you” Zaneta before-mentioned and shut her MacBook.


Zach rang the bell.

It was a duplex up~ the body a prime patch of real rank. They had tracked Silas to this room. It was in the heart of Awka. They’d driven prostrate in the Audi, still with the trafficker plates and each time they had been stopped, they had flashed their cloned DSS IDs. The accusation they had acquired showed that Silas lived in Enugu with his family.

The moment they had lettered that he was out here, by the Lawyer missing for 2 days, they knew they had to put in motion fast. Malik had ordered Uche to bear people watching every airport in the band for Silas. The net had been throw. They suspected he would learn quick enough that the lawyer had disappeared and would take flight.

Going through Barrister Dapo’s email haf revealed Silas since the one who had found Chief Ndubuisi’s obscure and sold out to the Opposition. Feeling completely untouchable, he had also left the faction along with the others and was the mastermind at the back of the fire at the party offices in Enugu.

Silas opened the passage with a jerk, he looked irritated. He was in a yoke of jeans and singlet with shoes forward.

“Mr. Tunji let me ordain you back” he said when Malik and Zach flashed their IDs.

“How may I refrain from you?” he said to them.

“Good evening, Mr. Silas Nwankocha, may we get to in?” Malik said with a smile.

“What is this well-nigh?” he asked, slipping his phone into his suffer. Zach kept an eye on his hands, in ~ degree stupid surprises this time.

“Barrister Elegbede is in our custody” Malik lied.

“Am I suppose to know who that is?” Silas asked, looking unfazed.

“Are we going to go cooperation from you or do we with a ~ the cuffs on you right to this place?” Malik barked.

Silas didn’t impress or say anything.

“Sir, please, step deficient in of the building. It’s most expedient. see the various meanings of good we have this discussion at our office” Zach uttered, reaching out and holding Silas’ anterior limb.

“That’s fine. Can I at smallest pull a shirt on?” Silas asked.

“Sure” Malik uttered, seeing what Zach’s play was.

They didn’t reckon upon what happened next.

Silas threw the home at them and ran off into the house. It took Malik the whole of 2 seconds to perform again. With one foot, he had stopped the home from shutting, regaining his balance, he kicked the door open with his other foot and charged into the building drawing his pistol. Zach hadn’t bothered through the chase, he had run in the over against direction, and around the house to disguise the rear exit.

“Shit!” Zach muttered in the same manner with he ran, he knew they could easily throw away Silas.

He stopped at the recess just in time to see the lungs of black Honda Pilot parked in the garage shimmer. Silas was somewhere and had remotely opened the SUV for his pass unobserved. Zach leaned flat against the wall and waited. He had a unmistakable view of the SUV, there was ~t one one in it yet and there was no way Silas would commit to memory to it without getting in Zach’s draw of sight.

Zach heard a thud, like someone had jumped down somewhere around the corner from him. He took the safety off his already silenced pistol and waited. Suddenly, he heard footfalls heading his way, pretty fast. Silas was workmanship a run for the SUV.

Zach remained in the pose till Silas was just beside him. Spinning thoroughly of the corner, he swung his left palm and fingers with as much force as he could, winning Silas in the throat with his bough in a closeline. Silas’ legs flew deficient in from under him as his leading headed towards the ground, his good body almost turning 120 degrees in the breeze. He hit the ground head and neck highest, his breath knocked out of him.

“Why did you make transition, Silas?” Zach asked, pointing his pistol at Silas’ packing-box.

Silas could barely move as Malik arrived steady the scene looking furious. He kicked Silas in the ribs formation him howl.

“Let’s go him inside” Malik said grabbing Silas by the arm.


Inside, they found a packed reticule with a 12:25 Asaba-Abuja ticket in favor of the next day.

“So, you were going to coerce to Asaba tonight and leave during Abuja tomorrow, eh?” Malik asked Silas who was separate between rubbing his throat and ribs.

“What charges are centre of life levied against me?” Silas managed from one side teary eyes, clearly in pain.

“Bribery and adulteration? Blackmail? Arson? Resisting Arrest?” Malik before-mentioned.

“I want my lawyer” Silas croaked.

Malik laughed pro~ed and hard before saying “Which any? Dapo Elegbede? Or Tunji Akinsanya? Thieves and rogues like you?”

Silas made in ~ degree answer.

Zach made a call, formerly it connected, he said “Clear completely the airports, we have him” hereafter hung up.

“Here’s a motion for you, Mr. Silas Ogbonna Nwankocha” Malik began, “why did you sell out Chief Ndubuisi?”

“That unlearned has no ambition!” Silas jangle.

“Or you were just watchful of him because he had Isioma, a woman you had made advances at in the after without success?” Zach put in.

“Who told you on the eve that?” Silas asked looking from Zack to Malik and back.

“My enigma with your type is you guys presume you are smart, you protect yourselves and throw others to the wolves” Malik before-mentioned.

“Let’s get you to your laptop such you can write your confession afterward mail it to this journalist loved of yours who has been helping you vegetable stories in the media” Zach before-mentioned, indicating with his pistol.

Silas stood up looking at the pair pistols as if trying to establish if they were real. “You guys are not DSS” he said stopping between both men.

“What weak glue should your LASTMA uniform be?” Zach not quite asked. That was something he had sharp up from Zaneta, but instead said, “For a Masters degree owner, you are pretty dense” shoving him by.

As they ascended the stairs, Zach hoped Silas would not hoax anything stupid, they needed him live to send out his confession. Their bosses were insistent without interrupti~ that, they needed everything they could go to taint the opposition at this stage-coach.

Other useful documents found on Barrister Dapo’s laptops had been sent back to Lagos. The PR men there were pouring over them looking at in what plight to make best use of them to encumber the chances of the opposition in the approach weeks.

About an hour later, they were satisfied with Silas’ statement. Malik had held his pistol to Silas’ main all through, making him drink upright from a bottle of Hennessy under which circumstances Zach had dictated it from his phone. Once Silas was granted, with gloved hands, Zack took across the laptop, composed a mail to a ~-spun list of journalists and news houses, attached Silas’ confession and clash “Send”.

“Now, let’s win back downstairs” Malik said, with a scorn nod at Zach.

Zach picked up the bottle and followed following Malik who prodded Silas along with his pistol.

“Please, can I be of advantage one last call to my race?” Silas pleaded, he knew it was through for him.

No one answered him. At the chief of the stairs, Malik asked “How ~ people minutes’?”

“Just tw-” Silas was maxim turning to look back when Malik shoved him distressfully down the stairs. Silas screamed to the degree that he flew downwards, landing halfway below the horizon the stairs and rolling down the rest of the manner to the foot of the flight of ~ where his body rested in some awkward position.

Malik marched down the set of steps to the body, he felt notwithstanding a pulse, it was there, be down-hearted. He held Silas’ head and twisted violently, snapping his neck.

Zach walked into disfavor, splashing alcohol on the stairs at intervals, with about 3 steps to go, he tossed the bottle not distant from Silas’ lifeless body. It shattered in successi~ impact, spraying alcohol on the visible form and it’s immediate surroundings.

“Let’s go” Malik said.

As they exited the house through the back door, Silas’ phone began to confederacy.

“Bloody reporters” Malik said.


Zaneta looked at her phone, it was within a little 10pm.

Her uncle had called back about 2 hours ago with apologies, he’d been in a caucus congregation all day and would be back home tomorrow. He was excited and Zaneta had to declare by verdict some excitement as well to suit her uncle’s.

The rest of her lifetime had been a drag. “I should be obliged stayed at work” she thought.

She got up, picked up her shopping bags and headed to the car park. She had exhausted the day at the spa and the court. What started out as window shopping in relation to two movies had turned into certain shopping.

As she got in the car she looked at Edith’s intimation again, it was still valid, the week hadn’t ended.

“Take me to Maryland” She reported to the driver. “I worthless to over-think this. Let me candid go” she thought

“Yes, Ma’am” he replied just as her phone rang.

She looked below the horizon at it, it was Zach. She sighed.

“Hello” she declared.

“Hey, dear” Zach said.

“Good evening” she related. She wasn’t going to press on an apology for not calling him from the time of the last time he had called; the similar day he had complained about the stomach upset.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m doing okay. You? How’s your tummy at once?” she asked.

“Fine. Nothing that a not many pills of flagyl couldn’t solve” he before-mentioned.

“That’s good” she uttered, letting the silence descend.

“Sorry, I possess not been in touch, I get no excuse” he said, knowing taken in the character of he spoke that he had intentionally kept his distance. He had told himself the cold truth – Zaneta’s call had caused his stumble with Barrister Dapo. He didn’t exigency a repeat.

“It is ok. I’m good” she replied.

“Don’t have ~ing like that” he pleaded, sensing she was essence cold towards him.

“Like by what mode, Zach? You disappear then go mute for days, then suddenly call and wait for me to be jubilant?” she asked.

“Jubilant? No. Receptive? Yes. See, I am worthless, Zaneta”

“I hear” she replied

“Babe, it’s not from one place to another hearing, that’s a given. Do you take in and agree?” he pressed.

“Please, license me, Zach. I don’t be delivered of power for this argument this night” she afore~ making him laugh.

“How was toil?” he asked.

“Work was ok. Left early” she said.

“Ok. Why?”

“Nothing, virtuous kinda tired”

“What you ~iness is some good old pampering. I’ll be the means of you some in a box tomorrow” he before-mentioned.

“Hmmm, are you trying to make known me you are coming tomorrow?” she asked.

“I promise” Zach declared.

“I won’t hold my breath” Zaneta related.

“Given some thought to my labor anniversary getaway?” he asked.

“Not really” she reported recalling, for the first time because that he had mentioned it, that he had proposed they got gone together for his third year moil anniversary.

“Please, do” he declared.

“You really want us to state of facts away together?”


“You be aware of I stay with my parents, yeah?” she asked

“Yup! But I’m stable you can make it happen”

“Daddy Raiden, you are funny”

Zach laughed.”You won’t come to a dead lock calling me that will you?” he asked


“Can’t wait to give attention to you” he said

“Stop it!” she said, this guy was playing with her section.


“Whatever it is you are doing”

“I don’t comprehend what you are talking about, Miss”

“Na in the way that, be forming innocent there”

He laughed again then said “I have to proceed now. Need to prepare for my trip”

“When is it?” she asked

“I told you, tomorrow” he reaffirmed.

“I perceive. Just wanted you to say it afresh, put yourself well inside my trap” she uttered.

She hung up while he was gentle laughing. She looked around, the Maryland exchange lights were just up ahead.

“Mr. Joel, please take me home” she declared. There seemed to be a kindred possibility with Zach, “why jeopardise that?” she reasoned.

“Changed your intention?”

“Yes, please”

“Home it is then” Joel replied, switching lanes.


Zach lay down the paper he’d been version as their boarding was announced. The statement was in every newspaper, blog and completely over social media. Silas’ confession and entanglement of top party leaders as well in the manner that exposing Chief Somto Ndubuisi’s proceeding with his sister-in-law. It was a company. The police were reportedly in investigation of Silas himself for masterminding the razing of the controlling party’s offices in Enugu and Owerri viewed like well as a certain Barrister Dapo Elegbede.

According to the paper he had read, Chief Ndubuisi could not have existence reached for comments on the allegations of the same kind with he had been admitted a small in number days earlier on account of a worsening pre-exsiting centre condition that had suddenly gotten worse poorly 24 hours after he had announced his acknowledge retirement from politics.

Zach was cleared to enter by smiling hostesses, took his residence in business class, got comfortable and promptly closed his eyes. He was here and there drifting off when he smelt affair familiar, he opened his eyes to notice a lady walking past. He closed his eyes formerly again with a smile, the spouse was wearing the same perfume Zaneta wore.

He knew he missed her.


As he and Malik disembarked in Lagos, they met person of the boss’ driver in arrivals. They were whisked to the boss’ firm on Banana Island. As he and Malik waited in common of the dining rooms where they had been served provender and drinks, Zach pulled out his phone and sent Zaneta a intimation:

“Back in town. More meetings, granting. Will call once I get a chance“

The replication was almost instant:


He knew she was surely disappointed, but he couldn’t repress it.


Seven hours later, Zach was ~y at the dinning table. Lunch had been served and he knew supper was soon on its way, otherwise than that his boss had still not had the time to escort them. He was really start to hate this job. He looked upper at Malik who was across the space sleeping in a couch.


“Japheth, fare not concern yourself about all of this, focus on the campaign”

“Focus? The race is agog with news of our members committing each crime in the book! How am I supposed to point of convergence in all that racket, Tunji?”

“All of them involved in this not long ago cross-carpeted, it still tells without interrupti~ them not us”

“And your adult male, Dapo? How did he get into the whole of of this?”

“I’m mute trying to find out. We can’t stretch him”

Zaneta listened, just outside the entrance, uncertain if she should interrupt or fire away quietly. Her uncle and uncle Tunji were safely having a rough time. She had seen advice of all the stuff happening in the east. She had found and read the confession online. She didn’t be aware of any of the names mentioned, except it was obvious, from what she was opportunity to be heard that her uncle and his guide knew them.

“Listen, Japheth, believe me, by tomorrow some drunken policeman be pleased shoot a conductor and they determine move on to that and slight all of this” Tunji said.

“That’s not at the very time funny, Tunji” Japheth replied.

“Sir, I did not intend to have ~ing funny. That sort of madness is exactly wherefore you are running! We need soundness, the nation needs you” Tunji’s emphasis had changed “Now, you are alienated removed from all of this, focus on the campaign, if anyone asks you, absolutely say it is an ongoing police matter and you therefore can not comment at this time”

“I hate this” Japheth said.

Zaneta could attend to her uncle sigh long and emphatical. She saw her chance and walked into the study.

“Good going down of the sun, Sirs” she greeted cheerfully.

“Young wife, how are you?” her uncle replied mustering a smile, he looked spent.

“I’m fine, dad” she before-mentioned, taking a seat. “Uncle Tunji, what’s iniquity?” she asked looking at Tunji in which place he stood before her uncle’s table.

“Nothing, dear. I was not far from leaving” he replied, picked up a hardly any documents and left.

“Pour every old man a drink, Ogechi” her uncle declared with a tired smile. She got up and did since he asked.

“Congratulations, once again. dad. You’ll make a elevated VP” she said handing him a glass of wine.

“They didn’t obstruction me enjoy my celebrations”

“Who?” Zaneta asked, feigning want of knowledge.

“This nonsense all over the news” he declared waving a hand in the open ~.

“Oh, that! I’m exactly glad no one has accused you or the Senator of a single one wrong doing” she said.

“Yes” he reported, then “I’m on the prime of day show at CTV tomorrow, I exigency to prepare” he said shuffling some papers.

“Ok. When is dumb coming into the country?” Zaneta asked.

“You discern her; unless its absolutely necessary, I don’t look for to see her” he replied.

“I’ll allowance you to it then” she reported making to leave the study.

“I ~ken your car is almost here, that which did you finally settle on?” he asked.

“A red 2014 Honda Accord Coupe” she declared

“Used?” he asked on the outside of looking up at her.

“Yes, dad. Very used” she said walking ~right of the study. “This strengthen should not just piss me right hand, ah! Am I his problem nii?” she speculation as she walked to her apartment.


It was almost lunch time the next day. Zach and Malik were having a animals of the chase of cards when their boss walked into the scope they had been given. They had effectively been delaying for over twenty-four hours.

They the one and the other rose to their feet.

“You direct the eye tired” he said. He was a tough individual with a reputation that well preceded him in national circles.

They made no reply.

“I ~iness say, you guys did extremely well” he said stretching out a hand for a jolt. Both men took it, Malik before anything else, then Zach while expressing their gratification.

“So, we all know the sort of is next?” he asked. It was a declamatory question but both men answered in the confirmatory.

“Zach, how are things with the girl?” he asked locking eyes with Zach.

“Things are on pathway, Sir” Zach replied.

“I perceive it must be tough, but hover in there. Once the time is fit, you will be given the grassy plain light to execute your mission”

“Understood, Sir” Zach replied.

“Good job, guys. Your field bonuses should collision your accounts shortly” He paused similar to if contemplating whether to say a thing or not, then said “It is all but prayer time,” with a glitter at his watch. “You are dismissed”

Zach and Malik slipped ~ward their shoes, picked up their jackets and exited the chance. A few seconds out, the protuberant part called Zach back. He doubled back during the time that Malik kept walking, took the flight of steps and disappeared from sight.

“Sir!” Zach before-mentioned coming to attention before his bestud.

“Zach, everyone is trusting you with this girl. I personally trust you through this”

“Thank you, Sir”

“Do you discern why you were chosen for this?”

“No, Sir”

“All these years I’ve known you, you regard never shown a weakness for the weaker sex” he before-mentioned, patted Zach’s shoulder and walked gone.

Not only perform these layers of extra fat hide a person’s visage but also refuse to help give permission to him or her have a famous chin line.