Posted in Flagyl on April 21, 2016

Hello once again, dear readers!  I produce to you this evening, no thesis in mind; completely absent of ideas, and without direction.  So it goes the record of my existence, twisting and turnery upside down, in and out.  Nevertheless, my dependence is for these fingers to show the way me along my thoughts; draw wanting the inevitable discussion, while I contemplate on the happenings since my utmost (rather long) diatribe.  This showery Nebraska day has evoked emotions of the donative moment, and those feelings I wish to partake with the world; likewise, I direction perhaps update on the mutiny that is my antibiotic, status of my guts, and goals against the upcoming weeks (or something to that regard).  Though I am ~ the agency of no means back there, I gain been pugnacious the past several days; sombre as can be, and sensing sedateness within. 

Perhaps it has a thing to do with my changing microbiome; the slightingly gloomy weather, or this nagging fine ~ of emptiness.  Something feels wrongly, as though I am crawling steady my hands and knees through quick, viscous mud; searching for the shine of hope I recently attained.  Though the positivity is not gone, I possess been stuck here since the weekend; irksome to escape. 

Friends, I be aware of exactly what this is, and the record is ridiculously etched within my pay attention to.  The Boston Marathon.  I wrote of this diverse years ago; and in all honesty I touch ridiculously selfish, but it must have ~ing said for it weighs heavy in c~tinuance my heart.  I was supposed to have a part in in that race; qualified on my earliest marathon, made the trip out there, and got extremely sick the day before.  The unused bib amount to gathers dust in our basement; quite the while I can no longer flow.

These particular feelings have been transcribed time and time afresh; including my farewell letter, earlier this year.  Grieving this forfeiture of my identity has been fruitful in this blog, and for the ~ numerous part I have overcome the realization that my visible form is no longer capable of endurance sports (bring on the yoga).  It hurts in addition much, and I no longer have the advantage it.  Yet, every year I mark the excitement, the buildup, and the praise of friends competing in this issue.  I remember the days in which place I effortlessly pounded the pavement, ate all that I wished; had goals other than the simplistic waste three meals per day.  To have existence completely honest, I feel inferior; of the same kind with if I failed at something.  My life is not what it used to be, consumed by the chronic tendencies of my visible form attacking itself.

I think back to in what state fit I once was, when my desire did not protrude over the waistline of my pants; similar to it now permanently remains due to prolonged expansion. and distension (this is so vain, still it is how I feel).  A defective physique, longing for the days whenever a run cured everything and anything – every part of the friends I have seemingly forfeited, and the miles, the experiences; the moments I used to experience with Gary on the trails.  Every year, this comes back to follow importunately me mid-April as “memories” become visible up on my social media reminding me of normalcy and soundness.  All the while, I watch the creation go by, striving for the ease that I can still do yoga – cruel classes at that.  Comrades, it is not the like.  Nothing will ever replace running in its wholeness., and this is ridiculously difficult – I rigorously grieve my losses for a indignation I once had.

Of course, I am everlastingly grateful for my experiences – those that brought me delight, sorrow, and pain; moments of laugh and solidarity along my journey.  They be under the necessity changed me for the better; brought me every amazing life partner and best loved, and allowed me to experience persistence literally and metaphorically.  I practised some amazing feats, gaining perspective simultaneously the way.  Without running, I would not acquire crossed paths with so many inspiring, pure and down to earth individuals.  I would not have climbed a mountain, completed a marathon or establish my true self.  Perhaps one could say running has gotten me through the depth of my health issues, single in kind day at a time; step through step, instant by instant.  It has tight me to persevere.  Because of the amusement, I am a survivor.

With that related, it is time to move steady from notions and ideas I be obliged previously discussed thoroughly in my writings.  I am live up to the infamous cliché of beating a dead horse, to note the exceedingly least.  Perhaps I should deliberate my changeable regimens, and changes I plan forward making in coming weeks.  All for the cause that I want to simplify, reduce, and covetous down.  Indeed, the many supplements I take are going to move.  No more L-glutamine sprinkle, IBGard, and Iberogast; just my multivitamin, Vitamin D counterpart, and fish oil pill (plus total of the prescription drugs, given to me ~ the agency of my doctors).  Despite seeing improvements since I began taking them, there is not examination supporting their long term effects.  Truthfully, I noticed the greatest modify upon removing sugar and grains from my diet.  Hence, that decision continue indefinitely. 

Also as of tonight, I desire have taken my last round of Flagyl in favor of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).  Ultimately hinder some initial die-off symptoms and indirect effects during my first week, I wish felt fantastic the past three days.  We order see how long this lasts, to the degree that I transition my way to a diet developed specifically for folks with my particular issues.  It is like to the GAPS Diet, though negligently different – essentially it is a union of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), and Low FODMAP.  No grains, ~t any sugar (except small amounts of honey), no dairy what so ever (aside from elderly cheeses; even my lactose-free has got to be esteemed); no beer, no additives, or foods that vex the gut lining.  I have power to have dry red and white wine (what one. I will be allowed to take pleasure in on Sunday, by the way, subsequent to the antibiotic clears my system), renewed vegetables, proteins, fats, oils, and fruits in frugality.

Fortunately, as daunting as this appears it is not over bad; I recently joined a Facebook countenance group for those with SIBO, and it seems to have ~ing a protocol with the greatest fortunate hit amongst members.  (I have been researching my brains out, folks!  I even originate a neat program on my iPhone that acts viewed like somewhat of a guide.)  Not to cursory reference, my strategies were condoned by my gastroenterologist to remedy keep the bacteria from going forward a feeding frenzy – they be pleased with simple starches and sugar.  My trust is to suppress bad microbes, so that I do not have to appliance two refills of Flagyl given to me on the medicine bottle. 

I deficiency to see if I can continue up the positive trends, sans one more medication to take; but, I elect likewise not argue that it strictly has helped once again.

Other than the beyond, I do not have much otherwise to report going forward.  Though I bring forth struggled lately with my circumstances, I am honestly obliged that I found something to help me feel at the very time a little bit better.  Just having some or two days of incessant inclination to vomit per week versus five or six makes a elephantine difference.  I have moreover been congruity up with my yoga routine, which has also aided immensely.  Gary and I are catch about four to five classes by week now, versus our previous one or two.  I will furthermore be done teaching my second actual performance per week soon, which means some open Saturday morning when I have power to partake myself.  I furthermore ~ away on a couple of walks either day, admiring our lovely downtown area, allowing myself a break from the service.

My goals going headlong to are to be consistent with my dietary modifications starting tomorrow (later I am done with the antibiotics); watch my coffee intake (I ever do well with this, and soon afterward slip up; still, I have but been drinking straight black coffee recently – no espresso, and no else than two cups), follow up through the doctor’s appointments I hold coming.  I see the surgeon ~ Thursday; my endocrinologist and Dr. Buda next week.  I want to take care of up with my new yoga jive, understand a little more, spend as much time in the sunshine as likely, and continue to enjoy Anthony Bourdain put ~ Netflix with Gary.  The fur-kids are doing well, while we anxiously await notification for greater quantity foster critters to come live at our place of entertainment!  I am similarly still practicing eating later, eating a variety of foods and wearisome new things.  Forging ahead!  Until nearest time…

We are testing different make ~s ordering to see which the common prefers.