Posted in Flagyl on April 22, 2016

A great quantity has been happening in my life not long ago and I know I haven’t instructed a blog since October! Life is a whirlwind of never-ending changes. Of regularity that’s always been true, further the changes these last 4 months be delivered of been increasingly different than before. But this exact post is a health update. I flat meant to post a blog back in January here and there switching Crohn’s doctor’s. Perhaps I’ll after that write that in the future for the cause that it’s important to have a medical practitioner you really like and is indeed helping you achieve wellness whether you be under the necessity Crohn’s disease or not. Now that I get switched doctor’s I’m definitely holy by the new one! I in fact sort of see two, Dr. Sprague and his PA, Melissa. I lo her mostly, until Dr. Sprague wants to answer some kind of procedure on me. I met her in quest of the first time back in January and afterward our first conversation I knew I set up the perfect doc for me.

I met Dr. Sprague towards the extremity of February and he immediately gave me advice I had been waiting for! That I could cease from taking the disgusting medicine called flagyl. If you be assured of flagyl, I’m sure you good made a face about it because you know how horrid it is. We moreover scheduled a colonoscopy for the mean of March. My favorite news was at the time Susie, his nurse, told me I didn’t obtain to drink Gatorade with miralax, I could application like Crystal Light instead!

Prep age came. I had done enough investigation on what it’s like on account of ostomates to go through the prep and I certainly wasn’t dreading it considered in the state of much as I did the primitive time. I mean, the first colonoscopy I had in December of 13 I had a give pain to that made a regular BM torturing, so now you want to wholly out my system? It was horrible. I was hapless. I didn’t get any be careless that night. And I distinctly remember telling the Lord I was absolutely commodious for Him to come back ~ful then. Well, He wasn’t convenient because two years later here we are.

The prep this time encircling was a breeze! For me and by how low my colostomy is in my sigmoid colon it in some way made it easier. I had read online of countless people who notwithstanding sat by the toilet to deplete quickly. I however did not. Granted I did stay in my bedroom and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy adhering Netflix. My bedroom is right ~ means of the bathroom so I didn’t be seized of more than 15 steps to be in possession of to the toilet. Of course I had to deplete quite a few times but through midnight most of my system had even now been cleaned out. So I got comfy and went to slumber. I did wake up 3-4 spells after it started functioning again, excepting I had enough time to turn my light on, get my glasses on, sit up, and then walk to the bathroom exclusively of any problems. It was wonderful. And I ate a fate of food the few days before. I tried to late down and eat only broth and nonsense, but no, I went full up~ the body with pizza and everything.

Time to procure to be up and make our way to the surgery center. We got checked in, went back to the feeble room and of course was given a ~ful to pee in. Mind you, I haven’t gone seeing that 11:00 p.m. the darkness before and hadn’t had anything to drink as my last sip at 11:59. Yet they quiescent always expect the person they honest dehydrated to pee in a beaker. I don’t think so scooter. So they did the sort of they always do, hook me up to an IV and hope that it’ll befall once they get fluids in me. Hah. Yeah unswerving! I explained to them about why it’s unnecessary and that the final time the anesthesiologist signed off up~ the body skipping it. About that time she popped her heard round the curtain and said, “Was it me?” I afore~, “It was actually. And nothing’s changed after then.” We decided to wait until Dr. Sprague got there and comprehend if I could go, if not, therefore we’ll skip it. I was his in the beginning patient of the day and of hunt, he was late, and of methodical arrangement, I still couldn’t pee. So we skipped it. They rolled me back and explained the sort of they were going to do. I sententious precept the nurse shoot in the anesthesia, inform me it could sting a petty, I saw it go into my IV and I consideration to myself, “Well, it doesn’t sting, ” and in that case I was out.

This time on the model of I woke up and Dr. Sprague came back to discourse to me I remembered most of the sort of he said. Which is surprising making allowance for I always have to ask the kind of was said at least four epochs before I remember it. He told me he didn’t experience any active Crohn’s disease. That my colon looked sublime. When I asked about the repeal he said, “You can hold it done now if you shortness to. But you don’t be obliged to have it reversed. It’s even-handed a cosmetics issue.” All on every side of fantastic news. They took biopsies to have ~ing sure of everything but as to a great distance as he was concerned, my Crohn’s infirmity was in REMISSION! Ahhh, music to my ears.

I was scheduled to attend Melissa  (Dr. Sprague’s PA and the someone I’ll see the most which time it comes to my Crohn’s ailment) a few weeks later and she would fill me in on everything. We had some in depth conversation about things and end for end my future. Because Crohn’s Disease patients are at an increased risk for Colon Cancer we regard to have colonoscopies more often than everyone otherwise. I don’t remember the time-build she said, but I do remember that I don’t bear to have another colonoscopy until 2020, during the time that long as the Crohn’s corsets in check. She put my diagnosis time in December of 2013, after my highest colonoscopy. Even though they told me it was candid polyps from the amount of ibuprofen I took, it was in reality Crohn’s disease. -_- I could be the subject of started treatment in Dec. 2013 in place of the end of June 2015. -_- I could wish been out of this mess protracted before now. However, I know God has a delineation in all things and really, I wouldn’t vary my story. Some of the disquietude, absolutely, but my story, not a scintilla. So as of March 24, 2016 my Crohn’s disorder is officially in clinical remission. I self-reliance continue to do treatments every 8 weeks and take a medication every day, but I’m healthier than I accept been in a VERY long time.

The street is not coming to an extreme point yet though. We have one hindmost thing to mark off the freedom from disease list and that’s this inflexible fistula that just doesn’t crave to heal all the way. I dictum my surgeon, Dr. Brinkman, this accomplished Thursday, and after torturing me by a silver nitrate stick, to cauterize the last bit of the granulation texture that just won’t go gone, he suggested we wait until that is completely healed preceding discussing the reversal. I agree 100%. I practise not want to reverse this clothes and be back at square any in 6 months because we didn’t wait instead of total healing.

In the meantime, I gain a decision to make. It’s a thing of a lot of prayer and a chance of discussion with those closest to me. I be the subject of to decide whether or not I be deficient to have the colostomy reversed. I discern what you’re thinking, why wouldn’t you straits it reversed? Just remember that level though I am an open part and share a lot of things through people, there are still factors in ~ degree one but me knows about. So please continue that in mind. Just know that I am going to get the best decision for me. I be assured of I will. And I know that anything soever decision I make, God will subsist glorified and God will use it in my life and other’s lives in the manner that well. Crohn’s disease will have existence an ever present factor in my life (until someone finds a cure) even allowing that it is in remission. It could reach back with a vengeance at some moment. I have a very involved case of Crohn’s disease that multitude people do not have. The chances of me going from one side what I’ve already gone through, to some extent, is more in a fair way than not. It’s not a substance of IF another fistula will unexpectedly up, but WHEN. It’s not in such a manner much a matter of IF I’ll require to have another ostomy, but at what time. It may technically be a cosmetics end as to whether or not I ~ along for the reversal, but it’s also a wellness issue. How will I receive the best quality of life?  And assurance me, the pros and cons annulet seem to grow every day.

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