Posted in Flagyl on April 22, 2016

Its 2 am and the guard guard is planted outside of my unoccupied space, near the door of the sweep next to mine. The shrieking is coming from the room next door, and I’m instantly brought back to my days moving psych. 

Since the hospital is filled, as in no beds available anywhere, range 7 of the emergency room is my “hospital” field as long as I need it.  

Superman flew me in ready 7 that evening.  Thankfully, by patients lining the corridor, the walls, the chairs every part of filled, I am ushered into a locked “parents and children” waiting room which is empty.  With the probability that I have little to ~t one immune system, Sanford now allows chemo patients to wait distinctly from the rest of the catching patients. I think its brilliant that they take devised this plan and I am for a like rea~n very grateful.

While Rick watches a streamed prove on his phone, I curl up in the angle, trying to rest my distended and cramping bear.  The bouts of diarrhea be obliged increased, and I suddenly started vomiting Easter dusk.  I can’t keep anything on the ground, and its fluids that I try.  

While dropping the Taxol from my chemo regimen, we also increased my dose of the Perjeta and I conceive I am having increased side movables because of this.

Its two hours later that we are ushered back into compass 7.  While my port is accessed, and labs drawn, I’m in a short time hooked up to iv fluids.

My ER physician makes a hasty entry, apologizing despite the long wait.  He wants to x-sight my sore and swollen stomach, curb my urine, and wait for the relationship work.  

With the sheer amount of patients to be seen, we settle in on this account that a long night.

While we nip in the bud off test after test, with non-existence obvious making itself known, we believe I’ll be released soon, having been given 2 bags of fluids.

But in that case that one last test pops up in the instructor’s orders- stool sample.  

At least this will be an “easy” example to provide- and I shake my first place at how I now find this totally humorous. 

Even though I’ve proper had my stools checked 3 weeks since and they were fine, it be possible to’t hurt to check this away the list too.

An hour later,  Dr. G comes striding back into my compass.  But this time he crouches prostrate next to my bed.  “I’m absolutely sorry to tell you, you’ve assayed positive for Clostridium difficile– or additional commonly referred to as C-diff. 

He warns me that it be possible to literally infect my colon to the reach they would have to surgically take out it or people go septic, and can die from it.  But he in like manner assures me that even though he’ll be gone, if I get worse in a single one way, to come right in and his colleagues volition take care of me.

(Plus, I be aware of I have Dr. P.) 

We’ll ~le with a 14 day supply of Flagyl, known towards leaving a metallic taste in you grimace. But there are two more drugs to try as supporter and third line treatments.  And I too know of one other treatment, that I’ll stand by to myself- because, ewww… and thats completely I’ll say for now.

With that, the adept bids me well, and hastily jaunts right side again.

Its nearly dawn, and Rick and I wheel beyond an almost empty waiting room.  Security is ready again, working with what appears to subsist an inebriated woman, clearly needing some patronage.  

A smile plays at the corners of my mouth, again, as I step into the chilly early morning air.

I lost in the greatest degree of yesterday to sleep.

This sunrise, I turn to my Jesus Calling,  intelligent it’ll somehow speak to my irksome soul… 

“I am taking care of you.  Trust Me at quite times.  Trust Me in every part of circumstances.  Trust Me with aggregate your heart.  When you are fatigue and everything seems to be going foul play, you can still utter these four discourse:  I trust You, Jesus.”  By doing in such a manner, you release matters into My reign over, and you fall back into the bulwark of My everlasting arms.”  


 My place of entertainment has been filled with such an abundance of gifts and messages – they enrapture and fill me so. I’ve wanted to portion them for so long- here are virtuous a few.  Thank you to everything of you who continue to flow my mail box, my doorstep, my email – and pr~ encouragement everywhere I turn.  

With deep thankfulness- thank you! 


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