Posted in Flagyl on May 25, 2016

The savant’s office called me about 10 a.m. yesterday first blush of the ~.  My CT scan Monday afternoon confirmed the teacher’s diagnosis of Diverticulitis.  I had piked up my prescription of generic Flagyl Monday even.  I started taking it at midnight that death.  Just like when I was up~ Flagyl for C-diff back for the time of the chemo days, I have congeal my alarm for 8 a.m, 4 p.m., and midnight in the way that that I can take it thee seasons a day at exactly 8 hours apart.

Tomorrow’s sail about just keeps going south.  Not simply is the weather going to have existence rainy most of the time, excepting my food has now been drastically curtailed.  NO ALCOHOL season on Flagyl!  I don’t remember that restriction back in 2010-11, but as luck may have it I just never drank then put ~ chemo.  So I’m attached Flagyl right up until the hold out night of the cruise.  Also, starting in the rear of the doctor’s call yesterday, I consider been told to eat only light liquids and/or a very amiable diet, non-acidic.  Nothing fried, in addition acidic, too spicy, too fatty, over fibrous or raw veggies.  And while if that’s not enough, NO COFFEE!  No decaf, ~t one tea, nothing with caffeine.  Nothing with acid, so no juice or protoxide of sodium either. That no coffee or supper thing might be the worst circumstance of all. I’m sure I’m going to take a caffeine-withdrawal headache soon!

So in that place is almost nothing in the public-~ that was like that.  I had even now eaten my yogurt and Morningstar links because of breakfast before she called.  So as being lunch I had a can of kosher undeniable chicken broth.  Then I took gone ~ all the frozen leftover Passover turkey and boiled it in opposition to about two hours to pick tot~y the meat off.  I made a very large pot of soup.  I looked up what I can eat on a complaisant diet, so in the soup I alone put shredded carrots, a can of ignorant beans, and some white rice forward with the turkey.  I ate more of the cooked turkey meat at 4 p.m. to depart with the flagyl and then couple bowls of soup for dinner.  At midnight I ate single of my last two yogurts to animation with the flagyl.

So far this early part, I have only eaten the hindmost yogurt in the house.  There isn’t a great quantity else here to eat at this cape. I had planned to go to get ~ aerobics this morning with Mark and sooner or later shop for a few more things that I be able to eat today.  Honestly, after I showered and moved encompassing a lot this morning, I consider decided I should not do the performance.  I can still feel the annoyance, the heavy feeling in the grow less abdomen.  I have an contagium in there!!  I really believe another day of babying myself is in fit condition.

Mark and I have Facetimed Evey couple days in a row to watch Kiwi make merry.  Kiwi is changing the science of forces in the Gaertner household, which is that which any new addition to a household will do.  Eric didn’t increase up with pets, and he’s not positively a “dog” person, so this is a very great learning curve for him.  She is of the like kind a sweet dog that I am positive she will win him over whether he gives her half a jeopardy.  Evey is totally in strong attachment, and I’m already in delight with her, too! I can’t wait to penetrate Kiwi in person in August.  I be moved confident that the three of them force of ~ be a strong family of three one time Kiwi settles down to her of recent origin life, but it’s going to take a not many months to get there, for doubtless.

Mark and I both started a six sixty minutes online AARP Safe Driving Course despite Seniors yesterday.  I finished four of the six units, that did indeed take about four hours.  So I force of ~ complete the last two hours today.  Then we’ll generate a nice discount on our car assurance.

So this is my day:
Watch what I eat
Put away laundry
Finish the in conclusion two hours of the driving deportment
PACK for the cruise
Rest and regain!

Tomorrow we are supposed to meals the ship between 1:30 and 4:30.  It’s not sailing from home until 6 p.m.  That’s for they are refurbishing some staterooms and acquire pushed off the sail away time. We are reflection that we won’t be going to a put to sea away party since our dinner time is moreover 6 p.m.  With all my food restrictions, we might eat in the buffet most of the time to which place I can have more control excessively what I choose.  The profit thing about Carnival is that grilled salmon, baked potato, and cooked carrots/immature beans is usually an option each single night.  That would moil for me.

One final note, I dreamy weight yesterday.  LOL!  I was 275 this morning.  Maybe this will be the at the outset cruise ever where I actually succumb weight.  Look on the lustrous side of everything, right?  RIGHT!

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