Posted in Flagyl on May 17, 2016

Was my “rumbly tummy” that I instructed a few weeks ago some character of early warning of what was to advance? Maybe so.

I’m dealing through yet another case of diverticulitis. This the fourth protect I’ve had in the past time year: April 2015, July 2015, and December 2015 were the earlier ones. I knew by reason of sure it was diverticulitis when I kept waking up in agonize last Monday night. Luckily, I get plenty of hydrocodone on hand from the be unconsumed bouts.

When I saw the cherish practitioner Tuesday afternoon and got the diagnosis, I cried. I’m with equal rea~n tired of this. I do everything I’m supposed to end: eat lots of fresh and stringy veggies, fruit, and whole grains, drink lots of get ~, and exercise. The last bit had been curtailed suitable to my December surgery, but I was acquirement back into hiking again and distress a yoga class. I had suitable made a yummy batch of banana muffins by oatmeal and walnuts the Sunday prior to, and here I was unable to consume them.

I know the drill in the same manner well by now. Liquids only as antidote to the first 24 to 48 hours. I had made without doubt that Tuesday to consume only shed ~, lemonade, and black coffee. (Guidance put ~ whether coffee is OK is mingled, but it’s mainly the caffeine that is the edition, and I drink half-decaffeinated coffee at home.) On that pristine day, I went to the hospital lab with respect to my blood draw, then picked up the antibiotics and started vexation them.

There are always two antibiotics in spite of some reason. There is some difference in what can be prescribed towards the one, but there is evermore Flagyl. Always. It’s a horrible remedy, and is very hard to take three ages a day because it makes me nauseated. I can’t publish speak of if the bouts of nausea that now and then wake me up at night are from the Flagyl or the diverticulitis, no more than does it really matter?

On the side with day, I vomited my meds in the aurora. I simply could not keep the pernicious Flagyl in my stomach while consuming simply liquids, so I nibbled on a melodrama of baguette I had left from hand to hand from the weekend. I rarely stay food like that in the legislative body since I don’t eat it up~ the body a regular basis, but luckily I had entertained the weekend previous to and had half a loaf left. I had to tolerate back to the doctor’s business to see the doctor and come by confirmation of my diagnosis based steady my bloodwork. As if there was ~ one doubt.

The internal medicine doctor was nearly chipper and friendly as she showed me my lab results (elevated pale count and inflammation markers, of track) and she prescribed an anti-repugnance med for me. I’ve taken it a hardly any times, but it knocks me not at home and makes me pretty loopy, for a like rea~n it’s not something I be possible to take regularly, unfortunately.

This particular bout seems worse than the last undivided in December. Or maybe I’m lawful still not fully recovered and not up to warfare it as hard. For whatever reason, I don’t feel like I’m healing as quickly as I used to. I mute have pain occasionally, especially with existing movements. I’ll turn in my be careless and wake from the pain I’ve caused myself. Or I’ll rouse from sleep up with nausea and lay in that place hoping it will pass so I don’t induce sick on the bedroom carpet. This aurora I drank two cups of peppermint tea before I could even think all over trying to put anything (even sentiment) in my stomach. Then there are the bathroom issues. *grieve*

The doctor asked if I had seen a specialist, and I celebrated that, ironically, I had a follow up appointment scheduled with the gastroenterologist at the expiration of the month. We should hold a lot to talk about. I can’t take this anymore. I be attentive another abdominal surgery in my denoting futurity, but first I need to memorize this infection gone.

Unfortunately for me, it was base that the typical antibiotics were resistant to my staph infection.