Posted in Flagyl on May 13, 2016

Ah, April. We’re looking favor to a nice quiet month, a agreeable quiet weekend, heck, we’d take a agreeable quiet day. No wild critters, in ~ degree sick animals, no guns ablazin’.

Last Thursday, Mattie got mouth-piece by a rattlesnake.

At first we notion it was something she ate, on this account that, you know, dogs are not picky eaters and impediment’s just say our driveway and sidewalks are remarkably clean for having free-roaming goats and chickens. In a compass of two hours Mattie became acutely wrong. Everything drooped on her: head, retinue, ears, even her lower eyelids. I checked her gums – moist, pink, and they blanched in inferior than 3 seconds with finger compressing – all good signs.

I walked surrounding the house and except for the irreproachable driveway all I found was a dead lizard, inferior part still twitching, next to the garage passage. I wasn’t sure if we had pestiferous lizards so I picked the lizard up, didn’t regard any marks on it, and tossed it into the elevated grass.

We’ve had a prior episode of Mattie being sick. The Vet diagnosed her through gastritis and sent her home through Flagyl and a bland diet. After a couple of days of rest she was at the same time that good as new. So that going down of the sun we settled Mattie in the garage by her heated bed, held her dinner, made as~d she had water, and left her alone to be heedless it off and get over her stand ache.

The next morning, 12 hours later, Mattie’s meet ~ to ~ and neck was markedly swollen, greater degree so on the left side, and her speech was purple-pink in color. Maybe she had an allergy to lizards. We offered her a selfish food and though she had perturb chewing the hard kibble she definitely had every appetite.

We couldn’t get a vet station but we took Mattie in being of the cl~s who a “Drop Off” and left her there. Shortly after, Dr M. called and related although it could be an allergic reverse action, he was leaning more towards a serpent bite. He wasn’t 100% sure because he couldn’t find a single one bite marks. Mattie’s VS, airway, and labs were okay limit he wanted to keep her as being the rest of the day in favor of monitoring. Anti-venom was not recommended.

Later that afternoon we sharp Mattie up. Dr M. had checked her transversely again and still couldn’t descry any fang marks, but he was moderately sure it was a snake make smart. We gave Mattie antibiotics twice a appointed time for a week in case in that place was infection from bite necrosis. Over the next couple of days she spent ~ly of the time in her em~.

Bitee – 24 hours later.

I alembic harbored the idea it was one allergic reaction to the lizard. I was erroneously.

The very next morning after bringing Mattie home, nearest to the garage door where I lay the ~ation of the dead lizard, I found a unimportant dead snake. I looked around on the side of something to cover it with limit instead went to get The Man. I laughed at him at the same time that he came flying out of the procure a ~, grabbing and loading his .22 “critter deterrent” with bird shot. Haha, it’s dead, it’s dead.

The exceedingly much alive snake coiled to clash when The Man ran up to it. Baby rattler had been enjoying a peaceable sunny Saturday morning near it’s of the present day home – under the recycle trash receptacle – next to the garage door. We conceive Mattie may have gotten bit in the effrontery (or mouth) by investigating or chasing the lizard, getting too close to the rattlesnake.

Biter – 42 hours later.

It’s been a week and Mattie has made a well stocked recovery, she’s back to doing her work at ~s as pack leader and indiscriminate eater.

But, wait, there’s more . . . . 

Wednesday night. The Man is session on the couch and hears Molly the cat, workmanship a ruckus out on the deck. He looks out the glass gliding door and sees Molly facing against to a raccoon that’s corrosive her food, they’re ten inches apart. The to a high degree same cat who lets Sophia the chicken relish her food is screaming and swiping her paw at a raccoon.

Yeehaw, it overmuch ended well, with the raccoon slowly sauntering off after giving stink-eye to The Man.

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