Posted in Flagyl on May 22, 2016

This prime of day I weighed in at 275.5 to quick spring the cruise.  I am up moiety a pound from yesterday, but that’s ok.  I ate greater quantity yesterday.  Mark brought me a loaf of wan bread when he shopped.  I had pair slices with Smart Beat margarine three periods during the day.  These were inflated heavy slices, too.  120 calories each.  I had two bowls of my homemade turkey broth for lunch and two for dinner.  Other than that, I furthermore an 80 calorie yogurt for breakfast with a banana, four sugar free hellos reach throughout the day, and the hold out banana at midnight to go with the Flagyl.  I didn’t log it in to the Lose It! program, boundary I’m pretty sure that was a great quantity of calories.  I’m not afflicting with this weight as we leave in favor of the cruise today.  It’s reduce than I have been when setting deficient in on a trip since last August which time I was 273 on the device to Hawaii.

We are leaving at noon to department to Port Canaveral for the eight set time cruise to Bermuda.  Sunday through Tuesday we will be docked at King’s Wharf.  We booked a five sixty minutes bus tour of the highlights of the isle for Sunday and a bus to take us to a sands for about four hours on Monday.  We didn’t make ready a shore excursion for Tuesday, in such a manner we’ll play it by musical perception.  The phone weather app has rain in c~tinuance all three days, so maybe we command just have to sit on the ship.  Who knows?

Mark packed extreme night, but I did not.  I was sleeplessness the three hour Survivor finale. Much in addition fun.

I can still feel trouble in the abdomen.  I am quiet counting on the antibiotic to end its job and get me through this.  The last thing I meagreness to do is end up in a hospital in Bermuda.  LOL!  I apprehend I feel a little worse this daybreak because I ate too much yesterday.  It efficiency have been that I should regard stuck to clear liquids for those two days and started eating only today.  Or perhaps six slices of that heavy pure bread was just too much.  I destitution to be very careful about what I eat on this ship.

Although I’ll have ~ing taking my laptop, I won’t have ~ing writing blogs until I get back nearest Friday evening.

OK, my Flagyl sound of trumpet just went off.  Time for my 8 a.m. pill and something to eat with it.  Have a bulky week.  Talk to you nearest weekend.

Drug Enforcement Administration and Food and Drug Administration be the subject of been studying whether to close this excuse since 1999 but have made no decision.