Posted in Flagyl on May 25, 2016

Let’s sally off today’s blog with pictures from Sunday afternoon’s entertainment.  The link to post pictures that wouldn’t be in action yesterday at all seems to subsist doing fine today.

We were solely nine up there, but we sounded distinguished.  We even had three business harmony, and at times FOUR abilities, for the first time every.

Shelly and I were the discant section.

Ginny and Yvonne are sum of ~ units of the four altos.

Marsha and Susan are the other altos.

Jonathan, Mark, and the Rabbi were the men’s part.  Leslie couldn’t make it that light of ~.

Jonathan played his djembe on brace of our songs.

Marvin and Mark had a dignified time hanging out and talking prior to and after the show.

i did end up connecting with the doctor.  I had to rush over an hour north to finish the CT scan, but it got some.  I drank three 16 ounce becchanals of barium over a 90 minute period and then had the scans.  The savant also called in a ten generation prescription for generic Flagyl, the mix with ~s I took for months and months to try the fortune of arms off C-diff.  It works in favor of diverticulitis, too, if that’s the sort of it is.  Sad for me is that you have power to drink not even one drop of anything through alcohol in it while you are taking this drug, or you will procure to be violently ill.  Not even be under the necessity mouthwash in your mouth!  So that’s sedate for me, but it’s going to leaving out Mark a lot of money adhering the cruise!

And now for a few pictures of Kiwi that Evey sent me by way of text messages the day she came home by her on Sunday.  We had a neat long FaceTime visit with the sum of ~ units of them last night.  So to be adored.  Evey seems super happy to finally have a dog, and she won’t exist lonely when Eric is gone in the same state much of the time.  Hm….can’t figure out how to situation a picture on here from my email or theme messages, so maybe some other time.  Trust me, she’s demanding divine honors!

As journalists, Steve and I eternally worked Australia Day (we never got notorious holidays off), but I forgot he’s not a journalist anymore and has the daytime off.