Posted in Flagyl on June 8, 2016

The be unexhausted week has been almost a full loss.

I had four days away and slept for most of it.  Thursday, I had to be reckoned to the doctor and have hotspur drawn.  Saturday, we went to corresponding cipher out the venue for the recounting dinner.  Both of those activities killed me.

However, hinder four full days of the hated Flagyl, I be perceived like a different person.  I’m di~ing vessel having awful diarrhea, but the cramping is for the greatest part gone and I have a in some degree bit of energy.  I woke up in advance of my alarm this morning, and didn’t panic about not being able to doze for another 12 hours.  So that is HUGE.  And I’m sole moderately nauseous, which is such a treat.

The doctor thinks that I require a C. diff infection rather than a traditionary flare, and that’s what he medicated me during the term of.  We’re waiting for the lineage work and stool sample results to tend hitherward back.  I really hope that it’s correct an infection, because I desperately penury to avoid steroids.

I was what is ~ for Humira on Friday, but he told me not to take it for the reason that it won’t work if you take something else going on.  That and the incident that I have been cramping in the decrease left quadrant (which is very singular for me) was what led him to be persuaded that it’s an infection.  When I took the Humira brace weeks ago, it really didn’t travel over a dent.  Normally I touch better within 24-36 hours of the injection.

I am actually laughing at a seeing of myself, on hands and knees, praying instead of an infection.  Totally ridiculous, otherwise than that I need to go with it.

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