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Warning: This is a short long. 

As I mentioned in my prior post I have been very unsound. It came on very suddenly. Tuesday May 31st I felt clear, was going about my day being of the kind which usual. Cleaning, doing laundry, had a inn full of kids…mine and the rest of the neighborhood. 😛 I went to the chiropractor in spite of an adjustment and by the time I walked from his function to my car I started to be excited unwell. By the time I got home I was shivering and felt like I had the relish flu. I had 102 fever and I was worthless. By midnight I had been in the bathroom a scarcely any times and felt like this was the quell stomach flu I’ve ever had!! 

 By 3:30am I went to use the restroom again. I wasn’t indisputable if I could make it finished of the bathroom to tell Jared I was susceptibility worse. I was dizzy and set on fire headed, the back of my neck was fervid hot and I felt like I couldn’t stir and my face was tingling. I did manage to be~ to him and he helped me back to foundation and I had some water. 

By 6:00 am I went to the restroom anew. This time I had all those symptoms and I couldn’t indeed hold myself up anymore. I called in favor of Jared in a pathetic weak utterance and somehow he miraculously heard me! He ran in and asked me whether I needed to go to imperative care? I said, I think we privation to call 911. 

After a tiny of trying to figure things off I passed out. Thankfully Jared was tranquillize holding on to me and he caught me put ~ my way down. I woke up attached the floor of my bedroom and he was yelling my designate. Saying, “I told you to be down!” I think I was irksome to but I was too sometime since. We then decided it would exist faster to just drive to the Emergency Room than wait concerning an ambulance. 

We got to the hospital and another miracle occurred. There was NO wait!!!! When does that EVER befall??? They got me in right gone. They admitted me, got me hamate up to some IV’s and sooner or later the testing began. 

The doctors came in asking, “Is anyone besides at home sick?” 


“Have you been unsound recently?”

“Not until yesterday.”

“Have you traveled on the surface of the country?”


“Well it could reasonable be a virus, we’ve seen a chance of this lately. We’ll secure you hydrated and see how you transact.”

They gave me 2-3 liters of IV’s in front of I even had the slightest beg to pee. That shows just by what mode dehydrated I was!! 

My moderate back was hurting a lot. The savant comes back in to check in successi~ me and asks, “Have you been in c~tinuance any antibiotics recently?”

“Yes, about a week ~ne I thought I had a UTI. The Physicians Asst. gave me a prescript to cover me until the lab got the results back. I had taken 6 of the 7 days preceding the office called to tell me it was negative.”

“Ok. Well we testament need some more labs, we’ll complete a CT to make sure you dress in’t have anything else going put ~ in your stomach but I’m tolerably sure you have something called Clostridium Difficile or C Diff. It’s a bacteria nation can have and carry and in no degree be symptomatic. Once they take antibiotics that they may not extremity or really strong antibiotics it kills against all the good flora and bacteria in your paunch and leaves it wide open despite the C Diff to grow and take in addition. It populates your gut with it’s noxious influence/toxins and leaves only bad bacteria. It attacks the lining of your guts and makes you severely ill.” 

I regard NEVER heard of C Diff prior to that day!

The CT came back according to rule. I wasn’t really improving with the IV’s. They wanted to bestow me morphine for the pain excepting my pulse and blood pressure were in such a manner low they couldn’t. They gave me a tiny Tylenol because I’m allergic to Oxycodone. It didn’t succor much. After several hours they decided they were going to go onward and treat me as though it was C Diff. They were in such a manner positive. My white blood cell look upon was through the roof!! It was at 16,000!! However, the prediction thing was they were going to impediment me come home and then at the endure minute the Dr asked me to stay all night to be monitored.  I wasn’t never-failing if it was necessary but he convinced me. He related my pulse/blood pressure were diminish than he liked. 

So indebted for that cautious doctor. He with appearance of truth saved my life. 

My mom and father got to the hospital and Mom was a break. She doesn’t handle these things true well. She’s a worrier. It was trim to see family though. They got me a normal room and I was there in quest of maybe 30 minutes and they afore~ I was septic because of the periodical complications of the illness but in addition the added low pulse and slavish blood pressure. So they sped me up to ICU. I was in that place from Wed. June 1st- Sat. June 4th. It was wretched. 

C Diff is very infectious. Anyone who entered my room had to occasion by wasting a gown, mask, gloves, and underbrush their hands really well before they left. The antibacterial inanity like Germ-X does nothing to put to death it. Soap and water is the most of all defense…and bleach!!!

Round the clock hot spark draws, blood sugar checks, antibiotics (Flagyl & Vancomycin), courage pressure/pulse checks, IV’s later than IV’s, and my very especially liked….shots in the stomach so I didn’t disentangle blood clots. My potassium levels were crazy poor so I had to drink separate doses of concentrated potassium to conduct them up. That stuff isn’t grateful! Steroids to help the heart and lots and lots of Zofran during the crazy nausea! Running to the bathroom constantly as that’s the nature of this disease…Infectious Disease Doctors, the Hospitalist, the Gastrointestinal Doctor, the Cardiologist. They put on’t really let you get the rest you urgency to actually heal. I was put ~ an all liquid diet for the 1st scarcely any days. I didn’t mind. I had NO zest. 

They aren’t very correct in the hospital!

Like I said before, they took me up to ICU for the cause that I was septic. My heart normal wasn’t recovering. My body was shutting downward. So at one point they decided to give me Dopamine. I would not wish that attached anyone ever!!!!! My pulse was ranging between 34-50 and my pressure (uppermost number is all I remember) was running 60-90. Very degraded. Dopamine is kind of like send away quickly. It’s supposed to bring up your essence rate. As soon as the nurture put it into my IV I felt like I was decease!!! I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t point of convergence, everything hurt, I wished someone would good come and kill me already. It was HORRIBLE!!! Taking my pulse from so low to so to multuous so quickly was agony! I immediately began throwing up and jolt and crying. Thankfully they only tried it one time. It had no lasting improvement up~ my heart. Just a “fun” slightly experiment I guess. 

Our friend’s the Esperson’s came to the hospital to support Jared give me a Priesthood Blessing. By the time they arrived I was exceeding tired and out of it. I remember sight them for a minute or thus, Sis. Esperson smiled at me and completely I could think was how I could hardly keep my eyes open. It was dear that they came. Even though I couldn’t focus Bro. Esperson and Jared gave me the boon. I don’t really remember abundant about it. However, I know the Spirit doesn’t at all times speak to us through words unless feeling. That blessing helped me to ~ of  peace and like I was eventually going to be able to rest, and that things were going to digress improving now.  I remember a small in number other personal things…but I won’t portion them here. It was just that which I needed. I was so obliged! I have a testimony of the sovereign of the Priesthood!

Over the career of being there I slowly started to improve. My symptoms were getting better and I could move on every side more on my own. My stomach very slowly started to come back and I could consume some softer things. Chicken broth and mashed potatoes tasted marvellous… crazy I know. 😛

By Saturday I wanted to win out of there. I was sensibility much better but still very inconclusive. I was able to do things ~ward my own again, and I upright missed my kids so much! My seat of affection rate and blood pressure were silent really low. The doctor wanted to maintain me another day but I merited couldn’t take being there anymore. She called the Cardiologist in to give his opinion. If he felt free from pain discharging me then I was ok to accept home. 

The Cardiologist was called in and he said I was ok to go home whether or not I could show my heart could gain up to 70. They sent me by reason of a walk with a portable monitor. 1st lap didn’t work. He reported I needed to go faster. I hadn’t indeed been out of bed since Tuesday it was solid but I really wanted to get to home so I slow jogged and he declared ok it is up to 70 now. But as soon as I was done it dropped right back down to 50. It’s the craziest chattels!

I was so happy to get to home!! I cried as soon during the time that we pulled up to the firm. I missed my home, my babies, and deserved normal life. 

Once I was home I had crazy high-sounding all over. I look like a stupendous marshmallow from head to toe. My stretchy vestments were skin tight. My socks and shoes were cutting off the blood to my feet. It was insane. They kept giving me fluids for of how severely dehydrated I had grow and in hopes it would back my heart but it never did. It was veritably painful. It made me short of slightest motion sort of  like I was drowning. 

The nearest day I was a little spirited I might have come home also soon. We debated if I needed to make progress back to the hospital… it was petty scary.  I felt worse than I did the lifetime before and some of the symptoms had draw near back. I got another Priesthood Blessing from Jared and Bro. Watt. It was completely beautiful. The Spirit was tangible. I felt so intense and complete love from my Heavenly Father and Savior. The accents spoken were so specific and personal.  I’ve never had single in kind quite like it before. I won’t have a portion of too much here about it. (I did newspaper about it.)  I won’t shortly forget it though! Once I had the benison I started to feel much more useful! 

The Infectious Disease doctor reported I’m contagious until I end 10 days of antibiotics (weird they accord. you antibiotics when that’s which caused it). No one can appliance my bathroom. Bleach is the only way to kill it. Washing hands is decisive for me so I don’t make over it and others if they feeling anything where it could be quickening. It’s usually found in older populate, nursing homes,  and people whose immune systems are compromised like a cancer patients or other ~ at the stomach people.

Once you have it the having recourse can happen. I have to exist super careful to not take any antibiotics I don’t actually HAVE to take. I acquire to tell every doctor I’ve had it a little while ago. Pretty overwhelming, not giving it to my clan and not getting it again myself.

Breathing was hard for almost 2 weeks. I couldn’t wager down flat or it felt like I was suffocating. I had x-rays rendered. of my chest and belly they were unambiguous. I had to lay propped up completely the time so I could live but that caused my back to vogue out and shooting pain down my legs. My calamity/heart rate had been low up till this week. The cardiologist ordered me to drink protein shakes with every meal to help have my heart and body strong another time. They helped a lot. He in like manner had me wear a Holter mentor for 24 hours to see grant that that’s why I was having a rigorous time breathing and had me secure an ultrasound of my heart being of the cl~s who well. Both came back normal. (Other than showing I wish PVC’s which I had even now been diagnosed with about 4-5 yrs. ~ne. They are currently at 2.5%. We direction continue to follow up yearly or if they become worse. At 15% they will require medication to treat.) I was also anemic when I left the hospital such I was craving red meat like crazy but had a hard time eating anything. I started apprehension supplements to help get my levels back up. 

As of today I’m doing a great quantity much better. I feel pretty much back to my old self. I strait to build up my endurance otherwise than that it will come back in time. My original care doctor has cleared me, the cardiologist has cleared me, and likewise has the Gastroenterologist. I do be in actual possession of one more lab to do next week to make sure I’m totally lucid of the C Diff. Once we achieve those results back I should exist all good! 🙂 They recommend I take a dexterous probiotic once I’m all luminous to help build up the plants in my gut again. I have power to’t take them before I’m unquestionable because the same thing can turn up again.  I’m learning a destiny about stomach health! 😛 

Sorry I donjon jumping around….I keep remembering things and I don’t want to forget any of it. 

Another sensitive mercy I forgot to mention was that Jared had taken the week I was skilful to come home off from drudge already. He was supposed to reach on a 50 mile hike by Eli and his scout troop. After a al~ment of discussion with Eli he expressed he didn’t need to go because he was worried with respect to me and didn’t want to exist far away from home if I had to travel back into the hospital. Such a musical and loving boy I have. He’s got a haughty heart! So that allowed Jared to exist home with all of us helping to take care of me. I was in the same manner grateful he was home. I absolutely needed his support and love and care-giving. He has been with equal rea~n amazing through all of this. I god of ~ him!

We also felt the Lord’s artificer while I was still in the hospital. We got a body from the kids saying the edifice felt hot. Wouldn’t you discern it….the A/C was dead! We frantically called a repairman to come out and help diagnose the question . $700 to fix. The unit has given us issues each summer for the last 3-4 years. We were fitted to replace it. I felt impressed to state Jared to wait until the nearest morning (which was the day I was supposed to get to home) so we could call a small in number other companies to get quotes etc. Mom & Dad pointed up the kids for us and took them to their inn so they didn’t have to doze in a 115 degree house. Grateful in spite of their help!

Jared posted on Facebook wherefore does everything always happen at one time? One of my cousins whom I slip on’t even know very well dictum it. He said he’d have ~ing happy to come out and complexion at it. He came out and declared it was definitely the motor. He had exact pulled some units from some jobs and the motors were soft good and he’d give us the charge for a fraction of the require to be paid and not charge us anything to translate it! Angels walk among us!!!!! He had it every part of finished and fixed within a unite of hours and by the time I got home the building was cold!!! So grateful! <3 I was worried that they were going to discharge me and I wouldn’t wish anywhere to go….. 

We had thus much help from our Ward group of genera. Meals were brought in daily towards 2 weeks. Friends called and piked up kids to play/hangout. Countless prayers were offered in my convenience. I had lots of visits, phone calls, texts, emails from everyone letting me comprehend I was being thought of. It was in like manner humbling. My heart is so replete of gratitude and thanks. My core is brimming with love and appreciation concerning each and every person. Those prayers carried me from one side. It was touch and go with a view to a while and I know as of their love and faith I’m in the present state today. 

Flowers from the Stake.


Card from Rich & Rita. 

Flowers from Mom & Dad. 

Sunday I was ingenious to make it to church in the place of Father’s Day. I took this pic to dash I’m alive and well!! A little make-up and a curling iron without doubt help to make you look not with equal rea~n sick too! 😀 It was with equal rea~n nice to be able to receive out for a bit. I did be the subject of to come home after sacrament…I honest need to build up my toleration. 🙂 I will say I’ve been true surprised at how long it has taken to be restored to health from this. I had thought one time I was out of the hospital I’d subsist back to my old self in a few days. Not the case! My doctors take care of reminding me how sick I truly was and that it takes time. 

Most of my bruising has healed except for this darn thing. It has changed quite sorts of crazy colors and true doesn’t want to go gone! Jared can’t hardly stand to air at it….he gets queasy…LOL! 

I in like manner want to say as much being of the cl~s who I dislike the health insurance sedulousness right now with Obama Care composition it so expensive to cover a tribe, I’m grateful we have it! The bills are rolling in and it’s a frightening inspection! Without insurance we would be in sober trouble!!! 

I’m thankful I’m home and things are progressing in the equitable direction. I’m thankful for a affectionate Heavenly Father that has been through me every step of the determined course comforting me and helping me when I’ve felt so overwhelmed and scared. I’m incredibly nice to all of our family and friends who receive prayed, served, thought of, and sent their take pleasure to us. I’m so indebted for Jared and the man he is. He has been my still. He knows just what to ~ing and how to help me and eros me. No one can do what he is able to for me. I sweetheart him so much!! I know this month has been extremely unaccommodating for him with all of his obligations only he has managed to juggle it tot~y and I’m so impressed through him. Love you Babe!! <3 <3

His friends already know he is losing his hair, and desire tease him for using the drugs.