Posted in Flagyl on June 23, 2016

Well, not very groovy, but a hell of a lot better.

Uceris is amazing. For reals. I cried other than a few frustrated tears which time Dr. D told me that he wanted me back steady steroids, but my fears have been (for the greatest part) unfounded. The catch is that more readily than prednisone that nukes your not toothed body, Uceris is a lower prescribed portion that releases in your colon. Where it is needed. And to what it works.

It was a scintilla more expensive, but it wasn’t horrible.  And, I consider had very few side effects other than it messing with my sleep a little.  I take single in kind 9mg tablet every morning for 30 days and that should be it. C’est tout.  10 days of Flagyl was MUCH worse.

I’m by slow degrees getting my strength back. I soft sleep as much as possible, and I don’t acquire a lot of energy, but it’s advent along.  I have asked in quest of a referral for a dietician, as I would really like to conceive how to feed my body efficiently. 

Progress is essential ~ made. Now the challenge is to take it slowly and not squander myself every day.

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