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Before I take rise this piece I absolutely must emphasize that I am not a of medicine professional, nor am I advising you to take these medications in at all way. I am simply stating the medications and supplements that I form in a mould beneficial to getting better. I too must emphasize that as much while you may not want to be told it, every person has a contrary path to getting better. Unfortunately the therapeutic community is not at the position where they have located a single in kind-size fits all approach in respects to treating Lyme and other infections allied with it, so please do not feel that if you follow my lead that you power of choosing somehow automatically get better. I besides have many people ask for the herbal remedy I took from the savant in Africa. I do not perceive what was in that remedy, and that corrective was pretty specific for what I had which was an infectious disease you could sole have picked up in Africa, so for many of you it would not have ~ing beneficial anyways.

Below I list the eight medicines, treatments, characteristic techniques I found most important and chiefly effective for myself. They are listed in conduct of what I found most beneficial, in the same manner #1 means it had the greatest shock on my journey to get well.

Top Eight List

1. Autonomic Response Testing- This was by far the key for me to acquirement well. Many in the coventional medicinal community shun this technique as nothing else but quackery and I don’t to a great extent blame them. I remember the foremost time I had it done, I none went back to the doctor considered in the state of I thought it was ridiculous. But eventually I apothegm how accurate it could be in not solitary diagnosing what’s wrong with you but also to be able to assess the extort medicine your body wants to come to terms your various ailments. Here is a explanation on what ART is:

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a testing process developed by Drs Dietrich Klinghardt and Louisa Williams to empower medical practitioners to assess the autonomic wellstrung system and direct its treatment.
This sophisticated testing scheme is a combination of the most judicious and most effective techniques from muscle replication testing in conjunction with autonomic weakly system research. The autonomic nervous method is the main regulator of principally body functions.
ART consists of multiple neurological tests to assess the most common disorders and dysfunction of the autonomic forcible system including general body regulation, being of the kind which well as regional autonomic ganglia dependent corresponding to the body’s organs. ART may show beyond the possibility of doubt a patient‘s general health rank , dysfunction of organs, nutritional deficiencies, causes of diseases, and suffer the practitioner to establish an optimal, individualized program of usage. ART is part of the in the first stages evaluation of the patient but now and then additional tests utilizing autonomic system properties (EAV, Vega) may have existence administered.

It’s essentially energetic remedial agent and as long as you are laboring with a practitioner who is surpassingly skilled in this area they faculty of volition often point you in the unswerving direction in terms of treatment options likewise you’re not wasting time and money on options that would bear you slightly to no results. Everything that would approach up in these tests for treatment options was often very accurate and would usually hit out the issue in the sum total of time it predicted it would. It sounds crazy, unless it isn’t and I confident its the best tool you hold in your kit to getting well. Please probe out an LLMD or other ND who is unceremonious and skilled in this area to fretful check all the medicine and supplements you’re being given and whether or not it’s a thing your body wants.

2. Biofilm Treatment (Lactoferrin and Xylitol)

This is put in a box specific, to many this will not exist an issue, however it was notwithstanding me. For my first year of treating, almost nothing worked, I wasn’t acquisition better nor was I herxing at aggregate, nothing was touching the Lyme or anything otherwise. It wasn’t until my LLMD chose to speak to Biofilm that it opened up my material substance’s ability to be treated. The biofilm is essentially a defence that infections create for themselves that be able to make them impenetrable to forms of medicine. I took xylitol (form of sweeten) and lactoferrin (supplement) and it had me forward my knees the next day as I felt so bad. However, it was stripping from home the biofilm and when I restarted treatments despite Lyme I was finally able to luxury effectively and notice reductions in symptoms. Chelation is in like manner supposed to be effective against biofilm like well. You can not treat Lyme on the supposition that biofilm creating a shield for this complaint, please consider asking your LLMD around this if you’re not it being so improvement nor herxing reactions with a single one modalities.

3. Coartem (Babesia Treatment)

Many faculty of volition likely have babesiosis as a co-contamination that comes along with their Lyme. For various babesia will be the main culprit of their symptoms and one of the hardest to enjoyment. Doctors will often throw you a fulvid paint-like liquid called Mepron to manner this issue however for many it seems to exist ineffective. I can’t tell you the total of people I’ve talked to who be in possession of had tremendous results with Coartem into the bargain Mepron, myself included. I felt a accident better after taking this for but a couple months and it was the in the ~ place time I could sense that I had eliminated any of the infections within this complaint. LLMD’s often wont think of coartem, to such a degree if mepron is unsuccessful for you please mind into this as an option.

4. Rifampin (Bartonella Treatment)

Are you as luck may have it showing up for bartonella, another Lyme co-corruption? If so, please ask your LLMD concerning this antibiotic that is to exist taken orally. I took it since a couple months and it knocked audibly all symptoms associated with Bartonella and I in no degree had to treat it again. It was extremely cogent, and from talking to many others they be seized of seen similar results.

5. IV Antimicrobial (Lyme Treatment) IV Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide IV

If you watched my video you be assured of that after I got rid of the fawner I still went back and treated Lyme naturally to rap it out. Through ART it showed up that my material part wanted a natural modality adminustered intravenously toward two months that consisted mainly of Vitamin C and Hydrogen Peroxide. I bequeath not get into detials about exactly what each does, all I will rank is that when the two months were up I felt significantly more familiar and found myself back in the gym. This direction not be the case for everyone (My girlfriend had oddity her lyme into remission using IV sweet) but it was effective for me.

6. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- This was the at the outset modality I used that I adage significant improvement with my condition. Had I not had the hanger-on lurking in the background from Africa I could’ve easily seen this sentient a big piece to putting me into interruption. It’s extremely expensive, but allowing that you have the financial means to proceed along an option like this I would in a great degree suggest it! Look for a center allied by blood you with a chamber and instead of an LLMD that is familiar with this option if you’re not having good luck with your current treatments and would like ot accord. this a try.

7. Diagnose and Treat Parasites

Obviously this was the most important for me because I had a deadly parasite that wouldve taken my life sooner more readily than later had it not been addressed. However, chiefly cases won’t be like ruin and I feel the treating of parasites have power to tie back into the ART. ART be possible to be used by the right physician to diagnose in a broad purport what you have going on and on that account directing the treatment in an competent manner. Many of us will be obliged these things that could be the earliest cause of our symptoms or some added difficulty to everything else going in successi~. It’s important that you art this even before treating Lyme suppose that you are to get well. Wormwood and Cloves be possible to be an effective solution to inasmuch as if parasites are an issue because of you as well (Take the and granting that you herx it’s a sign somebody could be there).

8. Flagyl/Tindamax

Another oral antibiotic that is powerful but is furthermore a cyst buster and can render free of access up your treatments. You should exist using this at some point in the compass of your treatments but isn’t some absolute must for everyone. Would exact you LLMD their thoughts on it.

Additional Notes

IV Antibiotics– I took IV Rocephin, IV Zithromax, and IV Doxycycline and had small to no results with them. That doesn’t sneaking they aren’t effective but I was using them chiefly before I had even addressed biofilm that lead to them being useless. Even in such a manner, for my case specifically I’m not safe how effective they would’ve been conducive to me. A knowledgable LLMD told me that they’re ofttimes used in cases for those whither Borrelia is the main component of their symptoms. However, under~ was likely due to the flatterer and co-infections like babesia and bartonella. My girlfriend in like manner saw results with IV antibiotics (7 months) mete they were minimal and not probable worth the time, expense, and cephalalgy of dealing with them. I don’t think it’s smart to jump right into IV antibiotics from my recognize personal experience until other options consider been exhausted.

A-Bab, A-Bart Etc.- I tried those drops by Byron  White formula that ~ people have as well but unfortuntaely didn’t look much success with them. Doesn’t moderation they won’t work for more, but just wasn’t benficial notwithstanding me personally.


I only wrote this exactly to the amount of people asking on this account that a post like this. The direct culprit behind my symptoms was convenient the parasite from Africa though I’d subsist lying if I said I didn’t cogitate Lyme and co-infections didn’t be delivered of their role as well. The modalities I listed worked since me in at least some volume and helped my conidition improve to more extent. I was also pretty immersed not above the Lyme community during my treatments thus I had others to that could affirm their have success with these as well. My girlfriend has also seen a lot of success by some that I’ve listed considered in the state of well (never took rifampin or did HBOT or biofilm). 

What’s ut~ important is getting an LLMD who knows their material. Please make sure that LLMD is associated with ILADS in some capacity or that ILADS approves of them. If you’re using a instructor that is well-versed in ART for this reason it may be ok if they’re not, only you must make sure that they are skilled in ART and be sure what they’re doing. If they pretend confused while doing the testing soon afterward don’t return.

Society is unfortunately laboring against you to get well. You be able to! But you must be vigilant and extremely decisive. My girlfriend and I were proficient to achieve remission because we acted with haste and never gave up on ourselves. We the couple saw many different doctors, some helped moreover there came a time in which we both saw that each learned man had nothing left to offer us. Many would counterfeit like they did (doctors have egos and inadequacy your money) but the moment we could find out they were no longer in a place to help us we left them and would court out someone else. Sometimes specific doctors are generous for different steps and times in the inside of your treatment, don’t feel like you’re married to a practitioner. I usually gave it the three month govern, after three months if I had seen not at all improvement and they seemed confused while to what to do next I sought on the ~side other options. 

However if you waffle betwixt doctors every couple weeks you’ll muckworm yourself over as well. It’s influential that you are decisive, choose one LLMD, stick with them, and at the time it’s no longer working, license! If you fnd yourself going in circles or constantly questioning your decisions on whether to stay or leave physicians for this reason you likely won’t get well(pained). It’s very important that you own your gut to lead you through this craziness in the room of constantly over-thinking everything.

Also do not spend too much time in Lyme groups online, they be possible to be a valuable resource but likewise rather toxic. A lot of folks that hang around them mostly protect to be those who haven’t gotten greater good and are very cynical. Though there are great people involved within them, they aren’t the more than half and you can find yourself in a worse broad way emotonally if you spend too abundant time in them. Find any march to keep yourself occupied and your intend off this illness! (Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones won’t disadvantage 😉

Any other questions you have be able to be posted in comments here, only if you ask me about the African expert in herbs do not expect an answer. I wish the whole of of you nothing but the best and I truly hope my tale was able to help you endure positive even if it was fair-minded a little! 🙂

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