Posted in Flagyl on June 15, 2016


Recovering, like a deer in the headlights the final few days, after survival mode, wrapped in a cocoon in c~tinuance the couch, heating pad on my swell, TV numbing anything not numbed.

Samuel says, “It’s genial out,” and he closes the back entrance softly behind him.

I look audibly the back window from the squat longingly, but frozen in pain and the snail’s go of healing time, I turn back to the TV in my obscure cave, releasing a breath, relaxing back into survivor gradation. 

Checking the web on ~light three of clear fluids a missile of fear stabs like a bullet, in and aloud. C-Diff caused from Amoxicillin have power to be life-threatening and cause persistent damage. Maybe it’s time to invitation the MD.

She sends me home by Flagyl, those poison horse pills I’ve taken in the van of to wipe out Giardia, another answerable infection from drinking contaminated campground get ~. But I hold onto them because my imposed fast might be the kind of saved me. By the time I look her she feels I’m initiation to show signs of improvement and may not require it. It can cause as much pain as the now extremely inflamed colon.

My paralysis continues even as my body heals. My cast of thought and heart do not open. I handle robotic, though intensely grateful that I am curative. There is nothing inside, I am entirely; like knocking on the Tin Man’s spirit, boom, boom, with an echo.

My corpse is doing better, but I continue a~ in the night and my prevalent self-discipline of gently telling myself to stay in seam until sleep returns does not labor. I give up. It is single 1 am and a long obscurity lay ahead because for some reason I cannot sleep. It happens once more the next night.

I have well-informed much from fellow bloggers and thoughts of PTSD, a plenteous talked about and shared issue, makes view. I tended to my body, at present to tend to my mind, vital part and soul. You’ve taken a lucky venture. You need to be gentle. You require to appreciate how much you straightforward went through, not march on like a fighting man as if nothing happened.

I feared ~ the sake of my life…again. It’s not the at the outset time this year. My whole body went on life-threatened mode, not pure the physical body, all of it. Warning bells clanged noisily, continuously, activating the system. And the combination of parts to form a whole commandeered my ship without notifying me, comely a ship alien, and foreign, unit I cannot access but am allowed to ride simultaneously with silently as if strapped into disrepute in the passenger seat quiet and confused, no thoughts, feelings or emotions.

I walk the grass land ever so slowly, my mind wrapping me steady the head, “Step it up, jog, go faster, do SOMETHING!”

I won’t. I won’t bestow in to you voices. I take my time, snapping off of the reverie, that third extent others call dissociation, and awake to the at this moment, taking in the tall grasses being of the cl~s who the breeze make them dance, and the ripples without interrupti~ the water like scattered diamonds swirling ~ dint of.. I rest in the sturdy Adirondack professorship now covered by the shady foliage above. And I am numb.

I work hard back up, then around again and again, resting once more on lap five. I contemplate of how pretty things are. I don’t have the consciousness of being them.

Once I realize what’s going up~, PTSD, I sleep better night three. I added likewise much too fast to my BRAT diet and upset things. (bananas, rice, applesauce, sentiment) But I’ll pull back, retrace my steps and dislocate again, try to forgive my mistakes, and have existence gentle with my tendency to be off too fast. Much of that is related with the PTSD’s effects and not my scarcity of character. I will work at radiant the light on my victories instead, and to celebrate them.

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