Posted in Flagyl on July 29, 2016

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How did you do forward nexavir? Any progress?

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I did 4 months on Nexavir / 4ME (diurnal injections for the first two weeks, on that account one injection every 2 days accordingly).

It’s hard to say whether this helped or not, because regular 3 months before I started the Nexavir / 4ME, I versed some substantial improvements in my overall ME/CFS symptoms, that were I believe due starting a extreme dose selenium antiviral protocol at that time.

So at what time I began Nexavir / 4ME, I had not long ago transitioned to a much improved public due to the selenium, and I was without particularizing on the up as a eventuate of my continued use of selenium.

So Nexavir / 4ME main have helped, but it could be in possession of been just the selenium I was infectious.

But in any case, I am not a tolerably great person to test Nexavir / 4ME attached, because my viral lab results mark my ME/CFS may be befitting to enterovirus rather than herpes household viruses (although I did have HSV-1 and cytomegalovirus reactivations), and Nexavir / 4ME solely works for herpes family viruses, not enteroviruses.

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