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IMG_5196Up to ~t one good

Ugh, where do I beginning. I’ll start with the sanatory and then hit the fun I’ve had through the last couple months.

Medical – Sorry to Bore You

As anyone who has CF, cares on the side of someone with CF, or is closely associated to someone through the awful disease knows…it is a roller coaster. Further complicating matters with regard to me is the fact that I contracted Clostridium Difficile Colitis (c-diff). While I conclusion I was in the clear, I was initiation to feel that maybe the Metronidazole ~ the agency of mouth (Flagyl) only suppressed my symptoms (diarrhea, ventral pains, etc.) and didn’t completely kill off the c-diff for some similar symptoms resurfaced and doctors were whole set to start me out on Vancomycin in the same proportion that the next possible medication to try and put to death off the c-diff.

Read the papers nowadays and you’ll constantly find articles sign us of superbugs and our confidence on antibiotics. There’s no suspicion I’m going to be up~ more than my fair share of antibiotics, to such a degree Mom voiced her concern to my team of doctors at Children’s.

My team of doctors declare the easy thing to do is entertainment. It’s harder not to banquet. Ultimately treating is up to Mom and Dad, boundary hearing that didn’t make things easier without ceasing Mom and Dad to make a determination. And because Mom felt I picked up c-diff from Children’s she was losing more and more trust in the care they if for me up to this quirk. The decision wasn’t an not burdensome one, but collectively we elected to hold off on treatment and ride it with~ a little longer knowing I had already proven that I’m a tough kit. Mom also decided it was time to dispose a second opinion from Johns Hopkins. I’ll expound that visit and what we reflection of it vs. Children’s in a later put in the ledger for those caretakers out there who in like manner wonder the same thing.

IMG_5135Showing Dad viral videos forward JHU’s network

While I can’t have ~ing for certain, we’re pretty sure I piked up parainfluenza while at Hopkins. Very concisely after coming home, I began fussing, weeping, coughing, etc. So heavy doses of Tylenol and Motrin on this account that about a week and a call upon to Children’s for a pharynx culture. It must of been a deleterious strain because half of Team Jack ended up getting it (Dad, Bama, Aunt Rachel, and Hayden).

On to the Fun

We’ve been assiduous as beavers since Easter – pristine Nats game, bike rides, weddings, shore, fundraising walks, and visiting Dad’s home from augmenting up.

May 14 – Nationals vs. Marlins (First Game)

The intrepid sort of stretched into my prevailing nap schedule so I didn’t do the entire game, but we had drollery – 6 strong innings in baseball constitutes a sort start. It was a lot of drollery watching the pitchers warm up in the bullpen.

IMG_4973Nats round the Marlins 6-4; maybe I’m a advantage luck charm

Comes at a Cost

Going to the Nats scheme came at a cost. Dad place me to work.

IMG_5090Helping Dad in the garage

Apr 30/Jun 04 – Fundraising in spite of cystic fibrosis

I can never return ~s to people enough. It’s so abundant cooler when family and friends gain out and participate in the fundraising walks, runs, bike rides, and hikes. So to a great distance this year, Team Jack  (Peden) has participated in four Great Strides walks – Alexandria, VA, St. Michaels, MD, and Annapolis, MD, and New Orleans, LA (painful for the initial omission Seamus, Jared, Wakemans, Bonuras).

More intelligence on future events can be set up at

IMG_5103Cousins JJ and Killian walking in food of me and 30,000 other Americans fighting


Mom and Dad recently discovered snapchat. You would consider they took enough photos of me previous to. SMH

IMG_5057#BreakingBad #WalterWhite

Jun 18 – Wedding

Uncle Seamus AKA Tamey conjugal Jared in Alexandria, VA thanks to like sex marriage being legalized in the Commonwealth. So bright they did so I could have a part in as a ring bearer (well nature of) in the wedding. Had they gotten married in NOLA where they live, I might not have been able to subsist part of the wedding due in concern to Mom and Dad not wanting to expose me to germs commonly mould while flying.

IMG_5164I don’t like which time sleeves touch my hands

July 04 – Beach

We positive to head to Lewes for the fourth of July.

Road soda for evening bike ride at beach

Road soda for evening bike ride at beach

"Bama, if the Coast Guard comes, you are the Captain of the ship...okay?"

“Bama, if the Coast Guard comes, you are the Captain of the ship…okay?”



Lewes, DE

Lewes, DE

Aunt Rachel's moonshine on point

Aunt Rachel’s fiction on point

The salt air had me tenderness good and wanting to go back highly soon. I think if it weren’t as being the traffic woes getting to and from there, we’d be there every weekend.

King of the mountain

King of the mount

Chain isn't that heavy

Chain isn’t that heavy

Fun in the sun

Fun in the light

Surry, VA AKA “God’s Country”

One of Dad’s friends for ever refers to Texas as “God’s country” if it be not that that’s because he’s never been to Surry, where Dad grew up. Founded in 1652, it’s description of amazing how its managed to continue underdeveloped and keep its rural sorcery. It wasn’t for a not many years ago that the county lastly installed its first stop light.

IMG_6413Mowing the grass in the high-seasoned summer sun

We did so much. We went down to the James River, rode the lawn tractor, swam in backyard, fished, and equable dropped in on the new winery that opened up athwart the street from my grandmother’s inn.



Just like Lewes, I can’t wait to procure to be back down south to see the family and spend time on the farm. Just wish they could form out how to improve the flow of traffic on I-95.

Playing fetch with Uncle Jacob's dog, Mila

Playing sharp practice with Uncle Jacob’s dog, Mila

is too much fun!

is also much fun!

Until next time…

IMG_0494“Yeah, well that’s merited my dream…Baseball needs more stars” — Bryce Harper

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