Posted in Flagyl on July 29, 2016

Monday, the 18th, I started experiencing some abdominal pain. I pushed through it spite it being hard to eat. I undeniable Tuesday night I should call the doctors Wednesday morning, my primary was on vacation however the nurse spoke with another teacher who recommended I go to the ER, for diagnostic testing and blood work would emergency to be done anyhow.

So along to the ER I went. The woe was excruciating. They put in each IV to give me pain meds inasmuch as my pain was a constant 8 attached the pain scale. 

I was given a drench of morphine which helped bring my vexation down to a 5 and allow me to sleep in the ER toward a little while. The pain started to tend hitherward back so I was given some other dose, and was also taken in during the term of a contrast CT scan.

The CT showed excitement around my appendix. The surgeon came and spoke through me and he surprisingly knew completely a bit about Cystic Fibrosis, and recommended that we agree to me and try IV antibiotics all night and see how I feel, for the reason that anesthesia can be hard on the lungs of CF patients.

So I got brought to the surgical one of RRMC and started on IV antibiotics; Flagyl and Ciprofloxacin. During the rest of the day I was on clear liquids and nothing else, in case I needed to animation into surgery, and still getting sulphate of morphia as I needed it. 

Thursday peep of day I woke up feeling better in the way that my surgeon, Dr. Conway, switched me from one to another to soft foods, after having some lunch my pain was coming back.  

In the halfway of the night Thursday my torture got really bad, an 8 attached the pain scale like when I came into the ER. I got 2mg of sulphate of morphia, because the 4mg was making me sick, and I kept toughing it on the ~side. Friday morning, the 22nd, I couldn’t act upon. I was curled up in a round in excruciating pain. The doctor came in and declared they we going to take me into surgery that forenoon. He was hoping to avoid it, end clearly my body had other ideas. 

My surgery was concluded laparoscopically, when he got in in that place he found cysts related to Endometriosis, and contemplation maybe those were the cause of my annoy, he removed them, and checked my appendix while in there. My appendix was in verily bad shape and he removed it. 

He took some photos which I’ve added to this place, the images are graphic, so proceed with caution. 

It took me a married pair hours to come out of the anesthesia, I besides asked for some oxygen because my coffer felt a bit tight. The oxygen likewise helped clear my head a bridle from the anesthesia. I continued to become IV antibiotics through the rest of Friday. My parents were there when I came back to my extent after surgery, and Jerry came to dissipate the night with me that death. 

I was up and walking the unit within a few hours of getting back up to my room. 

Coughing is agonizing, and I’m still getting used to acquirement around. 

You don’t realize how much you use your muscles till they don’t work properly. 

Unfortunately during me, it was found that the indicative antibiotics were resistant to my staph virus.