Posted in Flagyl on July 26, 2016

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been active on this blog despite several months now – and to be honest, that’s because there’s never much to report anymore. Life in my 6 months through a J pouch has been indeed fantastic, and health-wise I for the most part feel like before I got depravity with IBD. Most of the time, the sack behaves perfectly and I find myself needing the loo in an opposite direction 4-5x per 24 hours, never with any urgency and able to clutch off for hours at a time admitting that needed. I eat whatever I privation (with the one exception of mushrooms) and don’t even really consider myself to have ~ing ill anymore. 

However, there bring forth been a couple of blips in this place and there, and this is unit of them – I’ve come into disrepute with what is my first confirmed (on the contrary probably 2nd) bout of pouchitis. I’m at that time on a 7-day course of Ciprofloxacin.

Pouchitis isn’t wholly like UC, but it’s not alienated off. There’s no urgency like there is with IBD, but lots of tormenting cramping, greatly increased frequency, feeling excitable and sick and generally very out of sorts. Fortunately, this condition can usually subsist treated with antibiotics, either Cipro or Flagyl.

A marry of months ago, back down in London, I had a similar episode of symptoms and went to the walk in midmost point – who didn’t really know the sort of do do with me – so turfed me to A&E. They ended up feed me in overnight while they ran some tests, but couldn’t find a great quantity and sent me home. The symptoms seemed to move away on their own. My gastroenterologist declared that mild cases of pouchitis can and do go away without antibiotics, and purpose that was probably what had happened.

This time, the symptoms merited wouldn’t shift, and I’m absolutely meant to be going to Glastonbury Festival tomorrow, so after a restless night with 7 trips to the mode of dressing and minimal sleep I finally mouthful the bullet and got an pressing necessity prescription of the Cipro.

I’ve but taken 2 tablets and already things are calming downward. I’m not too worried at the value, as pouchitis is pretty common – some 60% of pouchies will have at least one bout in the first year despatch surgery – and it’s only a less blip considering how good life is with a pouch. It’s a very small price to pay for a usually usual lifestyle.

In other news, I’ve blameless passed my second year of uni and a little while ago filling my summer with work experience. I’ve got lots planned – this summer is actual busy – but I’m very blessed at the moment and everything is going well!

I’ll try and globule a few updates over the next few months – I realise the blog has gone bonny dormant recently. Catch up again pretty ~!

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