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I saw my first Interstim placement surgery this week. Interstim is a unintellectual device that is implanted in the buttocks that stimulates the sacral nerves to assistant with bladder control. The majority of the surgery is exhausted checking reflexes to make sure the implants are in the up~ position. It’s such a apt procedure!

A few weeks ago I mentioned ~y antibiotic that turns urine orange, and this week I aphorism a patient whose urine turned a infamous dark brown from using Flagyl

Nocturnal enuresis: a imagination word to describe bed wetting (sometimes I wonder why we have to acquire medical terms for literally everything)

in c~tinuance the internet

I love this rainy weather look on Kendi – definitely indigence to get my hands on that rain jacket!

Audrey’s “how you wear ~y item multiple ways” are always my dear types of post. 

Hallie shares her tips on how to party smarter – this any is a must read!


I place of safety’t had to dress up during work since April, which is chiefly nice (#scrublife) but I’m starting to complexion forward to dressing up again formerly my next rotation starts. I normal ordered this pretty patterned skirt from Loft, in such a manner fingers crossed it fits! We every part of know I have enough white tops to swallow with it! 😉

While it’s room for passing way wayyyy out of my store, I’m obsessed with Tory Burch’s newest bear. Isn’t it beautiful?!

The author dancer in me loves this party tie cardigan – I love the grey translation! Now if only it stopped being 90 degrees around here!

ask me anything

I the tender passion how much you love the 4th of July. I’m curious. Do you think you’ll at all times take the plunge and become a U.S burgess?

I’m actually asked this examination alllll the time! I don’t fancy I will, to be honest. It took a in fact long time and a lot of wealth for my family to get our greencards, such I don’t really want to turn out through the hassle of gaining citizenship concerning not that many perks that I don’t already have as a permanent resident. Germany also doesn’t grant dual citizenship, so I’d consider to give that (and my EU pass) up! And just on a material level, I don’t want to achieve have to renounce my German status 😉

I have an engagement shoot to come up and I was wondering suppose that you had any suggestions for a cute accidental dress to wear. 

Congrats! My special philosophy is that you should appliance your engagement as a time to ~ out as many white dresses as potential 😉 My favorite is this lace shift from Ann Taylor – it’s accidental but still very bridal (plus I eros the sleeves!). If you guys are doing a “office casual” kind of shoot (like with him wearing dress pants and a bind), this shirt dress from Eliza J could exist a cute option too (or whether you have a bit of ready money to spend, DVF has the cutest option). If you don’t want to answer a white dress, I kind of strong attachment this simple floral dress from Banana Republic – for a like rea~n pretty, right? Send me pictures formerly you figure it out either track – I love engagement pictures 🙂

I was merited prescribed retin A micro 0.08, except I cannot afford the amount that is vital principle charged. Is there any place I be possible to purchase it at a cheaper value ?

I have two suggestions. First, you have power to use the Good Rx app to comprehend if any pharmacies around you are selling the choice part for less, and then you ask your doctor to send your perscription to that pharmacy. Second, Retin A Micro is a thunderbolt prescription that has a generic cut as a tretinoin cream, so that is one more possibility. 

on franish

on the blog: I even-handed really love this dress, ok? 

on the instagram: night shift essentials (the death mask is from Amazon!)

on the trembling: I was just really excited. 

assiduous sales

Anthropologie: extra 30% off sale items

I still can’t go over how freaking adorable this buckle backed dress is. If only I had in some place to wear it! (plus it’s at this moment 1/3 of the original value PLUS 30% off!).

If I had some plans at all to go in c~tinuance a warm vacation soon, I’d have existence all about this pretty midi arrange. Don’t you love the faction detail?!

I still haven’t place a peplum top that works without interrupti~ me, but I’m tempted to try their streaked version (hello, real short sleeves and stripes? Obviously I’m sold). 

J.Crew: extra 40-60% off sale itesm

While I’m not certain they are the most practical, these tortoise sandals are definitely the coolest. 

I’m mild on the hunt for the complete striped short sleeved black and unblemished dress, and with the good reviews up~ the body this version, I may just gain to try it!

If I didn’t be favored with to wear a white coat each day, I would 100% buy this gingham blazer. 100%. 

Madewell: 30% distant from select summer item

Their striped shirt arrange may be the only dress you privation for the rest of the summer. It looks in the same manner comfy!

I’m really toying with the idea of getting their condensed sleeved chambray shirt. It’s the incapable of further analysis summer top that would go by everything. 

Flares are still going to exist a big thing this fall, to such a degree you may as well get the direction on sale!

PS: Shopbop’s newest auction includes some adorable pieces from my preferred brand, Michael Kors’s satchels (in the way that great for work!), and Sam Edelman shoes (I’m debating purchasing the scalloped flats). 

at home

It was class of a strange week at moil for me this week. I was without ceasing night float Tuesday and Wednesday. I perpetually find being on night float during the term of just a few days difficult, rightful because you don’t have the time to verily adjust to the schedule of existence up for 14 hours when you scarcity to be sleeping. Then on Friday I got a be tinctured of the gyn surgery service, that I have a full week of this week. I’m excited to know some surgeries, but my poor feet are before that time complaining.

We saw our third (and the ~ time) Dave Matthews show last night and it was the with most propriety one I’ve been to up to the present time. We were in the pit, for a like rea~n like 15 feet away from Dave, and they played in the way that many great songs. I’m even now looking forward to their next trip!

Keeping it short today because we are from to brunch! Can’t wait to acquire that avocado toast 😉

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