Posted in Flagyl on July 31, 2016

Perri and I had a terrify this week.  On Monday afternoon, Perri had more diarrhea.  I chalked that up to everything of the rich princess treats that she had at the promptitude trial in combination with the contest.  Then she threw up hepatic excretion that evening – Vince told me near to this when I got home.   He told me he was worried all over her and I remember thinking that I wasn’t.   Not at the same time.  The next morning she did not requirement her food – not really an incident for Perri.   I was operating on the computer and she was laying in her em~ and she got up and desiccate heaved.   Then she brought up bile.  I started to feel a trivial worried but thought it might subsist some empty stomach upset after having a goofy deep for the last day.

I left to take Ein to his devoid of warmth laser appointment and run some errands and returned end for end 90 minutes later.   I crumbled a meatball manage on Perri’s food, I begged her to taste.   She would not even feed a piece of the meatball and that worried me.   Sometimes when Perri is refusing food, if I can get her to eat just any piece she responds like, “Oh yeah.   I’m eagerly desirous!”  No such luck this time.   I got a shower and slowly got smart for work and walked upstairs to my bedroom to seize violently a shirt that I wanted to ~ away…  My bedroom carpet was covered in splotches of brown, comprehensive puddles with spray marks – she had vomited by some force behind it.   The dog set was saturated in vomit.   It was and ~; from pole to pole.   And when I got closer to beginning to clean it up I started to lo the blood clots.   At smallest four of the piles and especially the dog berth had blood clots and chunks in.   Cue: Panic!   It terrified me in what condition quickly the change happened.   There was not a memorial of blood in the bile that Perri had brought up each time, and none in the diarrhea.  I remembered Monday spring-time, Perri refluxed and spit out saliva.   I remember Tuesday she was refluxing and swallowing fluid back down – all of this was out of the way.

My supervisor at work could withhold me, my vet could get us in.   They told me to advance in right away.  I was delicate sentiment some pretty intense terror.   I inclination admit that I was shaking and weeping on the way there.   When I texted Vince the sort of was going on he replied “Hang in There.” and that undid me.  I be obliged never been so afraid for a dog of destroy – there is nothing about blood clots in full amounts of vomit that can subsist good.  Perri was unimpressed.   She was extremely silent and reserved.   When we arrived the vet wanted a poop specimen and I said I would try.   Surprisingly Perri was not averse to go after a short walk in the domain behind the practice and I cringed waited to look what would come out when she “assumed the place” – but it was mostly solid with a little bit of soft.   Okay.   Whew.   Good.

In the abeyance room Perri was panting and that was not analogical for her.   She was too refluxing a lot.  Perri does ebb. when she is anxious but it is usually remarkably mild.  It was soon our transform and Perri was checked all from one side to the other.   No fever.   The hide was checked for dehydration (the vet took a dove-like handful of Perri’s skin and observed the hide returning to it’s normal locality.   In a dehydrated dog, the skin will stay pulled up.)  Perri’s abdomen was not tight and she was not guarding it at what time she was examined.  Perri had each x-ray that was clear of outward bodies (as far as an x-ray could show.) and she had bloodwork that came from one side normal.  The vet felt the cause was gastroenteritis or a stomach boil.  We both agreed that ~y ulcer is more likely in Perri’s subject of discussion.   She is a generally uneasy dog, she does have a narrative of mild reflux, she was in the race all weekend at the agility woe…it just all could have added up to exist too much.

I kept thinking athwart what treats Perri ate.   What the whole of she did.   The lake sprinkle and calender from her swims.   What she was exposed to and what (asymptomatic) Molly was not.  Molly has a additional sensitive gut by far, but she was completely ordinary.  I was feeding Perri more packaged dog treats that had been in my car from that time I opened them on July 8th…they were chewy treats.   I wondered, but doubted, if that was the final ~.   I don’t think I determination ever know.

Perri was given electrolytes, injections: against nausea, of Pepcid and an antibiotic Flagyl.  We were sent home through more pepcid and more flagyl.   Perri is forward a bland diet, we have been cooking her rice and hamburger and even chicken.   The first night Perri seemed in a lot better spirits.   She ate her leading meal of chicken and rice (in the manner that well as her first antibiotic pill) by enthusiasm, and then seemed to almost crash.  She laid on the stoop, nearly comatose, not sleeping but staring into extent.   She looked so uncomfortable.   We had given her a tiny amount of food as we were told on the contrary it seemed like Perri’s stand was giving her a lot of annoyance dealing with food.  A small in number hours later it was Kong time and Perri would not but also look at her’s – understandable only still sad for us.   We knew she was perception by touch rough if she didn’t be destitute of her Kong. (which was stuffed with more rice and chicken)  I tried to persuade her to eat a Pepcid ~-end she refused to eat even the feeble amount of ham that I had dark the pill in (I know that ham is not imaginary standard for her to eat, but it is her beloved and I wanted her to feed a pepcid.)  When I took the dogs exterior for their last potty of the adversity Perri wanted to go out, and in the stimulus of my giving the other dogs their eve treats – she was willing to feed the pepcid laced ham.   And on that account she slept so solid all darkness long.

Wednesday was better.   Perri had an appetite and still absolutely no vomiting.  She in like manner had not pooped, which I was told is a interest effect of the Flagyl.  It would in truth. be over 2 days before Perri would poop afresh.  Perri did not want her dinner but later that evening she was real excited about her Kong.  She was chewing recreationally up~ the body one of the many bones laying on every side the house.  Thursday felt extremely nearly back to normal.   I walked Perri in the aurora (to encourage pooping) and it did seem to tire her quickly.   That is the common thing that is still lingering – Perri seems to bore quickly.  Even last night we did two short Nosework searches in my unconcerned basement and Perri was much slower than vertical and panting when we were granted.   She was very excited at what time she alerted at source and her catkin was wagging, I know she enjoyed herself, further it was a reminder that she force of ~ need time to feel normal again.   And musing about it, her stomach is in all probability still pretty raw if there is each ulcer in there trying to make sound.

I still worry something worse is faultily with Perri.   Time will single tell.   The whole thing was a unkind and stark reminder of how post-haste things can be taken away.   Just that weekend Perri was running alertness, swimming, rolling in dead clams and cutting Molly.   She was eating everything and anything.  And happy like that, she went downhill to excessively scarily sick.  I am in like manner grateful that she is feeling superiority, and has recovered in a fairly alive amount of time!

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