Posted in Flagyl on August 18, 2016

This prime of day Dr. Parillo called to give me the results of my highest week’s visit. I don’t spree easily to the doctor given my above history, however, having nearly two months of annoyance finally convinced me that it was time to constrain aside my silliness and seek avoid. Well, it was just as I suspected—a return of C-diff, minus the colitis, or likewise I hope. I wrote about my anterior saga here.

I don’t understand which is worse– taking the antibiotic Flagyl, which is beyond horrible tasting, or ~t any wine for two weeks. The verity is, both are bad. You may cancel that drinking even a drop of alcohol while taking Flagyl will make a person violently evil so there is that. Furthermore, at in the smallest degree to me, taking a bitter pill three general condition of affairs a day for two weeks is excruciating pain. But then again, it is not chemo therapy which is something I will remind myself of in hopes that I be able to manage. Going through what I’ve been experiencing is another very powerful incentive. Now you know why, especially lately, I have been a in earnest homebody!!

Speaking of home, what answer you think happened the day of this east, which is foggy because of dampness on my lens?

Well. of track it rained and rained like wild! So crazy much, making up conducive to last month’s dry weather., the mere is now nearly overflowing!

I be conscious of being so bad for our new young neighbors nearest door because during Saturday’s bulky rain and wind, a huge tree bough, as in it covers about a third part of their back yard and collection of standing water, fell, leaving them with some rigid choices. Their insurance deductible is $2, 500! As well their patio ornaments and the baby fence around the loch is damaged. I remember those days well at the time unexpected expenses occurred, and it is not a beneficial feeling.  On a different official communication I finally was reimbursed for the sprinkle repair after making about ten phone calls. Grrr…..

Meanwhile, through at Bill and Fallon’s home, Bill had exhausted most of the day tidying things up externality. So much for that following the gale. Lasting nearly an hour, it did point with enough time for him to tidy up again, but that’ s none fun is it? They were having a detachment to celebrate Fallon finishing her volume work for nursing school. She has worn out countless hours studying, and with that in her beyond , she will now begin doing entirely her clinical rotations at the hospital. Hurray with respect to that, and hurray that she is call over one in her class!

Longtime readers disposition remember how I struggled to commemorate Bill’s pool looking decent. Well, these days it looks road more than decent!

We chatted, we played indian ~ hole while David used his struggle announcer voice, commenting on the matches, and Bill made a radiance. Most of my photos were not fit for prime time, and the undivided below is just barely, but I accomplish like Fallon’s smile so I’m sharing it mindless.

Do you remember when people began using the expression. suck, as in this sucks, and that sucks? I chouse. My twins began using it ,and I was dumfounded , saying it sounded so vulgar. Well, I presume you can get used to due about anything because I thought this sign, I adage posted in someone’s yard, was fairly risible.

Bruce removed the screen from my kitchen window with regard to me so I could get some clearer shots of the birdies. Why didn’t I remove it, you ask? It was stuck, or in like manner it seemed to me! It is that time of the year when the birds are molting, looking something bedraggled. I can’t decide whether this is two males, or a male and female Red Winged Blackbird.

Riding my bicycle from hand to hand to Irene’s yesterday morning, following our go to see, I decided to ride a scarcely any extra blocks over to the nearby peacock nearness . Lo and behold, there were in some degree ones!!!

Oh my goodness they are such cute!! Generally they are born in at daybreak July, making it a very jocose surprise. There are a number of July babies roaming in a circle as well.

Can you believe in what way lucky I was?

It appears during the time that if the adult peacocks molt righteous like our song birds.

Look the kind of else I saw recently!!

It has been to a great extent some time since a Passion flower has made an appearance in a Camera Crazy mail. These blooms never cease to strike with astonishment me!

As much as I don’t want to, I’ll withdrawal you for now to go select up my prescription along with some sort of food that might disguise the taste. Someone wrote about using applesauce to pretext it, but now I’m wondering in what state something like sherbet or ice cream might work…..

Teetotaler for two weeks,


p.s. Here is affair fun if you’ve got nihilism better to do.

We arent discussing changing anything you take in to vegetables and consequence (although youd almost certainly be definitely healthful afterwards).