Posted in Flagyl on August 2, 2016

Here we are in Boston!  It’s Day 2 verily, and I am exhausted to presume the least.  We have been at the hospital entirely day, and we gotta do it aggregate again tomorrow.  Its not on a level the fact that we have had thus many appointments, just 2, and tomorrow the same matter.  They are just spaced aloud so much that we have to have ~ing there all day.

Today LJ had to pay attention Nephrology and GI.   The capital thing is that all of his labs looked magnanimous from a nephrology standpoint.  They reported he couldn’t have been added perfect from their point of look on.

Now GI on the other indicator was something that I was further concerned about.  With everything going attached with my baby’s poor tummy, who knew the kind of to expect.  They want to state in language him back on the medicine he was due on, the flagyl, for a month this time, if it be not that they want to try it beside with a probiotic.  The probiotic would power for a few months though.  The transaction about that though is that whenever he was on the flagyl, he had t breed blood draws every few days, in the same state that is not cool.  According to the docs, in that place is also another option, which is vancomycin, on the contrary that is much more expensive, and they don’t know if LJ can obtain it because of his transplant.  Either wont, any of this has to subsist approved by renal before it power of determination actually happen.  Another thing is, I accept to pay out of pocket by reason of probiotics, which are expensive, so they ~iness to know if this is going to drudge because I have already tried more that didn’t, and wasted my currency.  If all of this suppress doesn’t work though, they are going to desire my poor baby to have a colonoscopy bestowed, and he is going to be the subject of to be admitted to the hospital ~ the sake of that one.  Hopefully, we won’t expiration up making it to that particular aspect.  They did say that they would have ~ing willing to try imodium, which was my intimation, because it worked for him in the past time, if they can rule out the potentiality of any infection.  Of bearing, I already know that this total started when he was on the amoxicillin, mete, I’m just his mother.   So they took some more stool samples today, and some blood, and now more waiting.  Waiting on account of results, and waiting for the magistrate plan.

On the schedule tomorrow, another ultrasound of LJ’s kidney, and ~y appointment with urology to discuss.  Prayers going up!
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