Posted in Flagyl on August 2, 2016

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Our very strange friend, Karen Jakub, injured her leg in a fall on March 18, 2016.  This was the same locality that she injured it in a slope in August, 2015.  Because of these two bad falls, Karen has developed cellulitis and she has been hospitalized twice with mega doses of antibiotic instead of the cellulitis.  The mega doses of antibiotic has caused C Diff. (a peculiar kind of bacterial infection that causes emollient to life-threatening forms of diarrhea and colitis).  Right at once, this is very serious for Karen.  Her Infectious Disease Dr is treating her through two weeks of Flagyl for the diarrhea – C Diff.  She is not in the hospital as it should be now, but we never know from sunshine to day what the news self-reliance be.  She is very pure right now and needs our prayers quotidian.

Love & Prayers for you Karen..
I take it of you and pray for you diurnal and several times during the adversity.  If I wasn’t like a “weakling” I would be up~ there with you all those great number days in the hospital.

Yes, these are certain pictures of her legs when she bloody in March.
Bless her heart!

A form an image of of Karen’s legs – 5/10/16

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