Posted in Flagyl on August 2, 2016

May. Mornings:

On stated mornings I still wake up locked in slumber paralysis. It’s a sluggish, prediction thing, not the greatest omen concerning the day. Once my mind is awake, I initiate the uncomfortable process of reconnecting it to my visible form, beginning with my eyelids. I begin them heavily, they fall shut. I grant it again, keeping my eyes unclosed for a few seconds longer each time.

David helps to unlock me. He brings me coffee in stratum every morning at 7am. About moiety of the time I’m sleeping in our bed. The other moiety of the time I’m passed completely in my own room, electrodes from the TENS one still stuck to my shoulders, the oil infuser blowing lavender reek, fan blasting, sound machine set to Tropical Summer Night. David wades carefully into the room, switching off the various machines since he makes his way towards the channel.

Dressed for work, he props me up, leans c~ing and tilts the cup of coffee into my clear mouth.

Recently, my friend Aimee sent me a mug that’s tapered at the upper side, so it’s easier for him to supply me (drink me?) without spilling. David and I possess gotten used to this bizarre ceremonial, the way you eventually get used to ~ly things.  He calls it, ‘First drink in .’

“Are you ready for first absorb?” he’ll ask as he enters the stead, switching off the sounds of Jungle Night. After the rudimentary sip, I’m ready to drink forward my own.

David’s sweet only dry humor has gotten us through a boatload of misery this beyond year as we try and make our way through the murky view of Lyme Disease. One afternoon I tried therapeutic marijuana- a god sent for sundry, but it sent me into convulsions. Lying without ceasing the couch watching television, I twitched like a tatter doll, pressing my palms against my eyes. “Well,” David remarked calmly from his seat. “I guess that didn’t drudge.”

Every morning I drive out to the neuropathy center steady highway 40 to receive an hour of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency handling. The nurses there are very class. They call me Sugar and Sweetheart. They judge the headgear makes me look like Princess Leia. I malicious there and soak up their maternal clucking, accepting their offers for ~y extra blanket or a glass of irrigate.

My favorite is a young foster named Becky, who has straight darkness hair and is constantly chewing gum. She’s sarcastic and witty and fun. When I highest started going to the center a small in number months ago, I told her I felt like I was decease. (Melodramatic, certainly- lying on the diet, whispering, a wide-eyed stare- nevertheless what can I say, other than those at daybreak days were marked by pure consternation.)

“Oh, you aren’t dying,” she responded in the heaviest North Carolina cadence I have ever heard. “But you are real messed up.”

That’s the sort of I like to tell people at present when they ask how I’m doing. “I’m not expiring. But I am real messed up.”


Please study examine helping me fight my battle against Neuroborreliosis by clicking on the fulvid button on the top right of the sift. I am five months into single in kind year of intensive and incredibly expensive treatment, not one dime of what one. is covered by insurance. I’ve dreamed up some elaborate way to say thank you.   

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