Posted in Flagyl on August 17, 2016

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Name: Oyetayo Boluwatife

Department: MBBS

Units: Health and Sports unit and Bible study Unit

Was this your rudimentary convention?  Yes, this is the in the beginning convention i would attend and my remarkably first time at the RCCG camp.

Generally speaking, how was the experience for you The program was heavily turnt,  it took me days to get well from the crowd i saw.

What were your expectations and were they met? My prospect was relating with Jesus, I convinced myself that i was not going as far as concerns any man or pastor. I attended Amen cos i was seeking Gods stand over against.

What does AMEN mean to you? Amen shift ‘The will of God have existence done’

How was the bonding continued as a fresh exco? The bonding actual presentation was very eventful. Every moment we wearied together was not only fun on the other hand a wonderful learning experience. I got to participate in a plate of beans with someone other, arranged myself on a bench and snoozed on the side of 4 hours, walked miles till we completely had a comfy place to sit…

Worst actual observation? My worst experience was when i woke up in the prime of day with a full bladder. Gosh! Then the overhaul for a covert location or shrub commenced. The use of the changeable toilet was out of it of the same kind with the queue of damsels in misery was pretty long. Thanks to P Toks and her old campaigner experience and exposure of the camp, i was accomplished to ease myself at last

Any GIT issues?  Glory to God, i had ~t one GI issues.

Advice for those who missed to the end: They should yield to the humor completely so they won’t miss at a loss from the Future God has on the side of us. To those that are foremost timers to be, when it comes to RCCG camp, try to reach with earphones when coming to camp, completely charged phone with radio, some tablets of flagyl and the most profitably food to eat is bread. This knowledge of facts is priceless.

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