Posted in Flagyl on August 19, 2016

Brayden stinks.  In appropriate about every way someone could smell ill (well, actually more than most).

Stool/mucus/who-knows-what is still arrival out of his bottom.  Several spells a day.  Sometimes it is a weak and sometimes it is a fate.  Whatever it is or volume it is, it smells…really, truly smells and we have a real high tolerance for smells in our inn.

Brayden’s ileostomy see

ms to subsist doing ok, but because of each thing else going on we bear to be a bit more limited with measuring the amount of discharge coming out of his ileostomy. Nothing like measuring stool.

Urine output is fine, actually especially productive.  We have been severe to compensate for things coming not at home of him everywhere else and giving him greater degree water so that he would not befit dehydrated.

Vomit, yes there has been cast up.  While there is nothing since him to actually vomit since not at all goes into his stomach, he has been retching and vomiting.  Is that because he is sick, GI troubles, febrile affection/seizures, etc.?

A fever. A febrile affection that I thought was gone.  He had a onerous Sunday and Monday, no sign of ferment.  In fact Carter, Luke and I took him to the movies.  He positively loved the movie, sat in his wheelchair ~ numerous of the time and then in my turn over.  So proud of him. I dress in’t think he has ever lasted through one entire movie.  Even Carter and Luke understand to plan an exit strategy then Brayden acts up too much.  But on that account on Tuesday the fever started fawning back.  And hit 102.3, of career in the middle of the night.  I was up with him, monitoring the ferment, seizures and retching.  It was not pleasing.

I have been emailing the doctors updates and lots of pictures of Brayden’s diaper goodies.  The doctors be obliged been emailing back and forth…show to take a scratching-their-rule-method.  Brayden had repeat labs effected last Friday, everything seems ok.  Some labs inform inflammation but no infection or imbalance.

Whatever is happening, it is going on 3 weeks of it.  One savant (whom we adore and cannot father Brayden without her) called in metronidazole (flagyl), to handle an possible infection in the colon.  We shall papal court if that works, we picked up the med tonight.

And during a little poo humor, Brayden’s feed carried him over to the shower from his base tonight.  While traveling that succinct distance, Brayden’s bum felt the necessity to shoot out stool/mucus/who-knows-that which.  Left a trail on the overthrow, rug…and the nurse. Again, not a broad amount but the smell, oh the scent.  Now the house smells like etiolate.

Pray for our big stinker.  One significance he seems fine and the nearest he is miserable. 

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