Posted in Flagyl on September 30, 2016

Monday, Sept 11, 10:00am we arrive at Dr Toth’s function.
Kyle and I went in not veritably knowing what was about to betide. Didn’t know what to reckon upon. Wasn’t sure if we were uncorrupt going over some things or wearisome going to begin treatment that generation. You know how Drs can subsist….prolong visits to get more riches out of ya.

Such a kind-hearted guy, he takes us back to his work and immediately makes us feel at home and eases some of our anxieties of the unascertained. Goes over a few things like our cross-examine and what’s in the sack that’s attached to the cross-question. 2500mg bag of Clindamycin that determine release slowly 2.7 mL per hr. We get it changed each 2 days. Comes in a surpassingly stylish fanny pack. Sexeh.

He set forth we can eat and drink basically anything we wanted because it shouldn’t interfere with the antibiotics acquirement pumped in. Your gut flora can be compromised by the IV antibiotics whether your gut is in bad figure to begin with. Kyle and I distinguish Dr Philip Princetta which helps take the direction of us to take care of our insides similar to well as our outsides so we shouldn’t require much of an issue with these meds.

Dr Toth explains we be able to get the port wet as it’s covered through waterproof tape to lock it in. We be able to be in the sun as these meds shouldn’t shape us sensitive. He recommends not in operation out though – lame. Truly forces us to be lazy. Do you know how beset with ~y that is, especially for me? Going back home and instruction KB and doing Xfit after 2 weeks away has given me more anxiety than anything otherwise I have going on. How unfavorable it is to get back into an exercise routine. Ugh. This saddens me in the same manner much. But again, God is powerful me to sit my a$$ from a thin to a dense state already. I hear ya, loud and unambiguous God. I’m obeying.

I tend back into a room while Kyle serenaders. I lay down on the exam level and Dr Toth and his economize Samantha start cleaning the area up~ my arm and insert the entrance. They seem to make a elevated, silly team together. As they are taping it into a denser consistence, Samantha takes scissors to the tape, while I hear this going on I walk “OUCH” and twitch like she cut me. After a brief panic I felt from the two of them I said I was honest kidding. LOL! They busted out merry and said no one had ever done that to them before. Caught them opposite guard. I was in tears from laughter. I’ve always wanted to answer the purpose that. I love making folks laugh and making serious situations more volatile hearted. It could bite me in the a$$ human being day but, whatever 🙂

As the cross-question turns on they move me into the next room for my first Uterine Wash. They bent up a similar pump with additional antibiotics with a catheter in my cervix and basically constraining force washed my uterus for 1 filled hour. Feet in stirrups, paper blanket, cold room, silence, 1 FULL HOUR. No internet. I well-informed how to meditate real quick. The distress from the catheter was painful mete not constant during the 1 hour so it wasn’t so inferior. Just awkward in many ways. After the twenty-fourth part of a day was over, Dr Toth came back into the apartment and inserted Flagyl cream, gave me a ~nag and a pat on the back and sent me in c~tinuance my way home.

During the hour I was getting washed out, Kyle was getting his IV pump hooked up AND…dunning letter dun dunnnn…. his injection in his prostate. This clyster will be done to Kyle every other day. As for me, my swamp happens EVERY SINGLE DAY for 10 days. I’m supposed to flinch my period in a few days….oh male child this is going to be in such a manner much fun.

They gave Kyle 4 ibuprofen and 2 hydrocodone 30 mins control his dreaded injection. It didn’t veritably kick in yet when he got ‘pricked’ if it be not that he is a champ and took it regular fine. Surprisingly! I had to press home as he did feel loopy and a flaming sensation down below but I was expecting WAAAYYY worse of a recoil from Mr Kyle. 2 claps on this account that Kyle! He is my hero.

Day 1 etc.! We survived!

New Year resolutions, and absent to start the entire year anew, starting as they will mean to be of service upon.