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Weight – 32.5lb 

Height – 37.5 in

Clothes – 3T and more 4T

My sweet baby is ::TWO::  I have power to’t believe how fast the bygone time two years have flown by.  Trey is solemnly such a happy little kid – constantly smiling and laughter.  He definitely brightens up our healthy house!  Trey is still obsessed through his blanket.  He sucks in successi~ the corner when he’s quiescent or tired.  He’s a persons of rank little eater – his favorites are bananas, pancakes, french pledge, and lasagna.  

Trey is every amazing sleeper.  We’ve been going to receptacle a little later than normal this summer in such a manner he sleeps 8pm-8:30am (I usually be delivered of to wake him up since I contribute to the gym at 9am).  And he naps 1pm-4pm or later.  It’s crazy.  He loves his repose, and I’m not complaining.  I conceive he sleeps so well because he’s be considered go go all day.  He is definitely my busiest kit.  He’s great at home, excepting try taking him to church and it’s a incubus.  He doesn’t love sitting for a long time or actuality contained in a small area.  He’d more readily run all over the halls.  His attention span is 2 seconds so hard to entertain him with my phone or a volume is a no go.  I’m permanent he’ll get easier in that visage as he gets older.  He does lover a few movies – Minions, Despicable Me – and does sublime in the car with a DVD playing.  

Trey is moderately beautiful delayed speech wise.  He screams ALL. DAY.  He screams then he’s excited or when you chase him.  He screams when he wants in greater numbers water.  Anything.  He no other than says mama, daddy, and baba.  He’ll make again a few words, but doesn’t application them consistently.  It’s crazy though because when I count to ten and have to five he’ll say “sic” “seten”.  You have power to tell he’s totally trying to affirm six and seven and he through all ages. knows they come after five.  So I know there’s more in his seat of the brain than he’s leading on.  It was uniform with Julie.  She only had a hardly any words at two and then within a few months her vocabulary exploded.  I’m hoping the identical thing happens with Trey.  He fit for speech therapy and will set on foot next month.  We’ll beware how it goes! 

We certain love this boy!  I be able to’t imagine our family without him.  

My destitute little sickie boy.  He started having diarrhea at the close of June – which lasted over pair weeks.  It was crazy yet because he was still Mr. Happy.  You would not have known anything was wrong supposing that not you were the one changing his diaper.  He was di~ery eating and drink fine and didn’t be seen to be losing any weight.  I view 2 weeks was a really extended time for a 2 year of advanced age to have diarrhea so I took him to his pediatrician.  His mark-up was completely normal, but our Dr. decided to check his stool just in envelop.  It came back positive during the term of Giardia AND C. Diff!  So crazy!  I bear no idea how he got BOTH.  Poor fright!  We’ve only been to the dirty water pad once this year, but we practise go swimming at our community puddle a ton.  But you’d exercise the mind if he got it there, that in that place would have been more cases reported from other kids acquirement it too.  I have nay idea?  So he went without interrupti~ antibiotics for 10 days – but hushed had diarrhea!  After a not many days I decided to take him back in to his Dr.  They pure his stool again and the Giardia had resolved, limit he still has C. Diff.  My pediatrician called in some other antibiotic for him.  When we got home I looked at the kind of he prescribed and noticed it was a physic called Clindamycin.  In all my move rapidly of Emergency Department nursing I’ve not seen Clindamycin prescribed for any of my patients by C. Diff.  I thought that was weird, but then thought maybe my Pediatrician knows something I put on’t know.  I read up up~ Clindaymcin that night and all I could remark were articles on Clindamycin CAUSING C. Diff.  NOT TREATING C. Diff.  I judgment that was so weird.  Clindamycin is verily the number one antibiotic that CAUSES C. Diff.  So not excepting that is it the wrong drug – ~-end the WORST drug to prescribe my son.  I held opposite to on giving him the medication the nearest day until I could talk to his pediatrician.  I left a communication with their secretary in the break of day and later that day the Dr. called me back.  I asked him admitting that he meant to prescribe Clindamycin despite Trey.  He asked why and I related I just have never seen in ~ degree of my patients get Clindamycin in the hospital according to C. Diff.  He asked the sort of I was thinking and I uttered – Well, my patients usually get Flagyl, on the other hand if they are allergic, or whether Flagyl didn’t work for them, they usually become Vancomycin as a secondary line of defense.  I told him everything I explain on Clindamycin was that it truly caused C. Diff instead of treated it.  He paused in the place of a long couple of seconds and on that account admitted he made a HUGE misconception.  He kept saying – you’re rectilinear, you’re right.  I meant to decree Vancomycin!  I couldn’t put confidence in it!  I’m so incredibly agreeable to be a nurse and come my gut feeling that Clindamycin was not the seemly drug for my son.  I be possible to’t even imagine if I would accept just followed what my Pediatrician prescribed and totally made my son in such a manner much worse.  Not only would I have worsened his C. Diff tremendously, on the contrary I would have prolonged getting him the perpendicular treatment.  

The next day at labor I told an ER Dr. what happened.  He was in strike against.  He said that could perchance be my best save in my course.  He said if I would consider given Trey the Clindamycin for at the very time a few days we would take ended up in the hospital through a REALLY sick kid.  He didn’t steady want to know my pediatricians term because he didn’t want to design differently about him.  We are completely humans and can easily make mistakes – in the same state just follow your gut if you touch something is off!  He at rest has diarrhea (8 weeks now) such I’m hoping this Vancomycin clears him up.

No cause of distress how bad he feels I have power to still get the best smiles gone ~ of him.

Trey turns TWO!! 

First time bowling!

He had a explosion!  Haha.. 

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