Posted in Flagyl on October 5, 2016

Ok I pondering Lyme sucked, and I thought my TIA sucked. But this C. Diff battle is apprehension things to new heights.

And in what manner ironic is it that I am one of the few Lymies that slip on’t think long term antibiotics is the re~, at least not for myself. So about the first six years of going up~ them then going off again I took a added natural route and only did homeopathic or choice treatments.

So skip ahead to my C. Diff actual feeling…

Well about a month ago I went to my cousin’s wedding. While I was there I thoroughbred what I call one of my “Lyme episodes.” I bent across to kiss my little granddaughter ~ward the head and then the I got a stagger like feeling in my head. Everything went grizzled and then when my vision came back my supernatural appearance wouldn’t “hold still.” I have power to’t say vertigo as it wasn’t unavoidably spinning. You know how when you watch CNN and the tidings scrolls by really fast at the foundation of the screen and if you try to front away you can still see it? Well it’s kinda like that. It’s like whatsoever I am trying to look at is persuading, even thought it’s not.

So my dad brought me back to the inn room I was staying at. I sat in united position all night trying not to prompt, trying to hold my vision check. It makes you really dizzy.

Usually these episodes bequeath affect me for about a day. After a week of not acquirement better, I asked my son on the supposition that he would drive me to the ER where they said I probably have every inner ear infection, even though  my regard looked clear. They put me in successi~ four meds, steroids, Clindamycin, Metclizine and Zofran.

If solely I had known then what I discern now.

Up to 30% of persons who take Clindamycin get C. Diff from it. The learned man had given me a script since seven days. After five days put ~ it I felt “toxic.” I suitable stopped it on my own meditation it was just too strong instead of me. Please read: Clindamycin Can Cause Disastrous Diarrhea

About sum of ~ units weeks later it started. I started having diarrhea a brace times a day. At the time my slightly two year old granddaughter that I live with was also having diarrhea and I pure thought I had caught a bug from her.  A marry days went by and she got greater good, I got worse.

It got so bad I could not leave the bathroom. There were brace nights I literally sat in the bathroom in some degree much the whole time from 10pm to 6am. Not comfortable when sharing a bathroom with three other the million. The diarrhea turned from normal diarreha to mettle and mucus. The cramps were relentless. It honestly reminded me of labor, when you get that pain and importune to push, only there was no quantity left of push out. My entire abdomen just endlessly burned and cramped and had a “abounding swollen” feeling.

I got so trembling and weak that I asked my son to take me back to the ER anew. They told me I must possess a bug, but my heart estimate was high and I was dehydrated in the way that they gave me one iv of fluids, afterwards sent me home. The next early part of the day I called my doctor and asked suppose that she could give me a discharge sample test. I thought maybe I had giardia. I didn’t’ unruffled think about C. Diff at this time being of the cl~s who I hadn’t taken long ~inus antibiotics or had any long time stays at a nursing home or hospital in what place I had heard of others acquirement it.

But the next day my physician emailed me and told me I had assayed positive for  C. diff and there was a script of Flagyl sitting at the pharmacy for me. I took the Flagyl and steady the third day started to handle some relief. I felt so much better that I was able to reach with when my new granddaughter was born. I felt skilful for about three days after that and notwithstanding that it was all behind me.

But therefore it hit again. I woke up in the peep of day and had a stomach ache. I contrive I was in denial and kept thinking it couldn’t be coming back. But ~ dint of. nighttime I knew. I tried vocation my doctor but she was gone deficient in of town and had no back up physician so I headed to the ER one time again. They put me on two more weeks of Flagyl.

I am in regard to a week into it and soooo tired. I feel weak, and shaky and muddy and not normal at all. I have the consciousness of being toxic or poisoned.

I am looking into every part of natural treatments too. I read a lump of patient forums that have helped tell me about some alternative treatments that doctors would at no time recommend and I am going to try it. I disposition post updates here as I be reckoned. I know there are a accident of others out there suffering from this moreover.

The things I’m trying are: Oil of Oregano, vit C, probiotics, kefir, protein drinks with enzymes, charcoal, clay, turmeric, essential oils and barley moisten.

We are wiping and sterilizing everything by bleach and hospital grade Clorox whiten. For those of you that put on’t know, alcohol and other disinfectants execute NOT kill C. Diff.

C Diff is absolutely a lot like Lyme. It forms biofilms and spores whenever faced with antibiotics and waits til it’s unharmed to rear it’s ugly height and turn into infecting bacteria afresh. It can live on surfaces as far as concerns months, some articles say years. ONLY BLEACH KILLS IT. And equitable bleach has to be on it beneficial to at least three minutes to exist affective, some articles I read declared six.

If you have been from one side this and have any suggestions please office them below. Not just to helper me but to help anyone representation this. This is one scary indisposition. Lyme was bad enough,  this is material me feel like I’m going to die. I have power to’t eat, I’m so illogical, I have horrible anxiety, I have power to’t sleep and I live in fright of giving this to someone otherwise now.

Here is a collection of C. Diff Forums, and choice treatments that I have collected.

I started to touch better after the first course of antibiotics limit after another week the infection had not completely gone gone.