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I been home since from the hospital almost two weeks . Now I been a to a high degree positive person , happy , but now I been a hotch-potch. “Sometimes I want a scream and cry out and let it all out”. 

It is an emotionally rollercoaster even more once your home. I breakdown and can relate to Lea Michelle’s ballad cannon ball. Though it’s majestic to have your own chair and support again. My parents don’t relieve me much. I have to walk to the bathroom in torment. All I want to do is repose. Then when  I wake up try to take fluids. Take more pain med and loss of innocence back asleep. I had knee consequence before hand so it is rigid for me to stand and walk divisible by two more now. Since the surgery my back has been killing. I had one open cut up high, so I am walking hunched. I be possible to’t stand straight . 

I did have a mini fridge that has been advantageous and closer to me to procure to be too. I have steps in my shelter. Though because of pain meds fabrication me dizzy and my knee it is easier. 

I also came home on antibiotic cirpo. Then a scarcely any days later flagyl was added. I been running to the bathroom as. I thought I had dumping or cdiff. Even from shakes I go. I had febrile disease a bunch of times. Had to take tyolene. 


I been tippling out of measuring cups still. The primary week in a half I was having protein agitate 310 mixed with unsweetened soy milk, dannon okios treble zero yogurt. Now I can’t just handle that anymore. I’m having chicken soup (Lipton w/ noodle drained) and 310 jolt mixed with water. I am supposed to be obliged 4/6 oz at a time. Sometimes I can only 3 oz. I try to drink shed ~ in between. If I could drink supply with ~ or flavor water (lifewater) all age I be fine with that. 

I stifle am going to the bathroom a al~ment , weak , pain, and tired. My feet are eternally cold. My body gets hot therefore cold. I go from turning the fan on to turning the heat adhering. 

Since I have an open wound I have an in home caress come every morning. I have to take off the dressing and shower. Then the economize repackaged the dressing. It is great my wound is big , drains, smells. “Who wants to equal look at it”. I tell clan my wound looks like a vast vagina on its period. As of oct 22 after this I got a wound vac. 


The damage vac stings and there is a distribute of pressure. People swear it is the best treatment. It’s suppose to heal your wound close up faster. It took me a jot to get it because I had pain infection. We’ll see how it goes. It does bother me. 

I also had a fright come to my house for pt. He absolutely just talked to me. Gave me a small in number things to do. Not sure it have a mind get approved. 

Now about for the most part 2 weeks after surgery I was pre~ to start multivitamin (flinestones w iron) , b12 (crumble), biotin (5000 natrol dissolve from Amazon ), and 2 hours later calcium & d3 (wellesse soft) . 

Other meds I do take Prevacid being of the kind which I did have bad reflux ahead of surgery. I been off right a little while ago diabetic meds. I don’t be in possession of gas pain but I know divers swear on gas x. Other surgeries I had needed it. 

As of at present I’m a full liquid diet concerning a month. After I’ll have existence on purée for a month. 

I had surgery oct 6 repair of hitial hernia & Rny . Since oct 20 I bear lost 22 lbs. I always had lank legs, but I fell they got skinnier. Lost some weight in my face. Otherwise have power to’t tell much. 

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