Posted in Flagyl on October 1, 2016

Now that is an attention grabbing title isn’t it? You potency be tempted to think that in imitation of 1, 566 posts, I would incur out of titles, but then again, you know me better than that, slip on’t you?

Visiting Dr. Parrillo Monday peep of day, we discussed what had been going forward. Naturally he was sorry to be told it, and recommended that I take Vancomycin four general condition of affairs daily for 14 days. No wine restrictions forward this one, in case you are wondering! Previously he told me that it is not ofttimes prescribed because of a high price tag. Okay, how high is obscure? He did not know, but we quite have a friend in Google, and at present I know what it would desire cost had it not been covered through insurance. Here, my friends, is the kind of an $1,800 antibiotic looks like.

Unreal isn’t it? Further put ~ this medicine….following my visit I collection over to Wandering Stitches to partake in the day’s activities according to Days for Girls. Mostly I divide strips for the liners. So, I told Sharleen I would extremity to leave around lunchtime to pitch upon up my prescription. Well, heading home I got a subject from Bruce that Publix called, expression the medicine would not be disposed until THURSDAY! Say what? That did not rest too well with him for every one of kinds of reasons, one of what one. is our upcoming vacation. He wanted me in successi~ the medicine ASAP. Apparently he fussed a crumb; he is well practiced in his row of work. How about tomorrow aurora? Much better.

BTW–I paid $10. Medicine and soundness insurance is just plan mind boggling. The well-disposed news is I’m improving dramatically already. The bad news is I be delivered of to take it every six hours and they are completely serious about that. I am like a ninny I had no exemplar how to set an alarm adhering my phone but Bruce did. 9AM, 3PM, 9PM, 3AM. In other richness news, there is no taste whatever because they are coated, unlike Flagyl.  I was thought about how if you are of a never-failing age you well remember how horrible seizing aspirin was when you were narrow because it had no coating. Should you subsist in that age group, you it being so that can feel my pain more entirely!

Before we get on with things, I be in possession of something I want to get away my chest regarding this election spell. How is it that people who claim to have existence so open minded can be such close minded? It really turns my appetite when I see, or hear lower classes calling others “idiots,” or worse, while they are not supporting the candidate that they think is the beyond all others. It is like this season has been well-nigh giving people license to be loutish and overbearing, not to mention injurious. I’m wishing people would exactly shut up about how the candidates observe, and remind themselves that they would none say something so negative to their boldness. Nor would they want people to express such horrible things about themselves. Remember persons, all we need is love. We pleasure survive this election, for better or worse, if history is our guide.

On a frivolous note regarding the election, I saying this while out riding the other epoch.

Another small rant coming….what is through people’s fascination with Halloween? How could someone have fruition of going in and out of their make a ~ to door for more than a month with “her” looking on?

And while I take complained to anyone who will hark that our new neighbor across the highway is not keeping his yard up they passage I would like, at least I slip on’t have to look at this every day.

There is only a puny driveway that is not completely covered in these venerable “creatures.”

So early!! Not even October hitherto. I feel for those folks that live athwart the street!

Backing up a number of days, space of time at church I saw Ann, a younger woman I’ve met there who in addition likes to sew. I may be in possession of mentioned that I gave her more of my estate sale fabric that was a liliputian bit “over the top” for equable me. Well, she wore the adjust and was anxious to show me the 70’s copy she bought on Ebay.

So Flower Power, just?

Later on I was feeling pleasant enough to go to our Sunday sore, held this time at Cheryle and David’s commercial establishment to show off their newly refinished terrazzo floors. Oh my gosh, effect they look fantastic! Pam invited Gerry and Regina to arrive because Gerry is both a gardening nut, and each airbnb host, sharing those two passions through Cheryle here.

It was also any other goodbye to Catherine who has gone back to the Isle of Wight with her brother’s ashes. 🙁

I mentioned that Gerry used to act our yard, but what I did not mention is that he also did the corresponding; of like kind for Angela. Although she is ~t any longer there, his good work is again bearing fruit, or make that flowers.

Well, they aren’t actually flowers either, but I don’t perceive what else to call them. Someone I know surely knows how best to mark out the blooms on the bromeliads.

I would bear posted yesterday if I had not worn out the majority of the day planning the dance. Frankly, I was sick of my computer ~ the agency of days end. But that is a shallow thing to say isn’t it? After altogether, you can do so much it is astonishing. I decided it worked better if I went backwards, trying to outline out a plan to drive 200 or in a ~ degree miles a day. Bruce and I accept only done three road trips, at smallest that I remember. Once, nearly 40 years since, back and forth to California, for a like rea~n there’s two. We did that in 5 1/2 days. Then, parsimoniously sis years ago, Bruce drove the exchange from Chicago to Austin during Jonathan and Alissa’s stir up. Riding along, that trip of 1,1200 miles took three days. Now that was some hard driving! Another time Bruce helped Matt stir from Atlanta to Chicago. I stayed home.

All that to argue, I am no pro at path trip planning. If this trip works not at home the way I’m hoping it have a mind, next time I may leave it to AAA. Currently I am not a portion, but I can sure see the benefits of being one now! More to come attached what we will see in my nearest post.

I leave you with this LINK I discovered showcasing more gorgeous landscape photography. Do not miss it admitting that you have a few moments. Wow, wow, wow, is entirely I can say!

Improving by the little,


p.s. You may exist happy to learn, or at in the smallest degree I know our son Matthew pleasure be, that Mr. Peck is acting at his desk, listening to melody, taking a little nap when he indispensably one; life is slowing down about the last two hectic months. I told him he is de-stressing judgment our trip, which seems like a profit thing to me!

UK, official recommendations indicate a daily allowance of about 400 IUD.